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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Teh Radio

Dang, Last.FM has a sweet OS X client for their on-the-fly streaming radio service. It's swell! Their algorithm for finding related music works really well. For intance, if I put 'Talib Kweli' into the search field, it builds a stream with tracks by Mos Def,Common,The Roots, Black Star, Gang Starr, etc...

Anyhow, its real swell. And its free!


  • AWESOME!!!!!!

    By Blogger taggart, at 8:18 PM  

  • most enjoyable music: do a search for Vicente Fernandez. Listen and enjoy.

    By Blogger Killy, at 4:04 PM  

  • might i add, if anyone HAS NOT installed this app, i would recommend you do so. i didn't listen to my ipod all day yesterday; i had last.fm going from early afternooon late into the evening.

    By Blogger Killy, at 9:03 AM  

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