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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, March 31, 2003

did you know that coddle is from a latin root meaning, 'to warm'. i, however, do not know what that root is.

here it is, ladies and gentlemen! a coddled egg on crumpets!


if i were not hungry, but knew that i wanted to eat a boiled egg in the future, then and only then would i coddle. although, i cannot tell you how long it takes to coddle an egg because it is unknowable. how can i even guess as to the time when it is totally unknowable?

if someone does know how long it takes, please calibrate me on this.



lemonfreshrecon: this one battle todd and i played was awsome!
lemonfreshrecon: i was pinned down by hostile forces. it was cool. bullets all around! i kilt like 12 bad guys!
killythemac: and then...todd saved the day?
lemonfreshrecon: i kept calling for todd to come and help me, but he was lost on the map. as usual. so i died.
killythemac: man, poor todd...he just has no sense of direction...
lemonfreshrecon: eyp
killythemac: i wonder how often he gets lost in his apt...
lemonfreshrecon: yep
lemonfreshrecon: ha
lemonfreshrecon: i'm glad he has diana
killythemac: not for long. what happens when diana takes off?! paul has a two story house!
killythemac: todd's going to get lost on the second floor. just not show up for work for a week.
lemonfreshrecon: maybe we should have gotten him a GPS system for his birthday.

bravo diana! wow...it was powerful...it really stirred a lot of emotions in me, i came away...agitated. seriously, though, that was really fun diana i loved it.

what a fantastic reminder: who needs the gulf war when we've got ghost recon right at our fingertips. speaking of the war, i would really love to go the movies. i think carol and i are ready for a movie, Liz, unfortunately, we are suffereing though a 'time-alone' deficiency. i think it's going to be sometime this week that we go and check out 'talk to her' at the same theater. if we don't go see that in the theater, i'm REALLY going to be in trouble.

also: so NO ONE knows the second meaing of 'coddle'? well, i guess i'll have to tell you; although, before i do i have to say i'm disappointed in todd for not rising to the challenge. not even mentioning it was really a blow to his credibility.

coddle: to boil (cook) an egg at below boiling temp.

isnt' that weird? i mean, who does that anyway? am i EVER going to walk into the kitchen and see a bunch of eggs sitting on the stove in lukewarm water and say to carol, "...are you coddling those eggs?!..." i guess the question is now, WHY would you coddle an egg? does anyone know when you would need to coddle an egg?

iLove iMovie.

check it out.

carwash::a short film (3.2Mb)
carwash::a short film (9.4Mb)

what i want to know is when the pharmaceutical industry is going to help people like me.

those of us born with no sense of direction could really use a nice way-finding drug, to prevent us from sending our troops all over the map.

thanks you.


i blog...
you blog...
we all blog for hot dogs.

this weekend todd and i played a little ghost recon. dispite media reports, our forces were not bogged down.
the assault went as planned. we never said it would be easy. diana had questions as to how long the war would last.
we told her that the amount of time was unknowable but that it would not last an hour longer than it needed to.

Anybody up for seeing "City of God" sometime soon? It's playing at River Oaks. We got all moved in this weekend, our little house has a great backyard...perfect for grilling hamburgers!!! (and hot dogs too, killy and adolph). Paul, wish you were here, I'd love to see you eat 8 whole hotdogs in my new back yard. I see a party in our future, how does May sound? Maybe June? It would be cool to make it a Diana going away party too! So May? I need feedback guys.

Friday, March 28, 2003

can't afford an $800 chip? how much money ARE you spending at krafts-men anyway? come on, adolph, splurge a little. you should prolly just dump that trashy 'old' powerbook you have and get yourself hte 17". you know you need the screen real estate. besides, we all know how much you want to be like the little guy from austin powers.

Oh yeah, the 1 gig RAM chip for PowerBooks. Did I mention I got a raise? It isn't quite enought to afford an $800 chip tho...

vocabulary test

today i used the word 'coddle' to describe what carol was doing to the baby. out of curiosity (and insecurity, admittedly) i looked it up. to coddle, is to pamper/to care for attentively. there is a second definition to this word. without looking it up, can anyone tell me what that second definition is? it's really odd and i think it would be really cool if someone else knew this.

Paul writes:

speeding up the glasnost process? if the history deems the downfall of the soviet union as a good thing it will because not only were people 'liberated' from oppressive governments, but they were 'liberated' without being subjected to the social, economic and humanitarian horrors of all out war....glasnost was good because it was not world war III: it was 'openess', not bombs.

From a humanitarian standpoint, the Soviet Union was killing its own people by the million. Just read The Gulag Archipelago. Glasnost came too far too late for those who were subjected to the social, economic and humanitarian horrors of peace.

