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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Product Review: Pepsi ICEE

Yesterday, Carolina handed me a note from the school: NO ROLLING BACKPACKS. A few weeks ago we noticed that Adolfo's oversized backpack was developing bare spots on the bottom so we went shopping for a new backpack. He found a nice Cars rolling backpack (with regular shoulder straps as well) at Marshalls and we bought it for him. It's been almost a month since we bought
it. I guess they never noticed it was on wheels, but regardless,
school policy says no rolling backpacks so last night Adolfo and i
went to Target to purchase a new backpack. This time, we found a Spiderman backpack with action shots silkscreened on it and a Superman backpack with a giant 'S' hologram on it. He chose the Superman with the scratchy hologram material on the front and cause when we looked at it and moved it to the right or left at 45 degrees the giant 'S' was replaced by a swooshing Superman.

He thought it was pretty neat.

Coming out of the checkout aisle daddy began to feel 'snacky' and as
luck would have it, there was an open snack bar. "Why don't we get a snack, huh Adolfo?"

"Sure! I want popcorn"

As again, as luck would have it, Target has a easy to purchase 'Popcorn combo' - one small popcorn, one drink. I took a peek at the ICEE machine hoping to see the familiar coca-cola logo, but instead i saw PEPSI. Pepsi???? Really? I don't usually drink pepsi - the carbonation is too weak and it's a
little sweeter than Coke - but would the differences be apparent when frozen? I subbed the drink for a small pepsi icee.

Adolfo chomped on his popcorn while i dispensed ICEE. The color was different - darker. The texture was identical, but from the first taste, it was too sweet. It didn't have the jolt of frozen carbonation that the coca-cola version had either. So my final verdict is that the Pepsi ICEE is too sweet and too bland. I would avoid this one, get a regular soda or just not snack at all.


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