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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, October 25, 2010

scribble from work that didn't get used

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Aftermath

The Aftermath
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Had a pretty great 4th birthday party for Paola yesterday. We had a ton of people squeezed into our tiny space with kids running in between. Because Paola's birthday is in October all of her birthday parties have acted as a Halloween warm-up. Kids came dressed up: we had a fireman, a 'Super-Why' character, two snow whites, a Belle (Beauty and the Beast), and a spider man.

Carol, as she does every year, pulled on her purple and gold 'Queen' dress and mc'd the party. She really out-did herself this year by both, hand-sewing Paola's dress from nothing (she didn't use a pattern either) and baking the cake. I am looking forward to the year she finally uses fondant.

I am glad to know that Paola will remember her parties being surrounded by friends and family. I don't remember having parties like this when i was younger. Most of them were pretty simple affairs with family as far as i remember. I think once there was a piƱata at my grandmother's house. The memory is pretty vague.

In other news, things are going pretty well here at the Chavez household. I managed to slice my hand up pretty well while washing dishes recently (six stitches); I ran a 5k for the first time last weekend (ran it at a 9:30 pace); Adolfo has managed to finish his piano book - his teacher is trying to find something a little better suited to him; he's also been drawing a lot, which is why Carol decided to start up a blog for him;Paola used the word 'coincidence' today, precisely how it should be used.

Carol plays the role of super-wife pretty darn well. She is our life organizer, our chef, a chauffeur, and a teacher. We would all be living on the streets if it wasn't for her.

As the this year starts to wind down, things seem to be moving very fast. In not too long it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then before we know it, Xmas. I hope the rest of year finds all of you happy and healthy.

What's the deal with everyone anyway? No one is blogging anymore and there is so much interesting shit going on. For example this: JASON HODGE RUNNING FOR OFFICE??!!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Don't Tell Todd But This Is What I Am Getting Him For Christmas

Monday, October 04, 2010

Paola is Four Years Old Today

Paola is Four Years Old Today
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My daughter is four years old today. She's the happiest, silliest girl I've ever known. Happy Birthday, Paola!