But your response indicates that you are missing the point. Like the old Soviet Union, the media couldn't put cameras on the people dying every day because of the Iraqi government. The Iraqi government is not open to cameras and the Iraqi government's programs are causing everyday horror to the people there. Until the conflict in Iraq, the eyes of the world have not stirred the fickle passions of European protestors. They have not been allowed to and so the protestors haven't seen fit to decry the destruction of Iraq by it's government. This new openness comes from conflict and nowhere else.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

this is pablo writing in response to the following:

Just remember, these people on the streets are the same ones that wanted to be "liberated" by Stalin. Europe had riots for a long time because people wanted the Soviets to come in and plan their economies for them. The only reason they are now seeing the suffering of the Iraqis is because of the war; before now, the media couldn't put cameras on the people dying everyday because of the Iraqi government's "palaces, not food" program. We're just speeding up the glasnost process.

speeding up the glasnost process? if the history deems the downfall of the soviet union as a good thing it will because not only were people 'liberated' from oppressive governments, but they were 'liberated' without being subjected to the social, economic and humanitarian horrors of all out war....glasnost was good because it was not world war III: it was 'openess', not bombs.

Top 10 Lists: Top Ten Myths About the War in Iraq

(pablo posting)
here is an excerpt from the link:

6-The world opposes the U.S. invasion of Iraq, so the world must be right. The rest of the world is different. One difference is that the rest of the world is more risk averse. They would rather tolerate Saddam and the threat he represents than take risks to eliminate his murderous tyranny. Moreover, many people in the rest of the world consider it more important (and a lot safer) to feel right than to do right. That's why everyone tolerates murderous situations in Congo, Sudan, Rwanda and North Korea. Saddam has killed over half a million Iraqis and driven 15 percent of the population into exile. The killing continues while the world preaches patience. Now the killers are getting killed, and soon the terror will be gone. Who is right?

not really very convincing, im afraid....


here you go taggart. i found one.

i couldn't help myself.

here you go taggart. i found one.

i want an animatronic dupe

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

i wonder what level we're on?

i vote for incompetent.


it now appears that our "liberation" of iraq is beginning to bog down. i imagen that in some dark corner of the world a shadow lord is tapping his finger tips together and saying, "yes...yes...excellent."

it also seems that our nation will lose credibility with each day the war drags on.

the iraqi forces are entrenched in the cities. our supply line is exposed to hit and run attacks. the humanitarian relief is proving to be as successful as out attempt at a quick victory. soon our troops will be fighting hand to hand in most of iraq's major cities.

did our leaders lie to us about a short war, or are they just incompetent?



please put all the cds and the documents in my briefcase;
in my briefcase you should also find my reciets, etc for apple

i have no info from apple can adolf help you with that? when i looked at their site, etc, i saw that they needed all sorts of serial numbers and such...

  • try starting hooking it up to an external monitor...i think it should work, cause the machine only crashes when the lcd tries to come on...
  • if you get it hooked up external like, try to unmake the dual monitor hack

  • do not erase the hd before talking to apple...maybe they can repair it without wiping the hd
  • thankyou for all your help

let me know how it goes....

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

It's a howitzer. If you can see it, you probably need to back up a bit to shoot it. Everybody in artillery talks about using as a direct fire weapon, much like tankers talk about using the tank cannon as indirect fire (I forget the name of the attachment you use to do this...).

In reality, 38 is fine for a vehicle that is meant to be behind the FLOT. The reason why the M1 has more speed is so it can act a lot like guys on horses: lots of back and forth and attacking quickly and exploiting flanks, etc.


The M109A6 Paladin howitzer is what i consider to be a long distance liberator. the problem with this is that you really have no idea how many you have liberated until you roll up and take a look. since the M109A6 Paladin howitzer can only travel at the speed of 38 mph, the liberated will have long since been buried by the time you reach them.

where's todd?

this thing just looks cool. hey dave, how many iraqi's do you think this thing could liberate?
M109A6 Paladin howitzer

Crew: Four
Armament: 155 mm, 39 caliber, M284 cannon assembly, fitted with the M182A1 mount; 0.50 caliber M2 MG
Maximum speed: 38 mph

i'll have to shoot both of these over again and pay attention in the darkroom this time.

here's another one i did. i didn't travel too far from the studio to do this.

so i finally managed to process some film the other day. lucky for me i didn't try to print it. i distracted myself while i was processing the film, and i accidentally let it sit for 3 minutes without agitating it. i'm sure taggart and todd will know what i'm talking about. the damage doesn't come through all that well if you moderately adjust the images, but if you try to make really radical changes....you can see it real bad.

I hope everyone is enjoying this spring time weather...the flowers and the trees...I wish I could forget about this war and the state of the nation/planet. But I can't. Ignorance is bliss...but I just keep tuning into NPR every morning.

