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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

kind of cheesy - yet brilliant

a little background - i was fired on 11/28/06 and the chavezes were famously freaked out about it - i have a mental block up about filling out forms (this is really the SINGLE reason i am not a citizen of the united states) so now i have to file an appeal for unemployment benefits because i didn't fill out the forms on time - so i had SOME interviews over the holidays - but nothing panned out - christmas came and went and then there was new years - and i was in denial the whole time - nothing was coming through the tubes - so i got two new credit cards and did some shopping - and the weeks dragged by -

well 2007 showed up and things started to happen - i landed a temp gig and then another - in the meantime and during - i power-interviewed - i started off cold - still couldn't embrace the fact that i was in this situation - again - but this time not by my own hand - i was in a state of shock - AND i found a gray hair for christmas - i still don't know if that's supposed to mean something - but it was an event - nonetheless - it might just be my romantic tendencies to make something out of nothing - in any case - cold interviews and a gray hair

but before i knew it - i was warming up - i was cracking sly jokes - hokey jokes and sometimes i would drop a clever little word trick and my confidence soared

and it paid off - i got a job offer - a REAL job offer for a REAL job

and what makes this a real job? - I think that for the first time in my life I have agreed with where chance has taken me - and this time - unlike any other time - I really want to make a go at it - I actually had to choose to say yes to this offer with my entire soul - and there is no tinge of regret - there is also no room to daydream - this is a path of purpose - this is where i am supposed to be going - and it's going to be great - i have found my rising star and i will ride it to the very heavens

so my good friend suggested i post this - so i will - but just so you know - i thought it was kind of cheesy - but this little thing here is what got me the job - oh - that and my stellar performance

Who is Carolina Chavez? She is a romantic, sincere and caring partner and a supportive wife. She is the mother of two wonderful children who depend and count on her for stability and nurturing. She is a good friend who has maintained relationships that have spanned decades. She is an artist who appreciates history and values the origin of all things. She is an adventurer and a student and takes delight in learning something new. Carolina is an energetic, positive and creative person who enjoys good food, good company and good stories. Everyone has one, what is yours?

What are Carolina's passions? She loves collecting shiny things. People’s stories and ideas are the shiniest of these and always the most interesting to study. Carolina is passionate about history which is in everything. When her interest is piqued, she dedicates energy and time for researching her passion. She enjoys accumulating bits of information that when looked at individually may appear insignificant, but when used strategically, as in conversation openers, yield rich and exciting adventures.

Where is Carolina going with this? Carolina is headed toward bigger and better things, always, as she embraces every change in her life with fervor and respect. Carolina strives to show her children that there can be balance in the world and that obstacles can be overcome with grace and integrity. They will learn that any difficulty’s final outcome is theirs to control. She hopes to inspire a love of learning and a sense of adventure in her children. She looks forward to one day driving across the country with her photographer husband and her notebook and watercolors with a mission to capture what’s left of Route 66. She will have a book published at some point in her life.

When does Carolina have time for herself? Every day provides small opportunities for self reflection. Is it in the ride to work or in the rhythm of a song? Can it be a moment while preparing dinner when she remembers her little girl's smile or glancing up from her desk to spot the drawing her son made for her? Maybe it’s this morning’s good luck kiss her husband gave her; any of these are moments when she catches her breath and is grateful for what she has.

How did she come to be? Growing up in a family of six is a chaotic and fun-filled adventure from which different personalities emerge. It was important to be singled out in any way, especially in a positive way. Carolina stood out by being a good helper for mom and a good friend to brothers and sisters. She was the six year-old family greeter who welcomed visitors with prepared coffee, tea or lemonade. She was the dancer and the singer who knew her mother’s favorite songs and would perform for any audience. She was the translator of letters, movies and conferences with the school. She was the miniature reader at mass and the youngest choir singer. She was the personal concession booth at family movie night, the tips were horrible. Carolina shined best when helping others.

Why is she here? Every choice she has made has led her to this point. There is a constant emotional, professional and self evolution in her daily interactions. This consideration is what keeps Carolina driven and enthusiastic and determines her choices. There is a reason for the journey she has taken and for the lessons she’s learned along the way. There is a purpose for the skills she’s accumulated and for the person she’s become. Right now, Carolina believes that Boyden is that reason.


  • not cheesy!!! yes brilliant!!!

    By Blogger pablo, at 9:33 PM  

  • Carol, I love what you wrote and it reminded me, as you often do, of why I am proud to be your friend. You are all of those things and more. You will accomplish so much, have many exciting adventures, and always live your life to the fullest, which makes you a lot of fun to be around.

    The one question I have is, what exactly IS your new job?? Details, please!! And congratulations!!

    By Blogger Amber Freda's, at 9:48 AM  

  • I hope that this opportunity can take full advantage of all you have to offer.

    Congrats Carol.

    By Blogger colin, at 1:27 PM  

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