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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Run, don't walk to your nearest Netflix queue and

rent The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

It is fantastic.



Originally uploaded by TaggartCojanSorensen
Trumpet flowers in the back yard.
I really love these flowers even though my future back yard is a swamp.
Me and my Gilbert's syndrome are going to dig French drains. A-HA!!!!

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Well 150 idiot dollars later my
Ceiling is no longer an attic port hole.
AND I now have a trusty dry wall guy to do things if they need be done.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Homage to Brett Weston

Homage to Brett Weston
Originally uploaded by killy
I don't know what happened, but a good portion of my post was chopped off. All (most of) my comments about the Chen Changfen exhibit are not included in the post ...i dunno why. Suffice to say, the inkjets didn't do anything for me.

Today carol and i woke up spectacularly late. We drank tequila together the night before - something that i swear i'll never do again. Tequila, never again. Never.

Then, it was raining; a really thick, heavy rain that came down like shards of glass. I could hear it smashing into the pavement and like electricity it buzzed it's way into my brain amplifying my already spectacularly difficult to handle headache.

Carol made breakfast and i took two excedrin. I couldn't eat. It was only a matter of time, though, before the excedrin would kick in. 45 minutes, i thought to myself. Twenty minutes into it, my head was on the table and i had fallen into a dream. Carol forced me back to the bed. Only twenty minutes left Carol, i swear. I'll only be down for twenty minutes...

... and so i was. 25 minutes later, headache a thing of the past, i was in the shower getting ready for our pre-planned trip to the museum. Carol prepped a picnic and stuffed it in my backpack.
dstely black. Very nice. Another, higher key print, was of a large mist with the wall emerging from either side of it. This pic isn't the exact one, but it's a nice print There were a couple of prints that i could have sworn were over-burned.

It was lucky that i had seen the Chen exhibit first cause i prolly wouldn't have seen much in them otherwise. The Weston prints were beautiful to look at. I walked through the exhibit three times and each time, i had to stop and stare at a new print.

I loved printing BW photographs, i loved processing BW negatives, and i loved exposing BW film. With each print i passed, i remembered a moment of my own - printing the portrait of Holly and her dancer, printing the wasp on the antenae, and on and on ...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

MIllenium Park

Millenium Park
Originally uploaded by killy
A shot from the bean.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Taking the Edge Off @ Chilis in Terminal A

Here is the first of a long set of images to come from Chicago. Nothing outstanding, i didnt' take the portraits that i had planned and was too bogged down with the kids, family, etc ... to do much of anything.

Going on vacation, If you can call it that, with the kids was harder than I imagined it would be. There was never a time for reflection, for pondering the grandeur of chicago, much less time to finish reading a museum placard. It was seven days of excruciating frustration; seven days of chasing after adolfo; seven days of our normal insane crazy lives spent sleeping it off on an inflatable mattress.

Of course, it was all offset by the selflessness of angela and raul's graciousness. They hosted us better than we could have imagined. There was a Dunkin Donuts two blocks from the house which we enjoyed every day for seven days. Some days we had donuts and coffee; some days it was breakfast sandwiches; other days we had just coffee and made breakfast at raul and angela's.

All in all, I have to admit that I enjoyed being there. For such a long time I hated chicago for what it represented in my relationship between carol and i; for the memories that it held for her, etc...

I tried desperately to not hate it this time around. I tried to imagine living there, but I don't think I could do it.

Chicago has the worst grass - it grows in fine clumps not in a smooth, thick carpet. Chicagoans also do not understand how traffic works or, rather, how to drive when there is congestion. Also, in a related note, they do not seem to grasp the concept of the blind spot - either that or they simply think blind spot is where they are 'supposed' to be when driving in congested traffic. Chicagoans, and Illinois-ans in the surrounding areas, also do not understand how to build a road - they do it in the middle of the day and stop heavy day-time traffic in order to do so. That would seem to suggest to me that they just don't plan these things so well.

