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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, August 30, 2003


The Village Voice: Features: Lights, Camera, Exploitation by J. Hoberman: "Lights, Camera, Exploitation

Thursday, August 28, 2003


TransInternational has PowerBook G4 867 MHz [12-inch Screen] January 2003 1GB SO-DIMMs! Teh Radness!

Happpy 1st Adolfo iv!

weird stuff

ok, i seem to be able to post, but i can't actually see the page. anyone have any ideas what's going on?


adolfo iv has been with us for a year now...

a year....

a year....

i didn't even feel it. it just washed over me, it seems. amazing. i look forward to seeing everyone at the party this weekend. it should be a blast. we've got adolph serving up Pappa's BBQ; paul bringing the ice cream and root beer; we've got a pinata all filled up and ready to go; and a nice bright saturday to look forward to.



huggies pampers (size 4)
512 mb ram
shoes (size 4 or 5)
lord of the rings - two towers (dvd)
large plastic developer can (fits 3 120 plastic reels - used from co-op/cam exch)


radio flyer wagon
radio flyer push wagon
clothes size 12 to 18 months
where the wild things are stuffed dolls, books
dr suess books
art/painting books with TONS of bright colorful images
activity board
activity table
toys appropriate for 12 to 18 months
musical toys, drums, maracas, etc.


Wednesday, August 27, 2003

happy birthday amber m!

happy birthday! disclaimer: this birthday wish is retroactively valid for 8
months, and good for the remainder of this current year (in case your
birthday has already happened this year, or will happen later in the

Interesting Javascripting

<script type="text/javascript">

var x = location.search;
var y =new Array();

y = x.split('&');
w = y[0].split('=');
myusername = w[1];

Try it by using this link:http://killyandfriends.blogspot.com/?function=Hello%20World!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Apple Galleria Has G5's

And the display 1.8 is pretty sweet. The guy popped it open--the latch system is so smooth its architectural. Everything about it (other than being kind of big) is very very nice. Nothing cheesy about it at all. I was a fan of the Yosimite G3-G4 towers with the latch and the handles and the space for lots of internal drives and whatnot. At the same time, they're kinda toylike compared to the G5.

UT2004 will have vehicles!

3D Gamers - Screenshot for Unreal Tournament 2004 - ut200407.jpg

BATCH IMPORT images into PowerPoint

multiple images into ppt


Sounds like a good excuse to buy Keynote....

Mexican Chocolate Design

Here some nice work by the boyfriend of Jenifer Compton whom some of you may remember from swt days: Mexican Chocolate Design

help! i need a script!

i have 150 images i have to put into powerpoint. is it possible to write an apple script to do this? if so, how?

Monday, August 25, 2003

Self-Frag, a GR Comedy of Errors

Unstuff this file in

Applications/Ghost Recon - Desert Siege/Ghost Recon Data/Mods/Mp1/save/replay

to play the replay. It starts conventionally enough, a rifle and a sniper team, a bridge crossing, making sure we're all covered and the bad guys can't get behind us, then at the little gap where the bad guys always got us before, we were going to use a grenade to flush them out....ooops. Switch to the rifle team whenever the replay gets to the little gap and press F1 to watch in third person mode as the sniper team blows itself to smithereens.

Movie Physics Critiques

The Matrix Reloaded : "Liberated humans live in a vast underground complex called Zion, complete with elaborate life support systems for air, food, and water. Undoubtedly, these consume vast quantities of energy. So, why are the machines using people as batteries? It seems like they should simply tap into Zion's power grid."

The Joy of Pancakes

I think we should take a minute to reflect upon just how good a stack of pancakes is. especially for breakfast.


in unrelated news, Dave and I went to the Austin Chronicle's Hot Sauce Festival yesterday. The event was held at Waterloo park and featured live music by Grupo Fantasma and The Derailers. it was all fun and games until Grace got Dave to try out the hottest pepper sauce on the planet. They served it to him on the end of a toothpick and thank god for that because any more of the infernal substance would have killed the poor devil...

