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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Diego Romel Benitez
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Spent a good portion of the day visiting with Lynda, John and their new baby, Alexandria. Ate a fine brisket prepared by my new brother in law, John and spent the rest of the time with my face behind a camera. I just trolled around for photos which is something i haven't done in a long time. Having spent the majority of these last few years with camera phones and digital point and shoots perched at the end of my extended arm, being back behind an SLR reminds me of how engaged one has to be.

My face has to be behind the camera; my arms have to be raised next to my face; i have to cradle my lens in my palm; i have to use my left thumb and middle finger to spin the focus ring (another limitation i've placed on myself: manual focus); i have to bend my legs into a squat.

I went for drama today and found a green sun drenched wall bathed in a spotted side light. i set up my Vivitar behind a white umbrella and set it to full extension for a matching pointed dramatic light.

I've elected to using one light and balancing with ambient till i can get my hands on more receivers for my other flash. The slave peanut is miserably UNreliable particulary outdoors.


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