Thursday, August 12, 2010

Machine for the washing of the dishes

So, my apartment came equipped with one o' them there machines what wash the dishes there for ya. High-tech gadget.

I've been here for well over a year and have not opened the thing, let alone run it. So, I did. Run it, that is. With dishes in it and everything.

Kinda like the way automatic dish washing machines smell when run. All hot and clean and stuff.


Ryan said...

This sounded like a tragedy in the making, i.e., "and that's how I met my downstairs neighbors...". Glad to hear everything works and doesn't leak.

pablo said...

Mine has a dishwasher too, that I have not used. Legacy from my grandma who used the dishwasher to store the dishtowels in?

CarolinaDivina said...

i have one that doesn't work either...i don't like to open it because it smells funky now...warshin everything by hand makes for late nights and chapped fingertips

colin said...

Zen and the art of Dishwashing