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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Flash 2007

At some point last year it dawned on me that i could use xml to hold presentation data and access it throughout the presentation as necessary. I naturally assumed that i would need to have it reside not in an external location, but within the flash environment so that it could be called.

So i worked toward this and made it happen. Then...

It just recently dawned on me that i had been reading the xml and pushing the data into arrays at compile-time rendering the need for the xml doc (at run-time) useless. So now i've got to rework the xml files and the xmlReader function to read a traditional xml file (much easier to handle than xml pushed into a MovieClip). There is a slight difference in the syntax (no need to attachMovie and read the text from mc in the library) and other considerations - but here is my most recent question:

What is the syntax that would make the value of an xml node (let's say "Introduction") the name of a new array in which the remaining xml data would be placed into. Take this xml for example:

<header>The header for section one</header>
<maintext>This is text for section number one.</maintext>
<bullet>This is the first bullet of section one</bullet>
<bullet>This is the second bullet of section one</bullet>
<bullet>This is the third bullet of section one</bullet>

I want to make <name> the name of an array object that will hold the data in the remaining nodes. How would I do that? I've tried it a couple of ways, but failed.


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