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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Introducing, Killy

Self Portraits - Killy
Originally uploaded by killy
Here I am, Killy the Photographer.

Well, it turns out that clean garages make pretty awesome studios. A clean, decently painted wall will do wonders as a background and studio strobes don't hurt either. What i have found, though, is that studio lights make me mentally crazy. I spent most of my day with the strobes, setting them up, shooting, moving them again, adjusting output, moving them again, diffusing this, snooting that, moving them again.

At the end of the day i hardly remember how this particular shot was lit. I mean, i could probably deconstruct from the image, but the nuances are what makes lighting what it is: how far was the umbrella from the light source? was this a shoot through or reflection? angle? height? distance?

New strategy for studio strobes. Set up for ONE kick-ass lighting technique and leave it for a month. Shoot for a month. THEN change. Now all i gotta do is find someone to photograph that isn't me or my kids or my wife ... and if they pay, that would be lovely too.

PhotoFrustation#6 - discovered that two of my umbrellas are bent to hell. Gotta get a new silver reflective and a white shoot through.


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