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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Adolfo Stands Still for about 2 Seconds

Took some relaxing photos around the house tonight. Adolfo manages to take a pitstop from flying around the house in his new cape. Mama spent the day making him a green cape to his specific specifications only for her final project to be rejected once he got home. Apparently, it wasn't cut right.

But disappointments weren't meant to define the evening. I found the battery holder to my second Vivitar flash and manged to fix it. Some old batteries had corroded in the holder and managed to strip the conductor. A little piece of foil fixed it right up, so now i've got three working flashes: one sb-600 and two Vivitar 285s.

That put me in a pretty good mood so i walked around the house and took some shots of everyone's evening. Adolfo flying around the house and Lego-ing. Paola helping mama make some flour-less peanut butter/coconut cookies and Carol puttering around in the kitchen.

Details on this shot: Camera mounted Vivitar 285 bounced off the ceiling straight up and down. You can see the reflection in the window behind him.


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