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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ultra Sound

Ultra Sound
Originally uploaded by TaggartCojanSorensen.
Liz and I went in for the first ultra sound today. We didnt get to here the heart beating but we could see it, the NURSE PRACTITIONER pointed to the little blur inside the blur and said that is your raspberries heartbeat. She said it was strong. Once or twice Liz joked that we now had proof she was pregnant because so far her pregnancy has been ... , mild?.
It was a good visit and we both look forward to watching this develop.


  • Oh yeah, just in case anybody didnt know we were pregers........well the cat is out of the bag now.

    By Blogger taggart, at 2:24 PM  

  • well, officially, Congratulations!

    By Blogger Killy, at 2:45 PM  

  • ahem .... she was a nurse practitioner. not a PA. PAs are great, but everybody already knows what they are-NPs, not so much. We need all the PR we can get. no offense to Diana at all.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:26 PM  

  • Sorry. She could have been a VFW for all I know. She was nice, informed, respectfull of the moment and not cheesey (which is hard to pull off), and
    she knew what she was doing.

    By Blogger taggart, at 4:02 PM  

  • congratulations again
    ride it for all it's worth!
    because although you know you'll never forget...
    you actually do...

    By Blogger CarolinaDivina, at 9:25 AM  

  • Yay!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 9:30 PM  

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