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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, July 06, 2007

That just about covers it.

Transformers, alas , could not compete with my imagination.
Maybe if they were half as clever as these guys we would have had some hope.


  • "So, Transformers should be a good time for old guard geeks and young enthusiasts."

    This is just so wrong, i don't even know where to begin.

    "Transformers is one of the better so-called blockbusters to be released this year..."

    You've got to be kidding me.

    "Transformers is proudly ridiculous..."

    As if this is a good quality to have...

    "Bay somehow makes his own galactic ineptitude work for him - it’s easy to ignore everything else and enjoy the ride if there’s really nothing else to ignore"

    The reviewer should stop pussyfooting - this movie blew big donkey balls.

    The more i thought about it last night as i tried to get to sleep, the more angry i got having watched this. Mostly because i simply couldn't remember anything about the movie when i got home. Nothing! Can any of you actually REMEMBER a particular fight the way you remember the Smith kicking Morpheus' ass in the bathroom? Of course you can't. It's astounding that something so CGI-tastic is so remarkably un-memorable.

    And sadly, to say something positive about the CGI (which was really cool) would seem to imply that it trumped the awful wrapper the CGI was delivered in, but it just didn't. The whole movie just stunk and none of the CGI-tastic-icity of it helped, particularly when you have such CGI-abulousness and you use it to disply 40 foot robots 'hiding' around a house. You gotta be fucking kidding me... (and speaking of that, can you stretch a camaro to 40 feet? Where did he keep all that mass?!

    I think the guys behind us said it best after they showed that Coca-cola Young Film-makers short film:

    "They won an award for that?"

    By Blogger Killy, at 8:29 AM  

  • Oh yeah, the best part of the whole night aside from my super ultra giant Coca Cola Icee (THANKS BEN!) was the J.J. Abrams mystery trailer. Here's a cool article via cinematical .

    By Blogger Killy, at 9:14 AM  

  • dang. if even killy does not like Transformers...

    By Blogger pablo, at 11:09 AM  

  • i know! i'm so easy to please! you know fucked something up if killy didn't like it.

    By Blogger Killy, at 11:18 AM  

  • WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i think you're forgetting this is a kid's movie. like diego's age killy -- dang -- if they were going to have fights like in matrix -- then this wouldn't be the film that it is. this is a kid's movie. you have to go in there realizing that.

    and if there is one thing i remember about the cartoon is that it was actually VERY FUNNY. don't you remember that the cartoon version back in the 80's used to make us laugh so much because of megatron how dumb he was....

    gee whiz cheez whiz killy

    lighten up....!!!!

    xoxo Lynda

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:14 PM  

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