�Why of course the people don�t want war. ... That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ...Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.�

Who said that? Hitler�s accomplice, Hermann Goering (commander of the German Air Force and president of the Reichstag), at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals in 1946.

One of the things I really like about my job is that I don't really have a job description. It can be hard sometimes but when I build little web apps that make people really really happy, it makes it all worth it.

I wish I could show you guys what I'm working on but it is all behind-the-scenes kind of glue stuff. It is all kind of boring and non-interesting too, but I'm learning a lot about how to make stuff that works, make it fast, re-use stuff that is already there, and put data into different database products.

Hey Dave,
Operation Iraqi Freedom is definately folly. It is going to be expensive. We would probably get more bang for the buck by selling the Iraqis weapons on credit so the wogs in the Middles East can concentrate on killing each other. That is France and Russia's winning strategy so far.

Glad to see you are enjoying the ultimate fruit of being American: Crustless White Bread! Where's the mayonaise? Are you boycotting French-named products?

Just remember, these people on the streets are the same ones that wanted to be "liberated" by Stalin. Europe had riots for a long time because people wanted the Soviets to come in and plan their economies for them. The only reason they are now seeing the suffering of the Iraqis is because of the war; before now, the media couldn't put cameras on the people dying everyday because of the Iraqi government's "palaces, not food" program. We're just speeding up the glasnost process.

paul: your computer arrived yesterday. i unpacked it and tried to turn it on. no dice. i pulled out the cds and put them in a safe place. the paper work is here on my desk and the small not to eleo will be given to her when she arrives. I'll start to look into getting your box back to apple for repair. do you think you could forward me the email that you received with all the 'apple info'? that would really help.

it was a nice treat to see it packed with a french newspaper. i'm sure the images you see on your end are much more real than what we see here.

i mean, french food is good and all....but....

what i wouldnt do for a bean burrito ... heck, even just some beans....

man that hotdog looks good

hey guys
seen from here things look really bad. there are massive protests everyday, all over the globe...hundreds of thousands of people in paris, even more protesting in spain, italy, asia, etc;

people who were once ambivalent towards the u.s are now inspired to burn flags, chant 'fuck the americans', etc

the images of the war that one sees on tv here are horrible; us pows, dead marines, maimed iraqi children;

its no good...no good...

but, of course, what i am really worried about is where my computer is...any word ?




taggart: does this mean you're gonna put your 'viva la raza' keychain back on your keys? careful, they can smell your fear...

Well Todd I really am not that distant from you and even less so by this weekend.
For those of you who havnt heard Elizabeth and I have found our new home in North Central Austin. More specifically, 616 St. John, right past the intersection of Airport and N Lamar.
In the custom of those around me, (my new neighbors), I am celebrating by raising my 40oz and giving a shout out to my hommies.

Monday, March 24, 2003

i ran out of bread this afternoon. we had bought two different types of wheat bread, i had actually gotten used to it. i was ENJOYING it. really, i was. all the little nutty things and pieces of oatmeal or dirt, or whatever that sits on each thick crust of the bread was delicious...i was liking it!

and then.....

i blame adolph.

adolph, you should get this:bookletizer.

it is a real simple page imposition xtension for qxp. works like a charm


i believe this war, operation iraqi freedom, is folly.

i fear that the ranks of those who would cause us the most suffering will only swell as a result of our naked aggression.

i fear that the oil men that now control our government are playing a deadly game of deception with our nation and the international community as a whole.

i fear that most americans will support this war out of fear, ignorance, and blind faith in our "elected" leaders.

i fear that the wise have replaced wisdom with weapons.

most of all, i fear for the lives of all those that i love, and for a world poisoned by fear, hate, and greed.

i hope that i am wrong.


oh, by the way, i think the war is going to get a LOT worse for us. I just have a deep feeling in my heart that this is going to turn out to be a very big mistake, regardless of the dangers of assymetrical military conflict.

oh todd, it's nice to see you writing on AND reading the blog. so nice.

(this post would be funnier if i were funnier)

aah, taggart. it's impressive how distance emboldens one, isn't it?

yes, i 'fixed' the problem. more accuately, i fixed the symptom, the real problem being my occassional blinding stupidity.

this post would be funnier if one could lisp (lithp?) online.

todd's printer problem wasn't a problem with the printer at all, but a 'save as file' option that was mysteriously clicked.

my printer won't print cause the color ink is out; even though all i want to print is a bw doc.