Friday, August 22, 2003

Great Use of Flash

USATODAY.com - The Javelin missile

Re: Year Wheel

I think you and most ancient peoples were onto something with the year wheel idea...

This would be a good representation for projects that repeat every year, but how do you represent events that change from year to year ? Do you use a year spiral?

Year Wheel

Something I've been thinking about recently is how to organize myself. Organizing oneself is one of those ackward periods in life, similar to adolescence, filled with missteps, discoveries, ... One of my discoveries is that time periods themselves are essentially cyclical, but calendars are typically represented linearly.

This in part has been due to limitations in how we work with the data. From a design standpoint, it was simpler to put a calendar on a page as a grid. However, when I try to look out on my work calendar, it spans a year. It's new year is about now and the limitations of the printed calendar prevent a good visualization of how I am going to approach larger projects. Contemporary computer calendar software seems to follow this model (Outlook, iCal do at least).

What I want is a Year Wheel. I think it would be really cool to take the php glue to iCal calendar data and put it into a flexible flash interface that presents a year cyclically, rather than linearly.


i am so excited. it's 8:14 am. in about seven hours i'll be boarding a plane bound for the great northwest, and the sweetest girl i know. while i have some nagging concerns (the welfare of my plants, confused/irate clients) i am absolutely vibrating with anticipation. i feel like a six year old before christmas.

i would like to take this opportunity to wish killito a wonderful birthday, with many, many happy returns. speaking of returns, i am currently planning on taking a taxi home from the airport on sunday the 31st. i figured everyone would be out celebrating labor and generally unavailable.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

The usability problem wasn’t anything wrong with Flash intrinsically, it’s just that we couldn’t get it to feel enough like being in a browser. It was really, really hard to get the Back button working properly, and even things like letting people type in a query and launch it by pressing Enter (as apposed to clicking on a button) were a challenge.
This is pretty interesting. I'm starting to work on a new interface for the Packet Pickup Application and was thinking about implementing it in Flash rather than html or dhtml.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

those wonderful muppets

...but a turkey or duck muppet wouldn't have been NEARLY as funny, nor would a movie about escaping turkeys....


You know Paul,
There are plenty of other kinds of fowl. I'd think I'd prefer turkey or duck any day of the week. Chickens have been a remarkable domesticated bird though. I wonder what other categories of animal missed out on domestication. We have Equines, Bovines, Fowl, Sheep and Goats, ...?

OTS/OSS/FS PHP Events Website

I wonder how many functions of a future PHP driven ms150.org can be completed using Off The Shelf Open Source Software or Free Software? I guess I am looking for:
  • Content Manglement
  • E-Commerce
  • Banner Ads
  • Event Participant Teaming Up

Pics soon!

We're still working on captions....


I can't wait to see Adolph and Amber's fotos...Maybe we'll get a chance to see a presentation at the birthday party?

I think taggart and I will go to barton springs today...We definitely haven't taken advantage if that fountain of youth enough this summer!
Tubing anyone? Before the summer is over we should hit the comal or the san marcos river.
School starts in one week-back to "old naked lady bathing" and another atempt at catheterization. "hello nurse!"
Anybody have a favorite candidate for election 2004?

Can you imagine......

a world without chickens?

I mean, that would be pretty horrible. Even if you don't like to actually eat chickens, a world without unfertilized chicken eggs with which to make wonderful pastries and pancakes and not to mention mayonaise would be a pretty sad.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Where are the PICS Adolph?

Monday, August 18, 2003


Thanks for reminding me. I'm uploading them this afternoon and Amber and I are set to do some captioning this evening. We shot a little over 250 frames and Amber took 4 camera movies. One of the "lessons learned" at weeks end was to make sure your camera's timestamps are synchronized. If you don't do that, you can't just sort by time, you have to manually sort everything.


so, no pictures adolph? a whole week in mexico and you come back telling us about a nikon? where is your head?

