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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Why People Leave LA

No, not that LA...

Yahoo! News - Southern Drawls Confuse La. Phone System

You'd think that they'd deploy a system that says "...press or say..." like everywhere else.

In other news, I've returned from Miami, where I only left the conference for a night-time rendezvous in beachside hammock with Amber and five digit dinners with lots of raw oysters and stone crab and big fatty steak. Unfortunately, the brunch salmon on the final day got to me and I spent my free Saturday in the bed and by the toilet of a somewhat expensive South Beach hotel instead of sight-seeing. I still feel yuck today, and I attribute most of it to being knocked off food for less than a day or so. I'm completely food-dependant, an addict if you will, and can't imagine several days without real food, like Killy has faced. At least I still have enough energy to hustle to the bathroom!


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