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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

wow, it worked. i ftp'd something from work. in any case, this is one of the shots that i took of the baby out in front of the apt this past sunday. that astia does still looks a little bluish magenta doesn't it? i called up HPI to see if they were processing using Fuji chemistry. They said they were not, but that they weren't using Kodak chemistry which renders fuji film extra blue. They were using a different brand (i can't remember the name), so i took a chance. I guess i'll have to call around and see if i can find someone who's using fuji chemistry. (please not Adtech, please not Adtech)


thanks for the kudos killy. and you are not alone in being unable to view adolph's widget. he has lamented the fact that blogger will not let him embed flash elements.
which baby movie are you going to post? did you get an ftp program for the pc?

as far as the light meter goes, i guess you now know the problem is not with the digiCam you were using. that's lame.

yesterday evening diana found a little hurt bird in the driveway. she bundled it up in a tea towel and carried it upstairs for further bundling in a few of my old t-shirts. unable to find a responsive animal shelter at that time of night we made the little guy as warm as possible and hoped for the best.
the bird did not make it. it was heartbreaking this morning to see this helpless little thing, dead in its safe little nest, a piece of crumbled bread nearby

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

dude! i love it! imovie is the coolest thing ever. i'll have to post the baby movie tomorrow. i'll upload it over night. so where's adolph's 'flash widget of the evening' anyway? i'm the only one who can't see it?

for todd:

something is definately wrong with my light meter. the ambient metering seems to work great, but the flash meter is totally kaput. all the photos we took came out super underexposed. i guess i should have guessed something was up when you said, "wow, really? that's a strong little flash you got..." (not to mention the fact that had it not been for my using a digital camera on my last commercial shoot everything i would have shot would have been 3,4 or 5 stops underexposed----God bless digi cameras!) it said f/22 but all the exposures (and i did bracket) were at least 3 stops underexposed. at most the flash was spitting out f/8. in that case, i shouldn't have been using nikon anyway cause i could only have sync'd at 1/125. i should have loaded up the bronica, shot it at 1/500 at f/8. even that would have been pushing it. maybe i could have pulled the film a stop (iso 25 - proper exposure for astia is iso 80) and then processed it regular? it's a good thing i have 27 rolls just lying around!

although, the pics of the baby out front came out kinda nice....i was looking for a different quality than what i got...perhaps i should have had the film push- processed a little for some contrast.

for adolph:

thanks for bringing over the burner last night. i'll try to get all the burning i need done before the weekend arrives.

iLove iMovie.

go here to see my film school resume

it's kinda big, so fat pipes only.

there is no spoon.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Whitehouse.gov Threat Levels:

There is practically a cottage industry of industrious government pixels pushers making these now a days. I think I am going to start a collection....notice how these whitehouse.gov ones are all different sizes and border motifs...... this page on the whitehouse.gov site is also where the folks from Texas got their threat graphics...

so, austin froze today.
it has been quite some time since i have had a snow day, so we made the most of it.
diana and cleaned the house, made hot chocolate, played scrabble and made two movies ::

movie one (avi format)

movie two (avi format)

and, taggart, once, long ago, i did dance shirtless on a table in corpus christi while quite plastered. killy may remember, but may not.

I remember one time when Todd, big hairy guy that i cant remember his name right now, and I polished off many a pitcher of beer at the triple crown and followed by show down. I remember I was so hammered that I had to sleep on Todd's couch but I have had to do that a number of times. But at the time Todd was loitering around bars alot. He didnt break anything or anyone or dance on
tables barechested like I heard he does when drunk. He was more self composed than say:
Killy who danced to The Cure and many other 80's bands and suffered a collasal hangover for about a week after.
Adolph who has in the past ran around San Marcos' Square pissed on the Draft's choices front doors, and the Church of Christ Scientist

just because

i found this during lunch. can anyone remember a time when todd has been off the wall drunk?

Monday, February 24, 2003

�Art Director's Toolkit is the Bomb!

I love products have features you always thought would be cool, but never thought you'd see. Art Director's Toolkit is a mysterious little application that came with my PowerBook. The PowerBooks don't come with a lot of built in stuff, like the iBooks with Appleworks, lots of MP3's, etc. But they do come with a licence for Graphic Converter (I already had bought one) and Art Director's Toolkit. It is an app that you'd never think to need as an app (I used to look all this stuff up at various websites or do calculations by hand.

But today I run into the ruler function. It is a little floating translucent ruler that can shift from width to height and display different units of measure (inches, CM, pixels, points, picas), and you can stretch it or shrink it. Very cool.