Nikon D2H

Fromhttp://www.robgalbraith.com/ the Nikon D2H sounds cool:

In addition, the Ambience Light Sensor (shown at left)�is able to detect the flicker of artificial lights such as fluorescent, mercury vapour and the like. The flicker is really a strong shift in the colour being emitted by the light source during each on/off cycle (there are usually 50-60 such cycles each second).

As it has been explained to us, once flicker has been detected, the AWB system compensates by applying a different balance frame-by-frame�as needed to counteract the per-cycle colour shift. Egads, if this works it could be of tremendous benefit to sports shooters in particular, since the colour shift really only becomes nasty at action-stopping shutter speeds (1/60 is typically the threshold; above that you'll increasingly experience the problem).

smoked meats.

it was great to see everybody this past weekend. hope you all had a wonderful time, enjoyed catching up, and dieing like men on the field of honor. i think i caught dave's creepin' funk, as my snot runneth over.

it's gonna be a busy week as i try to wrap everything up before heading out the the pacific northwest to see my goose. wish me luck.

Friday, August 15, 2003


that was totally beautiful amber. really. i wish so much i could have read that in the new yorker.

Power-Puff Girlz

Hi -- I love this photo of the blackened skyline.

The power came on again most places by 5 a.m. this morning, but the subways and trains will not be running again until tonight, so no one could commute to work, really, which is why we got a "snow day"!

I tried calling you, Carol, a little while after it happened but the cell phone lines were jammed -- I called you at work and heard you say hello, I said hello twice and then the line went dead. -A


beautiful little essay
how are you doing this
you guys have power already???
i hope so
glad to hear you survived the night

i can't picture ant-nee hopping around



It�s not very often that one gets a snow day in August, but today it was virtually impossible for most New Yorkers to get to work, making it the largest �snow day,� or power blackout in U.S. history.

Where were you when it happened? That is the topic of everyone�s conversation on the streets throughout the city. It was 4:10 p.m. and I was getting a signature from someone verifying that his plants had been taken care of for the day. He looked out at the digital clock at Penn Station to get the time so he could make a note of what time I had been there.

�Damn clock�s out,� he said. Just then, someone yelled down that the power had gone out in the building. �Must be something going on at Penn Station,� he said. �Probably another bomb scare.�

I started walking toward the office when I noticed people were suddenly spilling out of all the office buildings nearby. People were frantically waving down taxis.

�Power�s out all over the city,� I heard someone say.

A cop was standing on the corner of 34th and Seventh Ave. busily fielding questions from passersby. I asked him if the subways were still running.

�Yeah, they have their own generators, so service shouldn�t be affected,� he said.

I walked over to the A-C-E subway entrance and looked down the stairs. It was all dark down there and I could here a Metro Transit worker on the intercom below, �Everyone stay perfectly still! No one move!! We�re going to get you all out of here as soon as we can, but everyone has to be quiet and stop moving!�

Bad idea, I decided, and began to scan around for taxis. A few of them were still empty, but they were filling up fast. Then I noticed the traffic was coming to a standstill. Suddenly, I realized there were 9 million other people on the sidewalks with me and we were all trying to get out of Manhattan!

I�ll get there faster walking, I thought, and started to steer myself in a northeasterly direction. I walked 25 blocks north and seven avenues east, passing by Times Square, Grand Central, and Bloomingdale�s on my way to the 59th Street bridge.

People were very calm, almost too calm, I thought, considering this looks eerily like September 11 all over again. Still, it was a blessing to be surrounded by so much level-headedness in a situation where mob mentality could have easily ruled the day. Lots of people simply congregated outside of their office buildings, talking and smoking as though waiting for the power to come back on any minute.