Hey Todd, you nancy, did you ever figure out what was up with your printer?

norbert is one i have never heard used (outside of chicken run). nancy, however, is pretty common. think 'sissy'. and kudos to you on the use of contextual clues.

todd: in the movie 'chicken run' the two rats use some language that i think you might know something about. at one point, the one rat calls the other 'norbert', as in, "...you stupid norbert..." and another time he says, "...why are you crying, you nancy?..."

i assume that using those names is a lot like calling someone a nerd or dork and a girl, but where does this come from? am i right in my assumption --- kind like using 'waldo' as a name for a nerd?

i have to agree with adolph, mostly because he is smarter than me. while i do not believe the vast majority of what the government tells me, i do believe that life for the average iraqi is pretty crappy.

my only hope is that this action, once completed, returns the country to it's people, and not just handpicked powerbrokers installed by the US. we have quite history of placing people in power who are no better or more just than saddam, they're just willing to play ball.

maybe this is unrealistic, but it seems to me that if the UN had decided this issue was worth fighting for, and that they meant it when they said iraq must be disarmed, the combined force of those countries being parked outside iraq may have led to a much shorter conflict, if any. standing up to the US, Brits and Australians is one thing, knowing that if you can just bog the war down enough, and make it messy enough, maybe the will of your enemy will change, political presure will win out, and they'll go home. i think most of the iraqi leaders are power hungry enough to take that chance. but if you throw in a few more industrialized nations that scenario goes away and you're faced with certain, untimely death. that may have changed a few minds.

Friday, March 21, 2003

Hey Paul, what's the unemployment rate in France?

There are 605 Kuwaitis who disappeared after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Only one has ever returned.

Chechnya must be an interesting place. ". . . The Palestinian relationship was particularly bad with a small but vital part of the Jordanian military structure, the Circassians and Chechens. . ." ". . . French police arrested two suspected terrorists in connection with an inquiry into a so-called Chechen network. . . ."

paulmercado1: i can get past the "war is terrible thing"
paulmercado1: i just cant get past the
paulmercado1: climate that this crisis has caused
paulmercado1: it has agited everyone and unified no one

I think that the people who are agitated are the people who have been itching to be agitated. Having worked customer service a bit, I have grown to notice people who seem to be just waiting for something to complain about at length. The French political structure has been waiting for something like this to come up to be able to make a stand against the "hyperpower" boogie-man they've been talking up for some time.

Conflict rarely unifies people. It would seem that this is the basic nature of conflict (as in people are disagreeing about something) and it would be dumb to expect that this one is any different. For more than a decade, the US along with the rest of the world has been engaged in a conflict with Iraq. We set out some conditions for the closure of that conflict and after the liberation of Kuwait changed our stance from military conflict to an economic and political conflict.

For over ten years this has been ineffective. Iraq hasn't fulfilled its end of the bargain. As a result, the economic conflict has inflicted great hardships on the people of Iraq. The US change in stance from economic and political conflict to military conflict reflects the sense of urgency we have in eradicating the sources of threats that before September 11, 2001 didn't seem like such a big deal.

This change in perspective on the part of the US has become a source of conflict within the "we" that has been in conflict with Iraq. It seems that a lot of people see the world with the same perspective that they did before the terrorist attack on New York City and Washington, DC. That's fine, they have a different perspective, and don't have the sense of urgency that the US government does. As a result, when the US government indicates the source of their urgency, people with a different perspective think "Stupid Americans, don't they know that the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq?"

The sense of urgency in confronting the Iraqi threat doesn't come from direct links to the present-day asymetrical military conflict known as terrorism. It comes from acting against what's next and completing old unfinished business. Despite ricin in French subways, it seems like the French gonvernment still thinks there is plenty of time, that countries like Iraq are not credible future sources of asymetrical military conflict. If people are agitated about this, about the state of conflict between the US and countries like France, well then it seems like they are pretty easily agitated.

At a personal level, I'm curious about the thought process of people who are against the Iraq military conflict. It is pretty much agreed that the sanctions have made life pretty crappy for the average Iraqi. In fact, it is so bad that people are saying that the sanctions are killing people. Despite the economic sanctions, the government of Iraq has the resources to build a bunch of "Presidential Palaces" even as people can't get food and medicine. As bad as military conflict is, the economic and political conflict have hurt more for longer. Wouldn't it be in the interest of the Iraqis, humanity, and peace to have it over with than drag it out?

Things in the US are normal, as much as the media makes of it, nobody really cares about the naming of French Fries or anything else French. To say that nobody really cares about what anyone in France thinks would be an unfriendly ad hominem. However, it would be folly on the part of any French person to think that their world perspective has much relevance to America.

Eyewitnesses Report Seeing Wounded Saddam Being Carried From Compound
Fri Mar 21 2003 10:32:01 ET

Intelligence sources now say there were eyewitnesses at the scene where Saddam Hussein's complex was bombed on the first night, ABC reported Friday morning.