The first night was rainy. The lightning was simply incredible, but there was hardly any thunder, which i found odd. Then, the power went out. Luckily, paola needed food so Raul and I were forced to venture onto the wet streets to the nearest grocery store, the first of which was closed due to having to 'reboot' after the power outage. The blocks were dark and, for me, it made the drive towards OSCO vertigous. Yes, I just made up a word, or maybe not...

Waffle House!

The Waffle House website has a sweet page where you can plan a trip and it will show you all of the Waffle House destinations along the way…


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Neighbor

So we're told our best laid plans don't always or even usually work out.

As it turns out, they sometimes do. I'll be moving to Houston at the beginning of next week: 7/29-30 to begin the NMT program at HCC.

Shouldn't be hard finding a place to live in the Museum District or Montrose as there's no apparent housing shortage, but it's going to be tricky for a week or so.

You might be asking, "what does 'or so' mean, anyway?" Rest assured, legal has looked at this and it's all above board.

With that, dust those couches off, people. You've got company.

I promise not to put holes in your ceiling or eat, at all. I promise to breakdance on command and drink coffee.

See you soon.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stupid Update

Stupid Update
Originally uploaded by TaggartCojanSorensen
So shortly after I said I felt a little less stupid for buying an

iPhone I climbed into the attic with Tony the inspector.

While I was taking a gander my phone made the sound of incoming mail.

I thought WOW, l am checking my email in the attic. Seconds later I

put my foot through the ceiling.

Message sent from mobile.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Originally uploaded by TaggartCojanSorensen
Spending the better part of my day chilling out watching Tony inspect

every book and corner of our prospective house. My inner dialog

revolving around what to do with this fantastic looking oven should we

decide to renovate the kitchen before we move in. I will say having

this phone around to office and piss time away on makes me feel little

less stupid for buying it. Self delusion is a wonderfull thing.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i don't know what...i don't understand...

i don't know what...i don't understand...
Originally uploaded by ultrakickgirl

it was 3:35 in the morning
i know this because i was fully awake and looked at the clock
i was fully awake because in the middle of my sleep
i felt Paola crawling from her nest between killy and me toward the foot of the bed
and she had gotten to my ankles when i sat up reaching towards her fleeting little legs to keep her from falling off the edge of the bed
i only grasped the air though
there was no sound
i looked over and saw her
fast asleep
in her nest between killy and me
breathing steadily and dreaming peacefully
i put my arm around her, just in the case that she would try that stunt later and closed my eyes breathing in her smell
a second later
adolfo fell out of his bed onto the floor of his room
killy ran to his aid

Oscar Meyer's Devil Spawn

Oscar Meyer's Devil Spawn
Originally uploaded by Your Pal Dave

i don't want a hot dog

White flowers, glowing tentacles

White flowers, glowing tentacles
Originally uploaded by ultrakickgirl

killy had my camera and made beautiful music with it...


Originally uploaded by ultrakickgirl

i made cupcakes
this was procrastination at it's finest i must say
the alternative
clean the bathrooms.....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Solved! - Chicago Portraits Imminent

We returned all our movies; we returned our library books; I packed all my photography equipment; most of the laundry is done; we are trying to keep the house in order so we will come back to a welcoming house. Not a house full of chores waiting to be done.

Adolfo sleeps with his new tennis shoes sitting on top of his new fire-engine rolling suitcase right next to his bed. Every morning i hear, "are we going to chicago?"

Two more days...

I ♥ NY

I have been eagerly anticipating this book's arrival in stores. It is not due out until August. But yesterday I found one in the reviewer copy section at The Strand; half off the cover price, too.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Second Portrait of 2007

The first time I saw someone use a handheld flash as a studio strobe, it was when i was working my first job as a custom color printer in Austin. A staff photographer from the Statesman was shooting our company Xmas card. As we all gathered around the front counter he quickly set up two stands, popped two nikon flashes onto the tops and mounted an umbrella to both of them.

The second time was when i assisted Taggart in NYC.

We are going to Chicago on Wednesday for a quincenera and Carol's parents anniversary (i think it's their 50th). My contribution at these events is usually photographic, but i am never really prepared to make serious portraits. This year, though, i'll be ready.