Not me, I thought, the last place I want to be right now is Manhattan, and kept walking. Manhattan may be the only city in the U.S. where there are more pedestrians and mass-transit users than there are automobiles, a fact that quickly became evident as the amount of people on the sidewalks surged and overflowed onto the streets, taking up entire lanes of traffic with their thronging multitudes � the huddled masses yearning to be free.

People were in good spirits, smiling, even cracking jokes, stopping to buy ice cream from the traveling ice cream van (in times of crisis, business can be very good for a few � ice cream vendors were particularly fortunate on this 94 degree August day without air-conditioning).

As I approached the 59th Street bridge, I was quickly enveloped in such a mass of people as I had never seen before. I had caught glimpses of this sort of mass gathering at a few rock concerts, but this stretched the entire length of the 59th Street bridge, from Manhattan to Queens, on both the upper and lower levels.

�We�re packed in like sardines,� someone said good-naturedly.

Great, I thought, just where I want to be, suspended 100 feet above the churning waters of the East River with hundreds of thousands of people and hundreds of cars packed in as tight as they could be. It looked sturdy though, no swaying beams or shuddering wires, so on we went.

Again, the swarms of people outnumbered the cars, shutting down two of the four lanes of traffic on the bridge after they had completely filled up the pedestrian crossing area and overflowed into and between lanes of traffic. The cars were moving much slower than the people at that point. The people in their cars obliged us all by turning up their car radios to the news stations, so we could hear snippets of information on the long walk home.

�All of New York is without power and parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, and Canada.�

�The mayor says it is not terrorism.�

�People are stuck on subways all over the city, including tunnels underneath the East River. Teams of Metro Transit authorities are working together to get everyone out in the pitch dark conditions.�

Two hours later, I had made it across the bridge and up Northern Boulevard to our apartment in Astoria, Queens. Anthony hopped around excitedly, showing me the battery-powered light globes he had set around the apartment to keep things well lit throughout the night. We listened to a battery-powered radio, each of us connected to an ear-plug, off and on for several hours.

Later, after dusk had fallen, we climbed up to the roof of our apartment. For the first time ever, we could see stars lit up over New York City. �There�s the Big Dipper!� Anthony said, �I�ve never in my life seen the Big Dipper before in the city.�

We could also see the Manhattan skyline, for once dark and silent as obelisks against the lighter blue-black of the night sky. Only the U.N. had light�s on, backed by their own internal generators. The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building were completely dark and strange looking. A few red air traffic lights blinked red on the roofs of some of the skyscrapers. Everything else was quiet and calm. And for one night, the first in nearly a century, the city slept.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003


So I was really happy to have seen my little brother up in Austin the other night. As I mentioned in a previous post he came into to town with the San Diego band Album Leaf . He was the manager for the month long tour that took the band as far as Chicago and Atlanta. By the time they got to Austin they were pretty worn out, but still had eneogh energy to put on a good show...

So, as usual I came away from the visit full of love and music. My brother also hooked me up with some of his new stuff....which I encourage you to check out here. This track is an older song of his....

Waiting for the Matrix 3

So, the Merovignian married to Persephone in Matrix 2 took the child from the Mother (who is yet to be revealed) and the Father (who is the Architect) and Neo is to get the child back to the Mother in order to bring life back to Earth.
Some more interesting tidbits here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

flipping movies

so i did it all wrong, but i did it.

flipping movies 180 degrees with premiere was easy once i found the palette to do it, but it wouldn't export flipped. i was rendering the workspace and then i was trying to export. the resulting file was always right side up. It was totally frustrating.

Paul suggested that i get up and walk away; that i was overlooking something totally obvious. maybe.

so i stopped working on it at 3:30 and moved to getting a poster printed instead. I left for the day and ended up playing with adolfo iv most of the evening. We had chili dogs for dinner. Carol piled hers high with tomatoes, onions, cheese, and chili; while i had mine with a good slathering of mustard.

