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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, May 30, 2005

The D-70

I rented a D-70 this weekend for a last minute wedding. Fortunately, i had so many other things going on. I wanted to try and squeeze in a shoot of Adolph and Amber, but amber was busy buying shoes and i had both a graduation and a wedding to shoot.

I realized that i had been shooting with a 'point and shoot' for too long, but i can't say that that has been all bad - i took a lot of the in-your-face tactics you can use with a camera like the sd10 and put them to good use with the d-70.

What i came away with is that i am going to purchse a digital slr in the near future, although i'm kinda usure as to which one. more than likely i will go nikon or fuji since i already have a couple of nikon lenses.


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