Texas Homeland Security In Tha House!

I wonder if it meaningful that its top level domain of .com, meaning commercial rather than government (.gov), educational (.edu), organizational (.org) or Texas (.tx).

�Can I get a WhatWhat!

Hey killy is that a large tube of Goldschlagger?

yeah, man. it was so smooth goin' down too. so smooth. adolfo iv slept like a baby that night!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

i think we must have had the most relaxing and beautiful sunday i can remember. we woke up pretty early with carol making a fantastic breakfast: chilaquiles with eggs and fresh beans. it was about as sunny as any day could get.

todd, diana, carol, adolfo iv, and i ended up at empire where we ran into john and frank, and eventually, adolph and amber. it was just like running into the gang at cafe de corte.

once we got back home, todd and diana took off and carol and i watched a movie with eleo while the baby napped. once he woke up we headed out for the children's museum. i really didn't realize how incredibly cool that place was.

wow paul you werent kiddin bout being able to destroy any computer you touch.

I'd say it's about tem thirty. If I care to saunter over to the clock on my monitor. I have been out on the town for a total of one hour and a half. With my wife and youngest child. We heard sound poetry. Some was as you would imagine. Went to see an old neighbor that was watching our older daughter, Hannah, had some drinks, had some more(me not hannah), and now as night descends on my energy level, all is warm with the romantic filter of booze. I profess love to all sorts of things within a proximity to be close enough to be a part of all of this. As my head crashes into the pillow in my mind. I say adieu. Big boobs and panty lines. drawing and a twelve pack of something cheap. shit and piss and my homies with a tight grip on a handshake. mutha fuck.

love colin.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Amber and I are going to see Actual Air this evening, but otherwise I'll be looking forward to hanging out.

I also picked up the consolodated 10.2.4 update and plan to update this weekend to capitalize on the PDF workflow stuff.

i think prolly the best thing for paul to do is just send the laptop to me. from here we can try the clean install. if it doesn't work, then we can just ship it off to apple easily. then, once we've got it all up and running we can send it back to paul good as new.

i think todd is going to be in Htown for the weekend starting (maybe) tonight, but i haven't heard from him yet. anyone gotten the word from todd?

Can we ship you install disks? Where are yours? Do you have the bandwidth/time to pick up entire disk images online? This may be the fastest way to get them across the Atlantic. Is there a local Mac reseller/user group that can help you with an install disk (even if it is French or OS9)?
The monitor dongle is a special part for all iBook (Dual USB) and PG G4 12". I'm surprised you didn't bring it with you. You can prolly find them at a local reseller like Fry's. I'm concerned with how primative France is as far as computer stuff goes. Is there a French Fry's?
(No pun intended, that was really how it came out of my head..)

ibook woes:

I am unable to do a clean install cause i dont got my install disks

nor do i have my external monitor cable (are those things standard or specific to macs/ibooks?)

i am pretty sure it is an lcd related issue since the lcd no longer comes on; the few times it does come on, the machine crashes with squiggly lines across the display;

with no lcd the machine appears to boot up fine

booting with "C" pressed has no effect on the lcd : so one suspects that even having the install disks would be useless

just for fun i am going to try and reset the pram and the power manager....

i have also started praying to several dieties

i will prolly end up sending it to killy and request that he help me get it shipped off properly to apple

Reasons to update to 10.2.4: Native PDF Workflow. This is pretty cool stuff.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Whew! For a moment, I thought all of our posts had disappeared. For some reason, when I access the blog from the outside (rather than the writing interface), the blog thinks it is some date distant in the past. (February 14th to be exact.)

hey adolph, i have a few projects i am going to need some help with.

they're both databasey type things, so i'm clueless.

if you have a little time let's take this up over email.

and when did 'whilst' start creeping back into standard usage?

I'm wondering what's the best way to set up a simple *nix, Apache, MySQL, PHP server. Preferably it would be a *nix distribution designed for headless operation, like a Qube, but oriented towards webserver.

Update: Jaguar would be nice, if I had a spare Mac laying around the office from March till July. However, I don't. Maybe using Darwin for x86 would be a good idea. Presumably it would run similarly to the terminal on my Mac, so my production server would closely mirror my development machine...This looks promising...

Paul, are you sure it is the LCD? Did you do a wipe and reinstall? Have you tried it with an external monitor?

