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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

hi from germany

Hi everyone, and thanks Paul (or do you prefer Pablo?), Killy, and Ryan for the e-mails. Thanks for the invitation to join, Killy. I don't have a lot of time to write right now, but I wanted to let you know where I am, what I'm doing, etc. I've been living in Hannover, Germany for the past six years now (after a year in Poland). I did a master's in English (more specifically, American studies--the irony) and philosophy here, which I finished last September. Now I'm working on my dissertation (on Frankenstein films and human-technological interfaces) and trying to get funding. I've been teaching language classes (writing, translation) at the English department since I've been in Germany, and this coming semester I'm teaching my first seminar (on, what else, Frankenstein films). And yes, the rumors are true: I got married in 2001 to a wonderful woman named Karin, and we have a 3-year old son named Ari. I'm attaching a recent picture of Ari. I'll post pictures of myself and Karin soon. Gotta run, though, talk to you all later,
PS: I don't really know what I'm doing yet, so I hope I didn't just upload a gigantic picture.


  • I took a Frankenstein class at SWT and have to say that i had prolly the most enjoyable time in that class (sorry - i don't remember the prof's name). So much so that i taught selections of Mary Shelly's novel at an alternative high school in Progresso I.S.D. my first year out of college (1998).Trying to keep inline with the school curriculum, we ended up making movie posters for each student's interpretation of the story. Being at an alternative school i was able to screen several movie versions of the film including (portions of)the very funny Young Frankenstien.

    I applaud your choice of study and look forward to hearing/reading your dissertation! When it's finished can you post a pdf of it?

    In other news, carol and i also have a three year old (aug.28th) that i enjoy wrestling with. For posting pics, you may want to look into using Flickr Photo Sharing After setting it up, you can post pics directly from that site.

    By Blogger Killy, at 1:31 PM  

  • killy, it'll be a while before the dissertation is finished. If you're really interested, though, I just finished my first paper for publication (on the melodramatic elements of James Whale's 1931 Frankenstein and 1935 Bride of Frankenstein). I'd be glad to post that or send it to you. And if that's not enough, you're free to have a look at my master's thesis. You'll just have to tell me how I go about it. Thanks for the tip with flickr. Last but certainly not least, happy birthday to your son! Later

    By Blogger shane, at 12:25 AM  

  • email me copies of the papers (doc, pdf ...etc.). i would love to read them.

    By Blogger Killy, at 6:55 AM  

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