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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, January 15, 2007

some thoughts on chairjockey.com

Howdy everyone! i realize it has been a while since i posted, but here is one that, i hope, sparks some discussion.

First off:
Colin, More Drawings!!!
Amber and Antony, congrats on careers and overall adorable-childness!
Carol, yay job!
Killy, more photos!
Amber and Adolph, be in more killy photos!
Taggart, become bionic, like Will Smith in I, Robot! It'll be cool!
Exclamation, exclaim!

D and i just got back from vacation, but she took all the pictures. I'll update this post when she Flickrs them.

And, on to the meat of the post. I have been hosting chairjockey.com with VerveHosting since Valentine's day, 2003. I am currently managing three domains, chairjockey, starepod and starebox (a storage site for client stuff). The sites are on two different hosts: Verve (not bad) and FatCow (crappy). I am moving the starexxx domains to my brand new MediaTemple account, and am pondering doing the same with chairjockey.com. Most of the reason i am considering it is to save a little money.

One option, that has some pros and cons, is using the new Blogger Custom Domains feature, which will let us update to the 'new' blogger features, since it is really just a blogspot blog with a custom domain.

The Pros:
1. It is free.
2. Fancy new features.
3. Faster publishing.

The Cons:
1. Everyone will need a Google account to continue posting.
2. Links to content (images, movies, etc.) currently hosted on chairjockey.com will break.

The other option is to move chairjockey to my new MediaTemple account. The account type i am getting offers 100Gb, which should be plenty for my 'business', but there is a (modest) cost associated with it.

The Pros:
1. No chairjockey.com links will break.
2. A modest amount of storage can be dedicated to all y'all as necessary.

The Cons:
1. Few, if any, fancy new Blogger features.
2. A bit of cost to me.
3. I gotta be the bad guy who says "no more space for you" if necessary.

I am already commited to moving the starexxx domains to MediaTemple, i am just awaiting the activation email. Let me know what you think about the chairjockey options above, or come up with your own!


  • do whatever is best for you Todd.
    I don't care if my old links break. I usually don't read any of the older stuff.
    Since you have the responsibility you get to make the decision.
    I am fine any way it goes.

    just as long as we rename it to.....
    something really funny.

    By Blogger colin, at 6:49 PM  

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