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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Grandma's House, now my mothers.

Went down to the Valley Friday evening to celebrate my Mother's and my birthday. June 4th (hers) and May 30th (mine).
My mother has been in the process of redecorating my Grandmother's house that she now lives in and has domain over, while renting out ours (hers) which is next door.
During the course of rearranging furniture and painting my mother stumbled across Grandma's secret coin collection.
One of the coins was this BEAUTIFUL 1858 Seated Liberty Half Dollar.
Amongst the coins there were a 1897 Quarter. 5 Liberty Head or "V" nickels ranging from 1911 to 1920.
A 1931 Buffalo/Indian nickel. A couple of 1922 Silver Dollars. A first press 1967 JFK Silver Half Dollar.
and a LOT of Silver dimes.
I had always know my Grandmother collected dimes, I never knew why.
I remember as a kid taping 10 dimes to a birthday card to surprise her.
I thought it was just some weird eccentricity she had.
It is a beautiful collection, that however will not see the light of day.
Weird money issues amongst family members means that showing this to her siblings means liquidation.


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