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Monday, May 30, 2005

Like a Rock

Adolfo gets happy
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Adolfo IV is asleep, hard. He skipped his nap today. Ezra, his cousin who is about nine months older and doesn't nap, showed up around 11 this morning. They zipped around the house and then into the backyard. Once everyone had eaten their fill of hamburgers and hot dogs the kids took their tricycles and pedal cars out into the cul-de-sac where they ran and fought, and reconciled, and scooted around till they were dripping with sweat. Adolfo was happy to have his cousin and his best friend, cole, around. After we could no longer stand the heat, all the kids ended up back at our place. Ezra left first. After that, Adolfo and Cole shared a cooling bath. They both relaxed in front of 'James and the Giant Peach' till cole finally had to go home.

Adolfo is pretty easy to diagnose. He was sooooooo tired. The telling is in the movement of his limbs. He's got pretty good control of himself, but when he's tired he just hangs like an old shirt. Of course he also whines, pouts, throws himself about, clings to his mama, and loses all sensibility (what little there is in a two-year old.)

Not long after she went in to put him down, i heard her in the bathroom. "He's out." I knew that instantly, not from what she said, but how she said it: not in a whisper. Normally we tiptoe around for the first half hour he hits the bed. Any noise will rouse him. The second she finished his bedtime story he was snoring.

It has crossed my mind that skipping naps may be the thing to do in order to get him to sleep at a normal time, but the trade-off (clingy, crying, tantrum throwing) is too high i think. Can any of our older child-experienced readers sound-off on this?


  • I am not older, but child-experience is something I have. Dezma stopped taking naps when she hit 2 years old. When she was younger Gloria would put her to sleep during the day for a nap. As she got older I told Gloria not to put her down for a nap during the day because she wants to stay awake at night. So by two she was able to stay up during the day and by the time I got home I would be able to put her to bed by 8/9. Most of the time she falls asleep on her own. She will take a random nap from time to time, but usually that is because we woke up early or she was just really tired from running around. I ask Gloria not to let her sleep too long IF she falls asleep because then at night I have my hands full. But then again I never scheduled my kids. I let their bodies do what they wanted to naturally. It helped out with Diego because in kindergarten they don't take naps.

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