Saturday, February 25, 2006


My obsession with Iran is reaching new heights; especially now that I have finished reading the charming, funny, and sad Persepolis. This memoir tells the story of a well-to-do young girl growing up in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution. The story is told equally well with words and images.


CarolinaDivina said...

i heard about this
it's on my list of graphic novels i want to get
i have maus already
you should check it out if you haven't yet

Pablo said...

I wanted to get this for your birth day or something but i think your birth day is not till Pablus the 83rd which in your calendar is September 22nd

killy said...

I see this picture and it reminds me of paul. And i'm reminded of his vicious and barbaric AOE ways: he's up to no good for sure. I bet he erecting a hoarde of barracks right outside our castle walls as he speaks.

I bet he's chatting with todd, luring him with promises of friendliness and unlimited cigarettes; and building up his wealth trading with kim-jon-trudeau

and then there's taggart, the al quaeda of AOE, mucking everything up for everyone.