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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Mysterious Non-Profit Part II

So I just had a second interview with the folks from the mysterious non-profit. This time, instead of taking place in a caf� in Hyde Park, the interview was the at the Austin Ventures offices on the 23rd floor of the some big-ass building downtown.

Also, instead of facing just the executive-director, I had to square off with one of the board-members (a venture capitalist and frequent yawner), and a really nice 'technical-advisor.'

Anyhow they pelted me with all sorts of questions like "So, it says here on your resum� that you invented the World Wide Web...How do you think this experience prepares you for the brutal, ego-ridden, money-driven world of Film?"

I answered all of their questions with the a labryinth of non-sequiturs that would have made the great Ari Fleischer proud....

So, now I fear that they will offer me the job and I will actually have to make a decision...


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