Today, i set up one of my studio stands, propped an umbrella on it (unsecured) and set about photographing the family around the house. I am still corded so i had the flash tethered to an adapter on the hotshoe and had to hold the flash with one hand and the camera in the other.

I think the results are pretty good. Although, there are few things to work out: firing the flash remotely without buying a new flash; mounting the flash and umbrella to the stand; getting it out of my head that i'm in chicago.

New Green Bo


We had dinner at this place last night. It is a Shanghainese restaurant known for its noodles and dumplings. The food was ok, but I wasn't exactly blown away by it. It is also known for having rude waitstaff. It struck me as the type of place that has made bad service into a schtick. There were quite a few tourists in attendance and they seemed to enjoy the show.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving
Originally uploaded by TaggartCojanSorensen
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Friday, July 13, 2007

Trolling for Soccer Players

If there is anyone reading this who lives in Houston and is not the normal crop of lazy non-soccer playing types that normally read this, please join us for Soccer at the University of St. Thomas for a pickup soccer game.

We play on the University of St. Thomas field on Colquitt, between Richmond and Alabama and we'll be getting started between 8:30 and 9 a.m. We play every saturday. If you'd like to get on the mailing list, just send me an email

We are a bunch of 30 year olds who are just there for exercise, so the skill level is moderate at best.

this one is for sara

with my newfound freedom

i've been spending lots of time looking at fashion blogs

fun fun

i found this and thought of sara who loves to knit

Photo from iphone to blog

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Encountering Time At the Park

Encountering Time At the Park
Originally uploaded by killy
Last night we had one of our favorite fast food dinners: Whataburger! Carol started to make dinner, but we all knew it wasn't what we wanted. The previous evening whie watching T.V. (prolly the late night episode of King of the Hill) we had seen a Whataburger commercial and turned to each other with a longing smile...

"... that would be good ..."

So after a fair amount of justificating ("i really dont't want to do dishes tonight..") Carol and Adolfo went to our nearest Whataburger location on Antoine and picked up dinner. If it were up to me, i would have actually gone to a Whataburger location and eaten there, which isn't something that i would normally think to do with other burger joints.

My first year of college was spent in the Rio Grande Valley where there is Whataburger on every corner, practically. My father has what is infamously known as the 'Nickel Cup' - which is an ornate glass coffee mug sold by Whataburger in its early years that you can take into any Whataburger at any time and pay only a nickel for a cup of fresh, hot coffee.

Late at night or early in the morning, I would take my dad's cup and study at the Whataburger in Weslaco. Inside would be a sprinkle of old men, doing the same. Coffee and newspapers would be strewn about and it was very very pleasant.

This was nice enough, but then it also turned out that Carol and I shared our first kiss outside of a Whataburger in McAllen TX (on 10th street) after a night of dancing at Klub X. (I can hear Taggart laughing).

I can't say that the Houston locations hold the same kind of memories for me, but it's nice to go there and remember.

And speaking of Taggart, It must be pointed out that despite our public disagreements with some movies, Taggart and I agree on the this point: Whataburger has the best fast food french fries.

Another quick note: Their webiste is also orange. There are lots of very good things in the world that are orange.

Niagara Falls

Tuesday, July 10, 2007



Bento Box #1

Bento Box #1
Originally uploaded by ultrakickgirl

I made my first Bento!
This one is for Killy
the idea is to package food in a 4,3,2,1 ratio - 4 parts rice - 3 parts meat or fish - 2 parts veggies - 1 part dessert of fruit and to have it eaten at room temperature - the rice is supposed to be free of moisture and sufficiently cooled before closing the box to ensure that the rest of the food does not become soggy
i have always been bad with math - so the ratios are way off - i also need to work on perfecting the rice - but it was fun to put together

Watermelon Pickle, Back o'th' Yards, and Meatloaf

so i've been digging
rifling, picking, excavating, digging
into the mudpile of my mind
and found this

the school i grew up in
i never knew anything about it and with my upcoming trip to see my family, my curiosity has been piqued
Who was Philip Danforth Armour and what did he do?
It seems he was a successful meatpacker who ran a new cutting and packing technique which partly inspired Upton Sinclair's the Jungle, which I remember reading for the first time when I moved to Austin to live with Killy

