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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

BLAH Day, Part 2

Amber McCarthy and Fraser Cardeau

So i sat in front of the computer today and took care of unfinished business: Amber, Adolph and Fraser. From a strictly photographic perspective, this can be made much better in so many ways. (Perhaps i will get the chance to do so in the future. Ha!)

Unfortunately, it wasn't the only thing i had to do in front of the computer: I'm on call this weekend and the morning started off with a deluge of phone calls regarding electronic orders. I spent entirely too long going back and forth with our development team and longer trying to get ahold of users.

PhotoFrustration #2: I need a decent monitor to edit photos. If anyone has a gently used monitor lying around that they would sell i would appreciate it.


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