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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

more stuff and nonsense

so my son started school
and he got his cavity filled
and we went to an adult party with him with an amazing amount of success
and annabel and nancy came to the rescue again
and my big sister bought me the bedding i wanted for Paola

he went to school - confidently strolled right up to the teacher and announced - I'm Adolfo Fidel Chavez the Fourth who is Three Years Old! - and the teacher's first comment was - OH, you're just like your daddy! - yessiree - he's a charmer - plus he likes his backpack and his new uniform!

at the end of the day - we took him straight to the dentist where they gave him a paper cup with a shot of something i would have liked - i'm sure - judging by his reaction - which incidentally - is not unlike his dad's after 3 shots of frozen vodka - he told his "joke" to anyone who would listen over and over and over - and would sing and try to pinch his daddy's nose which he kept missing - he would throw his head back and go - WHOA - it really is heartbreaking - i didn't like to see that at all - but he was totally limp and sleepy only minutes later - enough to allow the doctor to do her work - which she did very nicely - and now he has a little silver patch on his tooth - needless to say - he fell asleep HARD for the rest of the evening - i hope i never see him drunk again

so yes - we took adolfo to Sara Cress-de-la-Cress's bday party and he was a perfect little gentleman - he even fell asleep watching SuperFriends - thank you Sara and everyone for being so wonderful with him - Killy and i were able to enjoy a great gathering with conversation and good moments for the first time in a long time (has it really been 4 years?)


Annabel and Nancy to the rescue - they kicked over my nonsensical feelings of guilt and showed up to help me get that room together - we have one more workday scheduled and it should all be done - once and for all - i can't believe it's actually coming together - my first real nursery - i'm such a slacker mom...

and just to make things better - my sister in illinois just bought me the bedding set i had been wanting - i am so lucky and so is Paola

so that's that

what's new with you



    Thanks for writing out some stuff, I was dying for something good to read. I hate when I come to the blog to see new stuff and there's nothing.

    Well at 5:30 Am this morning Laura woke me up and said, "There's Coons in the kitchen."

    no this is not some parody of contemporary movie titles, there were actuall racoons having their way with the cat food. We have a cat door in the basement, so these suckers made their way all the way up and into the house, started wrecking shit and putting muddy footprints all over.

    Well, we locked 'em up in the back room where the cat food is, and the back door is, did I mention there was about six of them outside the sliding glass door. I guess they were too big to get through the cat door. Well, when they were trapped in the back room they really started to fuck shit up. I am sure that the amazing amount of hollering they were doing was a right good cursing out in Coon language.

    when it was all over, we spent the m,orning cleaning up after the furry little bastards.
    Gonna get myself one of those fancy magnetic cat doors.

    Funnily enough, The previous night, Tues, We were woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of Chella crying, and the sound was coming from downstairs. Now Chella never goes downstairs alone. She was fully asleep and was at the back door crying because she couldn't the top lock undone, she had already unlocked the bottom one. Where was she going? Who knows?
    Laura said she did the same stuff when she was little, but she lived in the country.

    I am thinking that the Coons had called ahead a night and told chella to leave the back door open.

    That's whats up with me.

    By Blogger colin, at 5:32 PM  

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