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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Most every Monday . . .

. . . morning I go through the same drill. I'm writing emails to various people in the office and I can't think of their names. What is worse is that I can't even look at a list of names and find the person. I look at a list and get lost; I start wondering, "for what was it that I was looking?" Maybe everyone gets like this; maybe I have some sort of "learning disability." Another example of this is one late summer not remembering which color was blue and which was green. It was before classes started, probably second or third grade, and I was cramming newly bought school supplies in a backpack or something. I guess that if I had walked outside I could have remembered, "Oh, the sky is blue and grass is green," but for the moment lived in the abstract world of crayons, pencils and notebooks I couldn't think of it.


  • Another example of this is one early summer evening when, on the phone with a friend, you said, "...yeah, i'll stop by this evening!"

    ...but then later that evening decided to stay home.

    but seriously ... i've recently struggled with exactly the same thing. I came to a semi-conclusion with my office mate as we were riding the elevator to the cafeteria:

    k: "you know when you ask me questions and i just don't answer you sometimes?"

    d: "yeah, that's annoying"

    k: well, i think i've just figured out why"

    d: "why?"

    k: "cause i don't WANT to pay attention to anyone. I think i'm just so consumed with my own thoughts that i don't even hear you. all i hear is, " killy? how come you don't answer me?"....

    d: "that's f*&^ed up."

    By Blogger Killy, at 2:21 PM  

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