John McWethy, ABC's national security correspondent, said on air: "Those eyewitnesses say that they saw Saddam Hussein being taken from the wreckage on a hospital gurney, that he had an oxygen mask over his face. In addition, intelligence sources say that there is a lack of communication between Saddam Hussein's office and his main commands and the rest of his government.

"They are interpreting that as meaning that there is some problem with his health. So they are optimistic that something has happened to the leader of Iraq, but they are still extremely cautious about what his condition is."

jeez, everyone. the war is underway and you guys (especially dave) are too quiet ---- like baghdad...

Thursday, March 20, 2003

killythemac: sup foo!
paulmercado1: foo*
paulmercado1: sup buddy
paulmercado1: how you enjoying the war
killythemac: eleo is gone...back to mexico....
killythemac: oh, it's been great! i mean, we watched it on tv for a bit, but then it got just as boring as 'cops' so we watched a movie instead...
killythemac: that's horrible..war is horrible...
paulmercado1: right
killythemac: i'm not excited about it...
killythemac: so how are the french liking it?
killythemac: pretty cool. are they shocked and awed?!
killythemac: ha!
paulmercado1: the world is preparing a big fuck you for the united states
paulmercado1: not good
killythemac: yeah, i think so...
killythemac: bush is really leading us down a terrible path...
paulmercado1: yup
paulmercado1: from the media perspective here
paulmercado1: it appears that americans now hate the french
paulmercado1: are people beating up french foriegn exchange students and stuff?
killythemac: not really. i think american women think french sounds sexy...
paulmercado1: people here are like
killythemac: the only ones that feel honestly betrayed are the veterans...i think....
paulmercado1: "why bush gotta be like that?" "do people eat french fries anymore?" etc
killythemac: i mean, how many people REALLY care what the french think?
paulmercado1: thats what i keep telling people
killythemac: i ate french fries two days ago and loved every greasy salty lick of them...
paulmercado1: im like
paulmercado1: nobody really thinks about you guys
paulmercado1: are there terrorist warnings and such
paulmercado1: ?
killythemac: code orange...
killythemac: 2nd highest level.
paulmercado1: code orange!!!
killythemac: yeah...
killythemac: the mood is different in everyone...some think this is the right thing to do. some think it's a disaster, some think it's the right thing to do the wrong way, some think it's the right thing to do at the wrong time...
killythemac: no one 'likes' sadaam, but no one wants to see dead innocent people.
paulmercado1: yeah, the debate really isnt about whether sadaam should be replaced...its about whether a crazy american president should be able to launch a bunch of missles and stuff
killythemac: exactly.
killythemac: i saw a show on pbs (pbs.org) called the long road to war....
killythemac: it actuallylaid out the history of this conflict pretty well and put a lot into perspective for me...
killythemac: it convinced me that sadaam has to go...
killythemac: it even almost convinced me that the lengths we are going to are justified...
killythemac: but...there's still that whole 'war is terrible' thing that i can't get past...
killythemac: although, if this were a risk game...it would be necessary to take him out, if only for the risk cards...
paulmercado1: i can get past the "war is terrible thing"
paulmercado1: i just cant get past the
paulmercado1: climate that this crisis has caused
paulmercado1: it has agited everyone and unified no one
killythemac: this policy of taking out iraq was rejected by president bush teh elder, who opted for containment...
killythemac: taking out sadaam should have happened then...
killythemac: true...
paulmercado1: i would have like less extreme rhetoric, less clumsy diplomacy
killythemac: i think that to everyone else (france, russia,...), the policy of containment worked, even though they know that sadaam needs to go. of course, france and russia have existing contracts with sadaam for oil after the sanctions are lifted...they are working in their interests just as much as we are....
killythemac: it's all bs politics...
paulmercado1: right
killythemac: all of it...
paulmercado1: except for the dead people
killythemac: yeah, except for the dead people...
killythemac: that isn't to say that bush is a horrible diplomat...
killythemac: he just stinks.
paulmercado1: speaking of stinks
killythemac: he's terrible...
paulmercado1: i am eating a lot of stinky cheese
killythemac: i bet...
killythemac: how's france going for you anyway? are all your conversations about america and how stupid we are acting?
paulmercado1: yup
killythemac: "...so what do you think of my drawing...?"
paulmercado1: that and if i like the cheese
killythemac: "...i think america is stupid..."
killythemac: "...but my drawing..."
killythemac: "...stupid!.."
paulmercado1: exactly
killythemac: "...stupeeed!..."
paulmercado1: that and
paulmercado1: i have been stopped by the police twice now
killythemac: for what?
killythemac: for being brown?
paulmercado1: for being brown maybe? i dunno, here there is a lot of racism against arabs...
paulmercado1: maybe i have bad fashion
killythemac: yeah, you look like a wanderer sometimes...
killythemac: walking around everywhere...
paulmercado1: and i was peeing on a car
paulmercado1: 3 in the afternoon
killythemac: without a beautiful french woman on your arm...
killythemac: you can't be serious...
paulmercado1: hey, i gotta split ... kiss the bb and the wife and thanks for making eleo feel so welcome in your home and be safe during these trying times and say hello to the gang for me and pray that my fucking computer arrives soon
killythemac: ok, bye...

