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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Happy Birthday To The Colin Flynn!

Sapo Verde Viejo!


  • Happy Birthday, bearded one.

    By Blogger Killy, at 8:20 AM  

  • What's that....huh??....you have to speak into ma gud ear.

    By Blogger colin, at 3:21 PM  

  • Ha! The old man voice! I find it works well with such phrases as, 'ya young whipper-snapper,' and 'something something spring chicken something'.

    By Blogger todd, at 11:57 PM  

  • This is the Admin speaking:

    I believe this birthday greeting is missing a comma.

    That is all.

    By Blogger todd, at 12:00 AM  

  • it's become an old green frog...miss you guys lotso

    By Blogger CarolinaDivina, at 9:41 AM  

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