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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Charro 3 and Charro 4

Charro 3 and Charro 4
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We visited Fiesta on Airline today. It seems that the worse the neighborhood is, the better the local Fiesta is. This one didn't have all the outside vendors that the HIlcroft and Bellaire Fiesta have, but it did have a great bakery, tacos, an on-site jeweler (when we walked in he was using a blast of steam to clean off some old rings; another was busy working on a watch), and a pretty good fish department.

There was, though, a roasted corn (helote?) that hadn't opened yet. That is something to keep in the back of my head seeing as how Adolfo IV loves corn on the cob.

Another thing they had in there was an island full of hats (charro and otherwise) and traditional outfits. Carol was oggling a 'too-colorful' skirt, and put a white shirt in the basket. She would later put it back though, replacing it with a large metal stock pot that as she put it, "would be perfect for making carne guisada."


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