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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Mission

The wisk I knew i could see
Originally uploaded by killy
Today i had a mission. Actually, two missions. The first was to get back to running. In order to do that, i knew that i had to eat right today; i knew i had to hydrate myself properly; and i did. In the morning i packed my own breakfast and lunch (prepared, of course, by my wife): morning egg white, sausage and potato breakfast taco; turkey meatloaf, a large spinach avacado salad (no dressing), a banana, an apple, and a ziploc of almonds and raisins.

Once Adolph and I were on the trail i took off fast - faster than i should have. I hadn't run in two weeks. It felt so good to be back on the trail, exerting myself. My legs were light and free of soreness. Of course, i could only keep up that pace for so long. It wasn't very long before i was back at a more manageable pace. But i was able to keep it for the most part.

Near the end of our run, i sprinted till my middle wouldn't let me go anymore. Adolph, so kind, offered a slight 'go chavez' as i jogged by. Once i slow down, he passes me again. On our final stretch, with Adolph far ahead, i sprint again determined to not force him to wait for me. He stops about 10 seconds ahead of me, hardly breathing. This confirms my long held suspicion that he is a cyborg created by his dad. Jett should get himself checked.

Normally, i try to clear my head while running. This time my mind was squarely focused on one thing: photography. Specifically, how i was going to reshoot this wisk. Main light from direclty above (sb-600 diffused with a gentle curve of parchment paper. Fill is the Vivitar 285 (similarly diffused) to camera left. Additionally, it's gobo'd to prevent spillage onto the background. If you continue to my flickr page you can see the setup pic.


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