The baby fell asleep and we both stayed up watching 'third rock' (the funniest sit-com re-run ever).

My body demanded that sleep an extra hour and a half today, so i did. Once i got to work, i returned to the video flipping project. I waded throught my hierarchy (sp?) loooking for my file and i noticed a temp folder had been created where there hadn't been one before. Had i missed something?

In that folder were all the 'rendered' movies i had made! they all had fienames that resembled: jlsju0003002010030409lalk.avi. Once i figured out which were which, i just renamed them, took them back into premiere, and exported them so the file sizes were a little smaller. Perfect!

My powers are growing...

At first, I actually had to touch a computer in order to cause it to malfunction/break -e.g my ibook. Then, merely being in the room with it seemed to the trick, e.g. killy's blue imac.

After recieving the following email, I now realize that I am able to destroy even remote machines. It seems my evil-voodo works over tcp/ip... I mean, I have only been set up at Verve for 5 days and boom my particular server goes up in smoke.

Subject: Emergency Server Maintainence
From: Administrator

Earlier this evening the cpu on mackinac.vervehosting.com overheated, causing the server to shut down. The server is back on line now but the cpu cooling fan will need to be replaced. This replacement is scheduled to begin shortly, and is expected to take 15 minutes to 1 hour to complete. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Please check the announcements section at http://support.vervehosting.com for further updates. Christine Verve Hosting [4.0.2 Build 7.1 T(S|E)]

Monday, August 11, 2003


Forget about it.
Sorry man but Tacos you can get anywhere?
There is a ceiling on Taco Greatness right?
However the French Toast at Truco 7 is something I dream about almost everymorning.
So are thier Enchalada Moles.
There is also a restaurant right around the corner from Casa Kloster( if you are facing the Kloster it is to your right and up the stairs....they have an awsome nopalito salad.
Yogurt con fruta at El Cafe (next to Teatro Juarez) and some coffee is also bueno.
The quesadias in the Square with the Huge Shapley Trees are pretty good too.
Damn I wish I would have gone there instead of the STINKING BAHAMAS!!!!!!!
The Sorensens

powerbooks suck

i can't belive you had to turn it again, FOR THE CLICKER. why don't you just buy yourself a dell, adolph?

looking over the teatro juarez?! beautiful. i know that carol wants to go there again so bad. i think we may try to make the trip in late september for carol's birthday. It would be nice to take a few days off and leave 'the boy' with grandma.


If you make it to the Calle de los Besos (name???) they kids will stop you and try to tell you the whole story behind the name of the street. don't bother listening, it takes too long, it's all in spanish (most likely), and they just want money for telling you a story. Might sound kinda cute on paper, but it's just plain annoying when you're there.

buy tacos adolph. tacos, tacos, tacos...


But why Taggart? Is it that there is a Freeport, Texas too and everyone to whom you say "I�ve just gotten back from Freeport," thinks "Yeah, Lake Jackson�s _real_ nice too..."?

-Adolph (logged in as Amber)

Greetings From Guanajuato

We got here yesterday and everything is really great. (Delayed a day as "volunteers" for the airline for which we were each recompensed with a ticket voucher and a night at the charming airport Holiday Inn (with a leaky air conditioning and an immense (sic) bed) and used the extra day to buy socks and underwear and drop the PB off at the Apple store for the clicker yet again) Staying at Casa Bertha. Taxi from airport directly to Gto was pretty cheap and very fast. No travel hassles. Immagracion did spot the banana and two apples Amber was trying to import into Mexico "No, no," the guy said. He missed Adolph�s snicker bar. Casa Bertha has a fantastic roof-top terrace facing Pipilo and overlooking the Teatro Juarez et all. The internet cafe we�re at loves heavy metal, it is the one on Alonzo near Casa Kloster.

More and pics later.