folks, I sincerely want to thank everyone for making eleo feel so welcome, etc.
also i pray that you are all safe during this locos times

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

well, it's begun. you think iraq has any risk cards to throw down?

eleo is going back to mexico today for a couple of weeks or so. maybe a little bit longer. if i'm not mistaken, her mother will be coming to take her place in about a week. carol will be working half days for the next week or so, unless anyone wants to come a baby sit for a day or two.

it doesn't pay much, but he's really cute.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

this morning carol and i were in the car driving to work. we were on montrose and fairview and carol asks me, "killy, what are we going to do if there's an attack here in houston? i mean, like a chemical attack or something?"

i got scared. and i thought of my son. and i got scared mostly cause i didn't know what in the world i would do.

speaking of attacks: 'save as file' was checked?! i thought you knew what you were doing todd...i guess i'll just have to rely on adolph for computer advice now, if he can keep his beer in his pants...err...mouth...err...ugh...forget it...

Monday, March 17, 2003

They say that some babies walk, or totter around at least, before they crawl. So baby Adolfo could be on his feet before he figures out the low-crawl. I think I was one of those kids. I should ask my Mom.

adolfo iv pulled himself towards the edge of the crib (while sitting), grabbed onto the bars and pulled himself to standing. it was amazing to watch. he still hasn't fully crawled yet. he jerks and kicks his feet, but he hasn't quite pulled himself up on his knees yet. he's so close though; so close.

that threw me for a while to. if you click on the box it will reveal that it actually says 'brand' like fruit of the loom, etc.

Maybe it's just me...

...but is Todd's t-shirt joint looking for bust sizes?

ya know adolph, i did some research and you know what, he didn't have missiles, you're right!

i think we should update the art of war so it fits in more with this modern war.

Sun Tzu revised,

"Thus, the best policy for the military operations is to gain victory by attacking first with the full might of your army, crushing anyone in your path, and let god sort them out (this should be done in the name of peace). Next best policy is to disintegrate the enemy's alliances by calling them all 'evil'; the inferior way is to reach a peaceful solution by means of diplomacy; the worst way is to try and use any kind of strategy other than total fucking war."

now this is a Sun Tzu that we as americans can love and respect.

i can almost hear the cries of the iraqi children as they watch all of hell unleashed upon them. can you hear it adolph? isn't it music to your patriotic ears?

god bless all of our missiles. may they liberate all of mankind. amen.


you're right todd, that WAS cool! as for dave and sun tzu: sun tzu didn't have missles.


it works now, wise guy.

i think it was Sun Tzu who said,

"the best policy for the military operations is to gain victory by means of strategy. Next best policy is to disintegrate the enemy's alliances by means of diplomacy; the inferior way is to launch an attack on the enemy; the worst way is to storm cities and seize territory."

soon we shall see if this theory still applies in our modern world.


you must go here because it is cool.


i fixed my printer. the 'save as file' option was checked in the output options. feel free to call me names.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

Women can't help but love sweat

How did someone think to ask this?

". . . a 'chemical communication' subtext between the sexes that enables men and women to coordinate their reproductive efforts subliminally."

Friday, March 14, 2003


Okay, I ran into this Michael Musto Article in the Village Voice from link from Gawker.com, and the little illustration looks pretty cool and I read the illustration byline: Anthony Fida! Way Cool!

I still need to finish up the NYC trip email and email those guys.

what? that will never work.

bang the hell out of it! that will show it not to mess with you. just smack it around.

yeah! don't it feel good?


Try this
1. Unplug the printer.
2. Remove the printer from the printer list.
3. Restart
4. Plug the printer back in.
5. If the computer doesnt automatically add itself try doing it manually
is it the c60 or pauls

its the weirdest damn thing. my printer up and died. sort of. more to the point my computer suddenly stop recognizing the driver.
poof, no driver.
i can see and add the printer through print center but only if i use epsonusb as the type. if i use regular usb it tells me there is no driver.
i could understand it if i had just installed or updated something, but i did not.
one minute it worked, the next, no dice.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Hey Killy this is one of the Songs off the new Johnny cash Album I think you would like it.


if you sincerely want to support this administration then you must do the following;

first, you must remain as ignorant of world events as possible. i suggest reading or watching fox news.

second, if you wish to make a statement in favor of our country or our war on drugs, terror, oil, freedom, ect., make sure you are speaking to a cop, exxon/mobile CEO, the F.B.I, or a fellow republican. (this seems to work for bush.)

third, if you know of anyone who does not support any of the wars that we as americans have the right to fight, label them as a terrorist and kill them with a bomb.

paul, always remember, just because we expect that other countries follow U.N. resolutions, or face being invaded, does not mean that we have to.

oh, i almost forgot, make sure you live every day of your life in fear of those different from you, especially the darkies.

this should be your daily mantra,"better them than us."

oil is king!
long live the king!


