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Friday, March 25, 2005

Complete! .. well, sort of...

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I got the parking brake cable that had kept me from finishing the brakes this morning from the Landmark Chevrolet Parts Department. After a full day of picnic-ing and running around with the family, i got into the garage and got down to it.

First thing i did was cut the broken cable and remove it from the parking brake mechanism. I then re-assembled the drum brakes and put those on. (Putting that in one sentence really doesn't speak to the amount of time this took.) I had to make one trip to NAPA to buy a small bucket of grease for the adjuster screw and the contact points on the backing plate. I got it all together (eventually) and took a photo with the new drum.

I started on the other tire. As soon as i took of the old rusty drum i saw that the parking brake cable on this side was also broken! There was also a spring missing from the parking brake strut, which may or may not be entirely necessary since i've been driving (and stopping) without a spring on the passenger side parking brake strut for some time.

As you can imagine, this is frustrating. More so because i had thought that earlier in the day as i was spitting watermelon seeds that the chances of two parking brake cables being bad was pretty low -- and put that thought out of my head completely.

Of course, it's also kind of exciting cause i'll become only that more familiar with my car. As adolph put in a comment in my previous cavalier post, it's pretty fascinating to know how to 'do stuff'.


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