I also remember seeing his portrait in the hallway of my school - never knowing who or what he was - never having enough curiosity at that time to ask

I grew up on the northern border of the Back of the Yards and don't know anything about it
except for this little gem
I told Killy about Moo & Oink, but he never believes me

it was nice to see that the school is still open - i thought it would have shut down long ago - but it's nice to think that i could go back and take a look at the place that has made such a large impact on my life
particularly, school lunches
the memory of school meatloaf with a creepy crawling cockroach on it still makes me want to retch
especially since the creepy crawly was the exact shade of meatloaf gravy and just as shiny
which is why i'm so nutty about making adolfo his lunch every day as opposed to buying it

so my newest endeavour is bento boxes
can't wait to make 'em
should be fun!

another memory was the schoolwide oratory contest - that sucker got me a gig as an Audio Jam Kid
no information on this that i have been able to find
but i'm still looking

i won for three years for memorizing then reciting poems such as

The Big Rock Candy Mountain (the version i memorized is nowhere to be found. this version did not allude to any bums or cops or anything like that at all, a very innocent candy version indeed)

Warning by Jenny Joseph

I can not go to school today by Shel Silverstein

but i lost when i recited this one...

Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle Received from a Friend Called Felicity

During that summer
When unicorns were still possible;
When the purpose of knees
Was to be skinned;
When shiny horse chestnuts
(Hollowed out
Fitted with straws
Crammed with tobacco
Stolen from butts
In family ashtrays)
Were puffed in green lizard silence
While straddling thick branches
Far above and away
From the softening effects
Of civilization;

During that summer--
Which may never have been at all;
But which has become more real
Than the one that was--
Watermelons ruled.

Thick imperial slices
Melting frigidly on sun-parched tongues
Dribbling from chins;
Leaving the best part,
The black bullet seeds,
To be spit out in rapid fire
Against the wall
Against the wind
Against each other;

And when the ammunition was spent,
There was always another bite:
It was a summer of limitless bites,
Of hungers quickly felt
And quickly forgotten
With the next careless gorging.

The bites are fewer now.
Each one is savored lingeringly,
Swallowed reluctantly.

But in a jar put up by Felicity,
The summer which maybe never was
Has been captured and preserved.
And when we unscrew the lid
And slice off a piece
And let it linger on our tongue:
Unicorns become possible again.

John Tobias

Monday, July 09, 2007

Adventures in Spicing

Carol caled me on her way home from work, "You're making those pork steaks, right? I'm starving..."

So as soon as i got the boy settled and got myself out of my work clothes, i pulled out the spices and tried to remember what it was that i had read online earlier in the day. Onion flakes? Was that it? Garlic, um..., was it 'salt' or 'powder'? I couldn't quite remember all of it, but i remeber it being pretty tame ... nothing too dramatic..

so i improvised...

The majority spice were the dried onion flakes, next up was the garlic powder (not salt), equal in quantity to the garlic was a helping of mediterranean sea salt, then i put in a teaspoon of hungarian paprika (maybe a little more than a teaspoon) and a smidgen of mustard powder. That was it and it came out marvelous. The cuts were thick and the spice was enough to stay with you the entire time you chewed down a thick, moist slice without overpowering you.

Happy Birthday To The Colin

Sources tell me that today is the birthday of Colin The Flynn. Happy Birthday!

One For the Photographers In the House

I just came across this and thought this was a cool solution to my lens deficiencies.

What do you think, Taggart? Useful?

Go to ZipLens

Carolina and Paola Take a Nap After Swimming

Yesterday, carol and I decided two things: we were going to go to bed early and we were going to get all the laundry done. We did seven loads of laundry and piled them on the couch. It wasn't until the kids were finally asleep that we started to fold.

I am a sorter. I create piles of like clothing and then larger piles of clothes according to their final resting place. So before i fold, i create piles of underwear, socks, baby clothes and towels; i drape t-shirts, hung shirts, shorts, pants, over the couch arms or a nearby chair. One the piles are complete then i put the underwear/socks together and sort everyting out according to person within that pile. I do the same thing for the remainder fo the clothes.