If you read the little article about the fries on my last post you would now know that it is
called Liberty Toast

thanks for your responses...in support of my country and president i have decided to everything as unililateraly as possible: no more asking my host mother to pass the mustard- i am just going to reach out and grab it.

do you have any other suggestions how I, a lone patriot, can support my country? should i stop eating toast, unless it be produced elsewhere and appropriately renamed?

let me know!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

The Mini RC Keeps Getting Better

Damn this it so cool. The remote control tanks that fire IR at one another and register hits by lights coming on from underneath. If I didn't live in Texas, I'd want to live in Japan. Link

Next time you are in a "French" Mc D's just ask for a side of
"Freedom Fries"


good luck. bush is making us look like the clampets of the international community.

"granny! git ur gun, them darn iraqee folks need a liberate'n, even if it means we gots to kilt every dang one o'em to do it!"

so, can you blame anyone who might think of us in a less than positive light. it's obvious to all that the U.S. is moving backwards since it's an asshole that is leading the way.

your best bet is to tell everyone that you are a mexican.


How foreigners will know you are a Texan

  • Each statement begins with "Waaahl, as a Texan, . . . ."

  • We sell your iBook and ship you a hat and boots.

  • You don't think higher oil prices are a bad thing.

  • You say pappas fritas instead of French Fries.

How foreigners will know you are American:

buy a gun.

this is pablo writing; i am trying my best to reinforce negative stereotypes about americans and texans, but i am running out of steam; do you have any ideas or stories that i can share with my europeen classmates that will help them understand how special we are?

also, be on the lookout for my dead laptop; it should be arriving any day now....

Tuesday, March 11, 2003



Pasting Mr. Cockerham's stickers over the bar codes on their Safeway cards, the shoppers receive discounts on their own purchases. But Safeway's computers peg them all to his account, compiling a list of his latest shopping "favorites" that he can monitor by logging on to Safeway's shop-from-home site.

that last one is from dave. only he could be so cruel.

dave is thoroughly anti-war.

Just posted Killy and my Photos on the dot mac space:

oh todd, i'm so glad that you got to it first. i haven't had a chance to sit down and put all that stuff together. although, i DID get a chance to print out a 16x20 test of the photo on the hp, which, because of an importing error, was actually printed to 23.45 x ?.....

it looked really great; a little 'soft', but it had a nice quality to it. i'm going to try my hardest to get a good one out today. i upsized it to 16x20 @ 300 dpi (ppi?)...it took a little bit, but my processor on this box is pretty fast. it crunched it out in about 3 minutes, maybe less. there are other issues to deal with, though. it prints a lot darker than i expected, so i've got to lighten the image up. in any case, thanks for putting up that gallery. i'll have to send the link out to family.

pual: last night i went to sam's to buy wipies for the baby and 6 stalks of romaine hearts for your wife. as i was leaving, i bought myself an icee and thought of you when i saw the greasy pepperoni pizzas spinning under the heat lamp. we miss you.

you will find fotos here.
wasn't sure when the fam was going to be in austin next, so we ran by the studio and made these.

this is pablo writing from france wishing all those benamed todd a happy birthday and also wherez the fotos?

Monday, March 10, 2003

Hey Todd, http://www.flazoom.com is an interesting site about flash website usability.

Guess who I saw yesterday?

What is this? Fashion week at the blog?

carol really likes this dress.

Friday, March 07, 2003

Hey Killy since you have become such the fashion Maven remind me next time you go trotting around in
those freakishly hideous black nylon running shorts while wearing boxers underneath.

Dude, Todd, today is the day before your birthday? Happy (early) Birthday!