--Adolph and Amber

Saturday, August 09, 2003


I will make this as brief as possable( then give you the longer more drawn out version when I have recovered).
NEVER EVER, even if you mother buys the trip for you, go to Freeport, Bahamas........there are 40 islands that make up the Bahamas but as far as that one is concerned dont bother.

Friday, August 08, 2003


So Dave and I went up to the gallery lombardi last night to check out the Erotica art show. There was a pretty good turnout (I suspect it had something to do with all of the pictures of naked men and women on the wall) and people seemed to be really enjoying themselves, despite some of the live music.

Some of the art-work was pretty good. There was a wide range of style and media-from video to colloge, to photography, to drawring and oil-painting. There was even some 'new media' stuff by our buddy Dean Nixon.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

the dream

So I had a dream � In my dream � we were all fiending about this game that is a cross between chess and AOE � some board game � anyway � Adolph had this great idea about holding a game on a bridge that was under construction on the outskirts of town � well Killy and I carried out the plan � we somehow managed to get a hold of tuxedos for everyone and these pass card id tags that we had to wear around our neck with lanyards � so we got these things and using them we each managed to get a hold of a black four door full sized sedan car � one for each of us
We used these cars to drive out to the bridge � the bridge was really cool � the entire thing was broken up into huge sections about a half a block long � each section was suspended in the air by a giant crane � the pieces were suspended over a big river at the edge of town and this was the ideal place to have a game
So Todd was ultra-paranoid that someone would catch us � Adolph�s suit was wrinkled � everyone else was setting up the game when Todd saw the trackers at the same moment they saw us
�There they are!�
they pointed at us and started running towards us to get us � we had the upper hand � not only did we have these really cool tuxedos and id tag lanyards � we had these super cool remote control super cars � since a car couldn�t simply drive on the bridge � remember � it was still under construction and suspended in pieces over the river � we used a really narrow bridge that resembled a catwalk that ran parallel to the big bridge to drive to the center of it � so now � we were on the run � the cars were in remote control and started driving forward � the narrow bridge was wide enough to hold the width of one car with the doors closed � so we all had to run forward following our remote control cars toward the other side where the road opened in order for us to open the doors to get in
it was really exciting � the bridge swaying � these crazy men in black suits chasing us in our tuxedos � we running and jumping over the gaps between the bridge chunks � a very cool action adventure dream
I was amazed at Adolph�s speed

Wednesday, August 06, 2003


There's an island at the easternmost tip of Long Island, where the southern and northern forks split off from one another, about 3 hours away from the city, called Shelter Island. The only way to get there is by ferry and as you approach the island, it is the epitome of picturesque east coast loveliness: sailboats on the horizon, a breeze blowing in the air, a great swathe of green ahead on the island itself, as your eyes scan the water in hopes of catching a glimpse of seals as they migrate here sometimes. Some more reflections:

The sky was full of jellyfish clouds,
The sea was golden hay.
We lost our way on winding roads
That swam like fish away
And gleamed silver in the light
Hoping not to be found again
In the cool freedom of water
Where all motion and sound
Muffles and fades and here
at last you escape yourself
so you can find yourself
in the shade of Shelter Island.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Mall of Americana-rama Mama!

The wailing and crying of women and the gnashing of teeth...

I am saddened by this news. I am vexed; truly vexed.


to the family chavez

it is with sincerest regrets that i inform you of my inability to attend your darling lovely wonderful son's brithday festivities.

i am looking at plane tickets (the paper kind adolph) that, if used, will have me up in the pacific northwest on the aforementioned day of festivities.

as much as i like pinatas, ice cream floats, etc. duty calls, and i must answer.

not every man would volunteer for a ten day vacation in natural splendor with a beautiful woman, but i think i am up to the challenge. how could i do otherwise?

Paul's in Charge

OK! Paul is in charge of Root Beer Floats!

Re: Kilito's B-Day

We need a pi�ata! And root-beer floats!