Then, i start folding. I usually start with the towels since they are quickest and easiest to fold. In addition, they cut down on the bulk of the pile and open more space for more piles. Then i move onto to the socks and underwear which (in my case just get stacked together and thrown in to my sock drawer.

I used to fold my socks together (at the tops) but this has become a monumental waste of time. Carol will still ball up Adolfo IV's socks, but i generally won't. Again, waste of time.

What i have the most trouble with are women's and baby clothes, which are full of pleats, awkward angles and bulges. I just can't wrap my head around how to fold this stuff, so usually opt to either hang it up in the case of carol's shirts, or just leave it sitting there for carol to do.

I've gotten much better at t-shirts, but am still dreaming of making that cardboard t-shirt folder i saw on YouTube.

And speaking of petroleum based cleaners I LOVE my Tide detergent dispenser. Unfortunately, i couldn't find the actual dispensor taht we have at the house on the webiste, but the site itself is pleasent - and orange!

I folded and sorted until 9:30 with a large pile on the couch and another load in the dryer waiting for me. I did, however, manage to get to bed at 10:00.

Mission Accomplished.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Finally, photos of my new twin nieces!!!

I think my mom becomes more beautiful with each grandchild...

Things R Really Hoppin'

Well folks, it was a wild and crazy week -- I was featured on Daily Candy, a hot website that reports on city happenings, on Monday, and in one day received 4,000 hits on my website -- that's about how many hits I usually get per year all in one day!! Lots of exciting new projects came in this week, so business is really hopping! Check out the article here:


Burford/Trudeau Portrait - B&W

Burford/Trudeau Portrait - B&W
Originally uploaded by killy

i like the black and white version better - it kind of unifies everything

i caught the last few moments of the memorial - just enough to hear some very special words spoken by Rey's family - it was a wonderful gathering and it was nice to know that he was surrounded by everyone who loved him until the very end

the love was still very present today at grand's house where everyone gathered to reminisce and enjoy each other's company - killy and i reaffirned how happy we are together and basked in the overall love of the gathering

we are so blessed to have known Rey and to have been a part of this occasion

Friday, July 06, 2007

Papa Burford Memorial Service

Papa Burford
Originally uploaded by killy
The Memorial Service for Adolph's grandfather will be held here

It is at One O'clock.

More cartoons

i am so excited about my job
i love it
i have an office
woo hoo

and i just got my giant desktop doodle pad

more cartoon things

so does anyone recognize these or the mastermind behind them?

The Line by Osvaldo Cavandoli

... and yet another. This one is one i actually remember and it's totally amazing!

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

Carol remembers every cartoon she has ever seen. Including this one that she suddenly remembered this morning. Do any of you remember this one? If you don't is there one you do remember?

That just about covers it.

Transformers, alas , could not compete with my imagination.
Maybe if they were half as clever as these guys we would have had some hope.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I am a doble tio today!

My sister Sara just gave birth to twin girls, Elizabeth and Virginia! Praise be there were no complications and wow and Elizabeth weighs in at 6.1 and Virginia at 5.9 and wow, what a great day!!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

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Originally uploaded by TaggartCojanSorensen
Liz and I are starting the long and arduous search for a home.
Any people with experience who could pass along some knowledge
about "this is the home we want" would be appreciated.


So ...

The big question of the day is:

Should I take Adolfo to see Transformers?

When i was growing up i remember my mother taking me to see Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark at the theater. I remember asking her what a 'Raider' was. I don't remember her answer, but i think it had the word ssshhhh in it. It turned out that my eyes had to be covered for certain face-melting scenes and i ended up calling my uncle a bastard (thinking it was an endearing word - i was such a sponge at that age). This was the 'bad' that came of that movie. But the good was that i got to see a really kick-ass movie when i was little and i loved it.

So, here is a movie about robots transforming into cars, airplanes, helicopters, etc... All the things a little boy, and particularly MY little boy, loves! So should i take him and risk a little face-melting and cursing in favor of a fantastic robot-ass-kicking time with the guys? Opinions are welcomed and encouraged.

