Thursday, January 26, 2006

i made an icon set.

and there it is! i am working on a UI project which keeps getting more and more interesting. i spent today reworkng the grid that i built the first comps on and making the icons.

right now the only thing i am happy with (besides the icons) is the color palette that is developing. i also got to sit in on a meeting between the client and developers. it was interesting, but it seems like a good professional team.

one thing i heard a lot of was scope protection on the part of the developers. i think i can learn a lesson from those guys.


killy said...

scope protection?

La_Luna_Bella82 said...

Hey! I LOVE your blog and I really like tese icons too. How do you make them? I am doing basci web design right now using easy editors but I am so shitty at it. Check out my blogspot. Also, can you check out my MySpace layout and terll me what you think?


killy said...