I spilt beer on mine the other day, I have a dusky smear at the bottom of my screen to remind me to not drink shiner whilst computing.....

geez, paul that really stinks. your computer should still be under warranty. are there any calls i can make for you so we can get this resolved?

thanks killy, i may need some info about my ibook so that I can fill out the warranty forms; all of the info, i believe, is in my briefcase.

i may send you my ibook and then request that you ship it out to applecare, etc...

this is pablo writing from the france; i am writing this blog on a pc with a whacky french keyboard so please bear with any strangly bespelt words. I am writing this on a pc and not on my ibook because my ibook decided to stop displaying information. it prefers to whir and beep. it is, in effect, a useless piece of crap.

also, in response to Adolph's most recent post: i think Jaguar qualifies as a platform for a simple Apach,MySQL, PHP server. It is a *nix distribution designed for the arguably headless macintosh community. my ibook, for example would function perfectly as a simple webserver, especially now that the lcd is kaput.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

I'm wondering what's the best way to set up a simple *nix, Apache, MySQL, PHP server. Preferably it would be a *nix distribution designed for headless operation, like a Qube, but oriented towards webserver.

One of the things I enjoy is scoping out is all the little hidden images that are out there on web servers waiting to be used. I wonder if the low image will ever be used. Would the Department of Homeland Security lose budget if they displayed the low alert on their website too long?

Notice how there is an odd number, which indicates a mid-point. The mid point is "Elevated," indicating the normal position is more than normal....

It's creepy, it's campy-cool, it's Ready.gov!

Only the people so irony-free as to create something called "Homeland Security" could come up with something like this. It looks kind of like a cross between a sample or demo Dreamweaver site and a airplane disaster brochure, but it seems completely real.

I wonder who did the drawings. Is it a style that many people use, or is it a specific person doing it? The one on the left says to me, "Walk to the right of hairspray and biohazard construction signs." I wonder if the DHS will make signage graphics for disasters similar to how the DOT makes signage graphics for construction, roadsigns, etc. (I couldn't find a signage link for the DOT.)

oh adolph,

he who is both noble and wise, both gentleman and scholar, he that is strong of both character and limb, oh great poster of images, writer of code, captain of men, master of machine, lover of women and beer, he that is a giant amongst giants, keeper of all that is Mac related, he who has knowledge of all things great and not so great........

i beseech the, if i send you pics will you see fit to post them for me?

i am unworthy of such favor, yet i throw myself at thy feet (not to close though, pee-u) and beg that you will show favor upon a loathsome wretch.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas!!! I beg you.

(can i stop now? my knees are starting to hurt.)

I want to work on one of these for little brother. I wonder if I could use GRASS to make one of a real landscape (and thereby have a good excuse to work with it). The website I found it on has some other really cool stuff. I wonder if I can be a professor of paper folding too....

I noticed that this image is (a.) kinda large for this blog format, and (b.) loads rilly slowly, even though I have ample bandwidth here at the office. So I cut the background, shrank it, and put it on a faster host. Oh, and made it face left, on page rather than off page when aligned right. Oh, and I had to turn off annoying text justification with a tag level style call, in this case: <p style="text-align:left">

Image File Location:

Code: <img src ="" width="150" height="150" align="right"> added width and height to eliminate browser text rewrapping

camp fig rocks!!!

i got all their albums and they all rule!!! i was at their last concert in wisconson and all i can say is fucking hard core!!!

nothing rocks as hard as camp fig!!!


Okay, I can set up a link. But I still don't have it where the picture just shows up.
Are yall using the free version of Blogger, or are you all a bunch O' Fancy Pants and driving the "BloggerPlus?"

any way,

Here are a couple of t-shirt designs I have done in the recent past

Team Rider

Sponser Me

And the latest, that I just did for the camp fig gallery in austin. There is a show coming up, Thursday March 13, where they sent out blank album covers and told us to make up fake heavy metal bands and do a cover. I sent a cover and a concert shirt. For specific info go to www.campfig.com

When it is closer to the time of the show I will remind all ya'll in that part of the country to go and see the extravaganza.


I tell you what, I have been sitting here for the better part of an hour, on netscape, following directions, so I can attempt to put some silly files on this thing, you know, make it real pretty like. Well Fuck all hell if the shit keeps calling me a jackass and telling me "sorry this and sorry that" I am using Fetch as my "client" and am tring to establish some sort of communication between my web space and this bloggy spot. Shit. Ever tried to find your way out of a dark hole with your your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back and only cursory knowledge of how to walk. Well if not, you should try it.

Love thy pencil and thy brush.

ignorance is still king.

I'm sure you all will see if there is any suckcess.

