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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, February 07, 2011


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Since January 28th, i have shot every single day. I have dedicated at least an hour of my day to shooting, whether it be for strobist assignments or on my own. So for these past few days, i've felt pretty darn good.

Every day, when i know i'm about to shoot, my stomach twists up. While I am shooting, my insides are tossed about inside of me. When I am done, there is a hazy mixture of fear, relief and nausea.What once used to a two hour process of revalation is now a few seconds of downloading - and then the images appear before me and i all i see are the problems. Immediately, i know what i need to do to improve the shot. Take for instance, my shapeless wisk here. As far as the lighting goes, It is completely backwards.

Every shoot jars me and shakes loose some long forgotten impulse. I can feel myself getting looser. I handle my equipment easier.

Today, as i was waking to a meeting through one of the many walkways, i caught myself staring at the highlights in the chrome lunch chairs and examining the highlights. This is happening more and more as the days go on. I am thinking of photography and more importantly, of me acting as photographer.


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