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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, September 10, 2007

re: Ron Paul For President

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It is refreshing to hear Ron Paul’s alternative ideas; just as it refreshing to hear Gravel’s and Kucinich’s. But what makes decisions about whom to support so difficult, especially those candidates with many alternative ideas, is the monumental task of educating one’s self about the candidate and the specifics of his platform…

After seeing a couple of youtube clips Ron Paul seems pretty interesting (despite having to listen to American Pie), but then I run up against, or rather into, the many gaps in my understanding about some of his major planks. Here are only a few of my questions: How exactly would the dismantling of the IRS and current tax system be orchestrated? Is it a good thing, ultimately? How would the dismantling of the FED be orchestrated? Is a central bank, or at least one set up like the FED a horrible thing? What do I know about it? Is commodity-backed currency a good thing? How small do I think government should be? Do I think the FDA should be axed as well as the DHS? What do I think about his stance on immigration? Abortion? etc, etc.

Ron Paul’s ideas are very alternative and therefore require an extraordinary amount of research and education to even begin to analyze them with even a shred of confidence.

It is nice to hear that you and Anthony are educating yourselves about Ron Paul. I look forward to learning about him from folks like y’all who I know and trust…

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