Friday, February 14, 2003

hey colin, you need to have access to a web space somewhere. the host for this site does not have enough space for everybody to post all of the pictures they want.

if you have internet access at home you most likely have a little bit of webspace provided by your internet service provider. they will be able to walk you through activating and setting up that space, and, using an FTP program, post pictures on your webspace which you can display on this site.

alternately, you can send it to killy, adolph or myself and we'll post it for you.

although, carol seemed to have worked something out...you might try emailing her.

how do you post pictures????????!!!!!!


Thursday, February 13, 2003

boy adolph, you sure are getting good at this flash thing.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Dave asks me today, "What's bad about not having a firing pin spring?" Well, the thing that is bad about it is that if you don't you increase the chance of your firing pin getting stuck and kicking off the round when the bolt closes. Below is a simple flash animation illustrating the principal. When you click FIRE, the hammer swings closed agains the firing pin, which hits the bullet and launches the projectile. When you hit go the second time, you see the bolt slide back, removing the empty cartridge and the bolt move forward, pushing the next bullet into the breech end of the barrel. If the firing pin did not have a spring and got somewhat stuck in the forward position, there is a good change the bullet will fire at that point rather than when the hammer falls.

WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="150" id="how_automatic_firearm_works" ALIGN="">
TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer">

What's the deal with embedding swf on blogspot? I can't ever get it to work...

i need to go for a walk.

One of the things that i like about adolph's job is how it keeps him away from his friends.

ehhhh (in a really whiny voice)...you never talked to me anymore adolph....

speaking of whiny voices i got an email from the reverend meagan e. jones attorney-at-law today. i haven't gotten all the details of her derailed "joke of a marriage" (her words) and i'm really not sure that i do, but i look forward to the emails to come. if anyone wants her contact info, just ask.

one thing i hate about adolph's job is that he is always learning new things and never has time to write about poop, his winky, or boobies.

One of the things I like about my job is that they pay me to learn stuff and make cool stuff. I'm working with a developer for a Flash video for recruitment and fundraising for the tour. This is a snippet I forwarded the developer to give him the basic idea of how I want part of the video:

I can't seem to embed the video in this page, so here is a link to it.

the other day i ate something that did not agree with me and had that same mad rhino stampede bottleneck thing going on.

" when you are sliding into third,
and you feel a greasy turd,
uh hu,
uh hu........"

(this post was inspired by mr. todd serpa's last post.)

i like to get to work a bit early, so i can tidy up, maybe play with some of my own pictures, etc. and generally ease into the day. so, here i sit, filling the time with satisfying diversions just waiting for the little clock icon in the corner of my screen to remind that from this point on i'm being paid, and therefore ought to work on something that generates revenue.

in those 18 to twenty minutes i go through what i have to say, what's important, what's in my head. it is the mental equivalent of someone yelling 'fire' in a theatre crowded with rhinos, and the mad stampede of thoughts bottleneck at my inefficient fingers creating another rambling post saying nothing.

diana's leaving, i'm moving back into paul's since i don't make enough to live on my own, and i have a certain capitol intensive project on the semi-distant horizon that i am saving for, but this is not the place to discuss that.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

when i worked at 'la bear' my stage name was 'pancho sancho'

people called ME paul when we lived together and both had long hair. It was great, till the girls realized i really wasn't paul.

Monday, February 10, 2003

how do we post pics on to this bloggin monstrosity?

I looked in the help menu but it was no help.

Paul was always called colin, never the other way around. GOT IT.


it's monday.

i'm at work and things are pretty slow. it was good to hear from colin. i'm also excited that more of us are posting pics on this here blog thing a' ma-jig. although, i would like to see more action shots. i'm thinking maybe a few wide angle shots of adolph kicking the sack, or killy, dressed like a peanut and dancing the lindy hop. dunno.

also, i'm still waiting for paul to send pics of some hot french women.

does anyone remember how paul and colin use to be considered the same person. you would never see one without seeing the other. in fact, they even shared names. people would call paul, colin, and colin, paul. that was a long time ago. now paul is in france and colin is in portland. crazy how things change.

we have all changed so much. the cool thing is that with modern technology we all can still keep in touch. even though we might be seperated my so many miles, streched across as many timezones. still, we can share in each others lives. i feel lucky to have so many friends that i can love and be loved by. (i'm talking about you todd, you little red fire monkey)

everyday i get online i look forward to sharing in new ideas and photos with my friends (even adolphs nerd stuff that i can't understand). and, should mankind see fit to blow itself up in a world wide war for oil i am certain that i'll have time to get off one last email or blog to let you guys know i was thinking of you till the very end. oh, that reminds me, i need to go buy my 'end of the world' bag!

