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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

yay adolph

congratulations on what i assume is yet another bucolic tour through the texas countryside for healthy yuppies, the companies they work for, and the annoying suv driving people who love them.

what were the numbers? another record breaker? W's tax strategy hasn't caused a noticeable decline in charitable giving?

so, here's a question :: mark bruce's company (FP&L) belongs to a trade organization and that organization wants a website. that's not the question. most of the site will be static, although eventually they will want to be able to post press releases, news etc. that's not it either. the other thing they want the site to be is a secure collaborative platform for developing documents. basically, they want to be able to upload/download categorized documents other team members can 'check out', mark up and repost. where do you start on something like that?

i have seen some canned solution that may work, but wanted your opinion.


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