Killito's B-Day

so the party is on and planned. make sure you all clear your calendar for AUGUST 30TH...


Sunday, August 03, 2003

Suburb living (update) Sunday 8.3.2003

This weekend we went inside the apt for the final time. Carol had remembered that our electric drill was in one of the drawers (along with a roll of foil, plastic wrap, and a box of sandwich bags). We figured we would get it when we picked up the car (something i've been dreading to do.)

We woke up WAY too early this morning. The baby was poking at my face and saying "da" at about 6:15. He grabbed at my nose and scratched me, so i put him off the bed. After a few seconds of standing against the side of the bed, he crawled towards the door, opened it and crawled out into the hallway, where my mother quickly picked him up and wisked him off to the living room. I slept for another fifteen minutes before i woke up.

Coffee was already made. Carol woke up and made french toast and eggs (heart shaped - i should have taken a picture). It was delicious. We put the baby in the stroller and took a walk around the neighborhood. It was warm yet pleasant, but only because i know how hot it's going to get in the afternoon.

The sidewalks here are nice: smooth and long. The trees that line the majority of the streets here are hardly old enough for their roots to have developed a taste for sidewalk concrete. They provide a patchy shade as we walk between them.

I don't kow what kinds of trees these are. It is as if they are peeling their skin off, revealing a dark orange inside. Many have big knots from where a branch has been torn off, from one of the many prunings these trees get. My mother, on a previous walk, had mentioned that that was one of the reasons why she loved this neighborhood: they kept up with the trees.

On our way back we passed through a long gap that runs immediately behind the houses that my mother's house faces. In this gap there is a wide white sidewalk and, posted alongside it are massive electricity poles. I would imagine that if you stood out there in the evening (or even on a quiet sunday morning) you might be able to hear the crackly hum of electricity flowing through the wires they support.

We got home and immediately went to the apartment for the car and other misc. things we had forgotten. The car sounded horrible at startup, but made the trip fine. I had all sorts of fantasies on my way to sugarland about changing out the fuel filter and the oxygen sensor; about getting the engine and muffler replaced; about getting the god-awful smell out of that car; about getting its up-to-date inspection and registration; so that i can get back on the road with MY car. The car i paid for. The car i used to drive my baby son home from the hospital. The first car i bought with my wife. The car i owned when Dezma was born.

It was caked with dirt. I hadn't touched it since we bought the Honda (february?) I detailed both cars this afternoon. It was hot - africa hot - iraq hot - fire in my pants hot -

...and we never got to watch the movies we rented.

SQLite: An Embeddable SQL Database Engine

Hey Paul,

You may have seen this on the O'Reillynet blogs but in case you didn't, check it out.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

up up up to

Friday, August 01, 2003

PHP Info


This is pretty easily accessed by putting the following in any .php page:


chairjockey php info

to those who are interested i just discovered the complete specs conceringthe php config on chairjockey.

thought a few of you might like that info.

up up up to

i am putting the finishing touches on the JCAHO poster today, as well as waiting for Dr. N to pay me a visit. He's got a (really really really) cool surgery video that i've got to slice up for him to put into power point.

Also, on chapter 4 (or 5 - can't remember) of the photoshop master class book i've been working on. On page 75 of the Walker Evans biography, and i'm taking one last walk through the apt today. we've got to get all the miscellaneous stuff out before the weekend.

saturday is a yard sale at my mom's house, along with a mini bbq for whoever manages to get up down here. If it's just me and the kid and the wife, though, that would be fine too.

saw adaptation last night. loved it.

Hey suckas_

At home tonight before I sit down to do some work.

I love my new powerbook. I don't come close to using all the programs that it looks like you all have going.

The catologue project I am doing is going well, over one hump into the valley of the next rising mountain.

Kids are all alive. Laura is down stairs painting.
I like the colors in the posted painting, paul.

Little killy looks------bigger. Funny how that works.



end of line.