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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the weekend

so last sunday i met a few of our neighbors and rescued a roof-stuck kitty. i was doing laundry, minding my own business when i swore i heard the elusive cat-bird. looking up (where cat-birds generally are) i realized it was just a plain ol’ cat that was stuck on the roof of the carriage house where the washing machine lives.

“what?” i said in responsive to it’s plaintive mewing. “it’s not my fault you can’t get down. you should have thought of that earlier.”

the cat blinked. the cat mewed.

“fine.” i said and set about figuring out how he got up there in the first place. enter the neighbor Summer emerged from her apartment and told me that kitty had been on the roof all night. enter the neighbor/neighbor’s sister Treasure likewise emerged and confirmed what her sister had told me. by this time i had sized up the stiuation and knew what i had to do. besides put my wet clothes into the drier.

i displatched Summer to fetch a pillowcase, and clambered up the fence to make friends with kitty. Summer returned with the pillowcase, and held it up old-school fireman trampoline style because she would not be tall enough to grab the cat from me directly.

after petting kitty and making happy noises at it i quickly grabbed it firmly by the scruff of its neck and yanked it off the roof. the cat found itself dangling in mid-air, unable to scratch my face off as it so desperately wanted to. i then lowered him into the pillowcase and Summer bundled him up and got him to the ground safely for both parties. kitty, looking unimpressed, licked himself a few times before sauntering off and mewing demandingly at his food bowl.

i hate cats. but the neighbors seem nice.


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