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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Before Noon

Adolfo Fidel Chavez IV
Originally uploaded by killy
Woke up with an urgency to continue fiddling with my lights, but no one else did. Instead, they woke up with an urgency for pancakes. Father-in-Law wanted a restaurant breakfast, so we packed up and headed to a local joint that used to be an IHOP. The menu is identical, the staff is identical, the cooks are identical but it's called ... Jackie's Kitchen.

On our way home FIL decided he had to go to home depot. Lucky me! I abandoned the family to look for light modifiers. Flourescent light banks and covers caught my eye (but i didn't buy any ... yet). I was looking for cheap, fun reflectors. I ended up in the roofing section looking at flashing. Bought a small, square piece of flashing that i could play around with. I also bought a flashing ring that i thought might come in handy for a DIY ring flash or DIY beauty dish.

This shot is the first with a small piece of flashing directly behind and above me at about 45 degrees reflecting a sb-600.

PhotoFrustation #7: My D80 does not support a 1/200 sec sync speed when i connect them to my strobes. The max sync speed is 1/60 sec. That blows, but there is a workaround thankfully. The only way the D80 supports the higher sync speed is when it is used with a CLS approved flash, which i have: an sb-600. All my studio strobes have a built in slave. So when i fire the sb-600 all the strobes fire. So either i have to include the sb-600 in the lighting scenario, or i have to just fire it in such a way that it doesn't interfere with the shot, but will fire the strobes. I hate workarounds like that.


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