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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, July 25, 2003


killy, kilito and i hung out with my niece last night
she is 16 and wonderful
(sorry no pics to share)
we had a late mellow dinner and conversation at Paddy Thai on westheimer
she's like her tia in that she loves to try new foods
isn't afraid of what she doesn't know

i was happy to learn that she likes museums contrary to what her other aunt thought
so maybe next time we can museum hop all over houston
she will be here only one more weekend
and then she's back home and back to school
she also likes photography and dreams of one day opening a night club
she has aspirations of being a dj
she certainly looks the part

Woo Hoo!!
Congratulations on inventing the WWW
i hope you get a good offer!

Killy and I are trying to win the lottery so we could buy a house on the hills overlooking the rumbling greenery of Texas

Wish us luck!!!

So nice to hear from the girls lately!!

So what good book are you reading


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