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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

flipping movies

so i did it all wrong, but i did it.

flipping movies 180 degrees with premiere was easy once i found the palette to do it, but it wouldn't export flipped. i was rendering the workspace and then i was trying to export. the resulting file was always right side up. It was totally frustrating.

Paul suggested that i get up and walk away; that i was overlooking something totally obvious. maybe.

so i stopped working on it at 3:30 and moved to getting a poster printed instead. I left for the day and ended up playing with adolfo iv most of the evening. We had chili dogs for dinner. Carol piled hers high with tomatoes, onions, cheese, and chili; while i had mine with a good slathering of mustard.

The baby fell asleep and we both stayed up watching 'third rock' (the funniest sit-com re-run ever).

My body demanded that sleep an extra hour and a half today, so i did. Once i got to work, i returned to the video flipping project. I waded throught my hierarchy (sp?) loooking for my file and i noticed a temp folder had been created where there hadn't been one before. Had i missed something?

In that folder were all the 'rendered' movies i had made! they all had fienames that resembled: jlsju0003002010030409lalk.avi. Once i figured out which were which, i just renamed them, took them back into premiere, and exported them so the file sizes were a little smaller. Perfect!


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