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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A quick night

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My son is sick with a cough and a light fever. He stayed home from school today and will probably head to the doctor tomorrow if he doesn't feel better in the morning.

Had my weekly run this evening, which was harder to do than usual. It could have something to do with the horrible diet I have been keeping lately. Yesterday, i had a candy binge that started with girl scout cookies and ended with several rolls of smarties.

Ate a bowl of homemade beef soup when i got home and spent some time with AFCIV. He lay in bed smiling at me and gave me a light kiss welcoming me home. I could tell by his body language that he didn't like my after-run stink, but he didn't say anything. Normally, he would. We talked for a bit, but he was ready to sleep. I gave him some tylenol and settled in for sleep.

Having spent the day with a sick Adolfo, an active Paola and a lingering dad, Carol quickly beat a path to the YMCA for some exercise and much needed break. Paola and I took a few photos with daddy trying to bounce flashes off of this and that. I shot a few with a flash through a purple balloon. The most successful, however, were the ones where i flashed them directly off my white BON running shirt which gave the photos a ringlight effect.

I caught abuelito in the kitchen getting water before bed. Little does he know, he'll be sitting for me tomorrow.


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