Speaking of, are we going to the movies tonight?

Monday, July 02, 2007

I have an office!!!

I have an office!!!
Originally uploaded by ultrakickgirl

i woke up today to remnants of dinosaur cannibalism, torrential rain, smiling babies and the lucky luck luck of a rain soaked dollar bill which my neat-freak boy-child promptly tossed in the trash from which i shamelessly fished out again and crumpled into my purse...
it was a lucky day
then i got to work with NO minutes to spare to find
i have been assigned an OFFICE!
i have walls to decorate with artful prints and summer fun filled family shots, incense scents to peruse and purchase, shelves to fill with tasteful nicknacks that inspire conversation, daydreams and possibilities

i'm so EXCITED

A really nice weekend

This weekend was especially nice. Carol, ending a new job and starting a new one, had three days off last week that she spent with Adolfo rather than sending him off to KIds Fun Camp. They went to the zoo, to the movies, did some swimming at the YMCA on 34th street and did some shopping together.

Friday night, we went to see Ratatouille and had a total blast. It was a truly beautiful film. It must also be pointed out that going to children's films on opening night is particularly fun for me. I love how excited the kids are - how they are hungrily scarfing popcorn, the mumbling and occasional hoot ... and when something funny happens on the movie screen the kids belt out an unforgiving laughter that is so infectious. Of course, every now and then you'll hear a, "Why is the mouse sad?" or some other angelic child-like question ...

That kind of simple fun is so satisfying to me.

Saturday was our 11th year anniversary of co-existence. My first reaction is, "...I can't really believe that it's been that long ... " but of course it HAS been that long. We have had our relationship ups and downs; our multiple apartments/cities/jobs; we've gotten married; bought a house, had two children; run up debt in both our names; owned cars; bought furniture (however crappy); cooked dinners; seen movies; gone to restaurants; visited other countries; tended each other's headaches, etc...

and had fun the whole time.

Please Build One in Texas

Originally uploaded by rdr07
If they build it, and it has gas pumps i will never go to a Shell/Texaco/Chevron ever again.

BTW, where is Springfield, Texas? Apparently, there are two Springfields.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

My First Propane-Grilled Steak

My First Propane-Grilled Steak
Originally uploaded by killy
Today I grilled my first steak on my propane grill. As with the other meats i have attemped (hot dogs, chicken breast, and burgers) i had a little trouble with managing the heat. The main problem is (i think) is that i don't really have to manage it at all.

The upside to these particular steaks was the rub that i used. I had put together a rub i had gotten from a couple of online recipes. I put together the things i liked (and HAD) and took the things i didn't like (or didn't have). At first, i thought that maybe i had overspiced it; i coated it with the rub as if i was prepping a fish filet for the fryer and then once it came off the grill i topped it with a pat of butter that was mixed with the same rub and let it seep for about 15 minutes while carol prepared the peas and potatoes, but it came out delicious!

I'll prolly modify the rub a tad - may add some rosemary - for the 4th of July.

In other food related news, prompted by the pie party hosted by The Bat, Carol and I, after years of living in this area, finally visited the Flying Saucer Pie Company on 43rd (Crosstimbers). For such a dramatic name, the place itself is very non-descript. The place is all bakery and leaves (relatively) little room for a front counter. Directly behind the counter are racks and racks of pies, out in the open, uncovered. The place wasn't crowded but there was always someone in there it seemed. Before we went in, there were two ladies coming out. When we went in there was someone at the counter. While we were ordering our Cherry and Dutch Apple pies, a cop came in. As we were leaving, another couple showed up. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, another car was pulling in... and so on i would imagine.

The menu was a couple of wipey boards with a modest listing of pies. I expected the prices to be a little higher. The average price for a pie was $7.75.

Anyway, today I prepared a cup of coffee and took my first bite of their Dutch Apple Pie. Carol was sitting next to me (with a piece of cherry pie in front of her) waiting for my opinion, but i didn't say a word, i was too busy gobbling down the warm slice of heaven in front of me.