I was planning on making you a water color brush with nose hair, but I haven't gotten enough saved up yet....

well mr. serpa, funny you should ask, cause where that bag picture came from is actually a pretty funny story. i was reading something, somewhere and came across a link to the 'official' iraqi government. (i would link you to it, but i can't remember the address.) so anyway, i pull up the page and lo and behold, up comes a bunch of unrecognizable and unreadable text. the text changes color as you rollover it; all of it! and so i figure that everything is a link. so i just run the mouse over a particular batch of text and *click* -----> i am transported...

the next page that pops up is the dolce and gabanna fashion show.....weird...there are all sorts of photos of oddly dressed women walking up and down the catwalk....it was kinda odd, but i clicked through the photos (not wanting to be left behind in the fashion world) and came across the huge leather and buckles bag that reminded me so much of adolph's hideously ugly and cumbersome-looking shoulder bag. it's a good thing adolph is such a solidly built guy; there's no telling what kind of damage could be done to a smaller framed person toting around that much reading material in one ugly yellow bag.

well mr. chavez, since today is the day before my birthday i have decided to leave early.
very early.
right now in fact.

although, i must ask why the name change is really going to bother you that much. now you can refer to yourself as 'a graduate of the university formerly known as southwest texas.' sounds kinda hip.

oh, yeah. wel the hell did that bag picture come from?

I can't believe this. They're going to change the name. Speaking of names:

what's up with todd? i mean, he bitches and moans that no one is posting and then drops off from posting himself! what's up with that? where are all the cool links todd? where are the movies? where are the biting, yet polite remarks, that we know to be 'todd'?

Thursday, March 06, 2003

from yesterday a shoot in westlake bella costa

killythemac: so are you enjoying your new camera?
killythemac: why you post pics from your new camera instead of this flower crap?
killythemac: ha!
taggart55@mac.com: yes been playing around with it a bit give me a couple of minutes and i will have something to show
taggart55@mac.com: flower crap?

so does anyone want to explain how to post things like pictures and movies to me instead of doing it for me?

i just thought this was pretty funny. it's a giant cheeto.

todd. if you want to check out some flash heavy sites, just to get some ideas or whatever, follow the link to Photo District News . There are some cool sites on there. Remember: if they like it, you LOVE IT!

13.89 mega pixel...street price $4000...so if we start a business together can i buy this one? it's fitted with a nikon f-mount too.

ya ya ya

finally, a bag big enough for adolph.


i thought dave might get a kick out of this. the life of a game tester. ha!

so, where the hell is everybody? you can usually count on adolph for a few high-lowbrow posts poking fun some facet of the government or popular culture, or a nice bit of 'the best baby ever' from killy, but it's been kinda quite lately.

i am currently in pitched battle with flash, attempting to cobble together a website for a client, and am suffering heavy casualties.

stop working, start blogging.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

this is the coolest thing ever.

Powered by audblogaudblog audio post

nice video. good call killy.
diana and i saw 'catch me if you can' on sunday. it's a fun little popcorn movie, no special effects, no explosions, just youthful hi-jinks and capers.
the intro credits were very well done by these guys you can find it in the showreel scrolling menu.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

great tag! does this mean we'll see some pics soon?

i saw this link from slate.com and was just blown away by this video. it's really beautiful. it's johnny cash's new tune, 'hurt'. i think you'll all apprecaite it.


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Monday, March 03, 2003

well I am now back in San Marcos................been bouncing between places recently.
I was calling Todd for some advice about digi cams.......
I was wondering and wandering about Houston Friday morning wasting some hrs whilst waiting for Marky Mark.
I was determined to buy a digicam that mourning.
between target, best buy, micro centre and the apple store.
The On-line Apple store was offering the Fuji Finepix 3800 for 299$ smackers and had a host of fine features and 3.0 Meg capture.
however wasnt very pocket friendly. and all plastic-y
The elph was calling with its compact size and rugged metal exterior however 299 would only get me as far as the 2.0 Meg
elph s200 not the s230......with the 3.0 at both target best buy apple store.
so I rummaged through the bargain bin at the apple store and found they had the demo powershot s30 for 299 with metal exterior
small size (not at small as the elphs but small enough and with a few more features) and 3.2 meg capture.

So.....I digged deeper and found the powershot s40 with all the same features but 4.0 meg capture but 379......
talked him down to 340 and bought it.
so without todd I managed to spend more than I wanted to and get a little more than I wanted.

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RC Racers

You know Todd, for a minute, I thought you were looking for the same kind featured in last Sunday's NYT (free reg.). The one you want is better because it is cheaper (cheaper toys have better play value since you aren't afraid of smashing them up), but the stories of New York lofts with big race tracks composed of foam core is pretty compelling.

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9:30 here in soggy austin. it's been raining for days. i think someone is trying to prepare diana for oregon weather.

met with the 'money man' for that newsweekly i mentioned, and he seems pretty committed. good guy, one of my former clients is working with him. smal world.
and, where the hell in this small world is taggart. he called the toher day when i was onthe other line with a client and i never called him back.
and in case anyone is wondering what to get me for my 30th birthday click on the car. they should be available in most mall-bound toystores. that is all.

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