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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Dinner

meat and corn
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This was the first time that i hadn't used charcoal to cook. Usually, i use a bag of matchlight to get the fire started and then throw some wood on top of that. Yesterday, instead, i started it with a small handfull of pecan kindling. All the wood used was from the pecan tree in the backyard from a recnet pruning, with the exception of two oak logs that i used to get the temperature up.

We had a good showing, Melissa brought her daughter, riley, and her mother over; ann and scott came over; krista, eric and cole (neighbors & another classmate of adolfo's) came over; and then my mom stopped by. I managed to cook just the right amount of food this time. Normally, we cook WAY too much food and end up with leftovers that don't get eaten.

This time, i grilled only one chicken, about two pounds of fajitas, five hot dogs and three ears of corn. Carol prepared a pot of beans, salsa, and guacamole. Krista brought over a yummy rice caserole and a fruit tart. Ann brought a key lime pie (thanks ann!) ...

The kids had a good time picking up eggs in the backyard and running around.

I'll conclude this with an observation: i've never seen scott wear tennis shoes or jeans. This amazes me.


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