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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Did a google search for 'houston editorial portrait' and reviewed the portfolios of a number of talented photographers in the Houston area who are doing precisely what i want to be doing. So, in the coming months, for technique practice, i'll be attempting to duplicate images from their portfolios.

At the same time, ideally, i'll be discovering my own sense of style my own way of working, of seeing. I'll continue with the strobist assignments and perhaps even embark on Project 365.

Recently, i heard a quote from Chuck Close that went something like this, "... Inspiration is for amateurs, just get to work." So that's what i'm gonna do - i'm just gonna get to work and let all the pieces fall where they may. I've sat around for far too long.

Tonight, on a chilly evening the kids and I went outside and shot as quickly as possible. I think we were outside for about 20 minutes. By the end my hands were frozen and i didn't care if i got much of anything out of this shoot. Alas, I came away with moderate success in balancing the strobe with the twilight and a cute shot of the kids too.


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