Saturday, February 08, 2003


didn't you hear?! dave was talking about todd and spandex!

also: are you really an esquire?

Friday, February 07, 2003

Hello to everyone,

I have been absent from most of the communications that go on. Since most of it involves "Lets get together and sit around and do all sorts of stuff that sounds like fun." and I get somewhat tired of the sentence "gee I wish my fam and I could come down to play as well."

Shit is weird in the big world, as you grow each day things are colored just a bit more. Experiences, good and bad, allow you to know just how unpredictable all of this is that surrounds us. It is both exhilirating and devastating. Fogive all spelling errors.

I have been involved in possible legal battles over the usage rights to images that I have created. I have lost a job and struggle like mad to find another. I have been all over the town with my new portfolio, had excellent response, had the head of Nike graphic recruitment call me from New York to schedule a meeting. It went excellent, but alas there are no jobs at the moment. I have started a sketchbook that is devoted entirely to the hand. After this many years of drawing I need to finally gain at least cursory knowledge of this part of the human expression. Enough about me.

Laura is still painting like crazy. Her paintings are something quite remarkable. I feel very fortunate to spend my time with an artist that I have so much to learn from. Her paintings have the ability to have so much within them and hold on to this simplicity. To stand in front of it is to allow a story of great complexity and craft to unfold. She has two show next year. She is also homeschooling Hannah and raising up chella.

Hannah is growing quite into a young lady. She is five feet tall and as smart and witty as any grown person could hope to be. It is hard for me to remember sometimes that she is still a child, ten years of age. Her expression has been cultivated ever so carefully by her mother. Hannah has a voice that is strong and her own.
She has been fencing for two years now. Her teacher is a classical french fencing master. He gained the rank of master at the age of 17. he is now 77. to wathch him work is something quite rare. The opportunity that Hannah has with him is one of the cheif reasons we have not moved form this part of the country.

Chella is truly a flower. As I am sure you all are versed with little killy, the child is something that is in us all. You have but to be around one and there, deep inside you, you can feel the aquaintence with innocence. She is growing quickly and is truly a gem. Often I would like to eat her. place her in a pie shell and eat her up. Such a strange sensation, but there it is.

I still respond to emails,

I still miss each and everyone of you,

I still put on a Dave Mattews record and list in my stance for the embrace of times past amungst friends and a river.

I still write turdy messages to my friends on blog. trog. smog. a-gog.

colin flynn esq.

todd, forget the gym!

i think we should take yoga. i've got an extra pair of spandex that might just fit you.

maybe this weekend i can show you the Rama Rama reach around.


Thursday, February 06, 2003


wouldn't it be great if diana came back and you were all buff. thats why i think you and i should join a gym and really beef up. we could spot each other when we do squats and pull ups. if you ever pull as muscle i'll give you my famous gladiator massage.

we are going to have such fun!


Wednesday, February 05, 2003


i know for me, at least, that it is hardly a surpirse that you would be accepted into the one place you really wanted to go. i know you're going to do a fabulous job! i can't wait till you get back. carol and i miss you already. just think, when you get back adolfo iv will ONLY be 3! congratulations!


Well, here we go again
i think everyone has heard by now that diana was accepted to pacific university in forest grove, Or.
i'm so excited i could wet myself
though it will mean two long years of separation, and i'm gonna miss the heck out of her i couldn't be happier.

so here are a couple of pictures that taggart sent from the sd-9.

and another:

i went to my first yoga class yesterday. it was a cornucopia of flexible women. i'll be stiff for weeks!

how do you post images to this thing?

well, it turns out that adolph sends back his new 12" powerbook today cause the mouse clicker was 'funky.' so i guess this means another two or three or four weeks of tracking #'s in both directions and hand-wringling waiting. poor adolph; at least he got a couple of cd & dvd burns out of it.

i'm in the middle of a cold that i'm trying desperately to ignore. taggart and liz stopped by yesterday before liz had to head back to clear lake and taggart had to head back to san marcos. he told me more about the sigma digi cam that he played around with this past week. still waiting for photos from that.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

ad for me, i'm waiting for adolph to post photos of his new baby; AND, of course, a full review...

Sunday, February 02, 2003

oh yeah I also had breakfast with the lovely Meagan E >>>>>>>>>
She is visiting from Atlanta.
She looks great.......sounds great
miss her terrably

Well carl just paid his 4,000 smackers for his new G4 Tower.....................he got the dual 1.42 with the bluetooth module.....added scsi port and jbl creature speakers..........
Supposed to ship in about four weeks///////