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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Birthday To The Taggart!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What I Know

Detective by killy
Detective, a photo by killy on Flickr.
So ... is anyone out there? Is everyone alive? Here is a list of the people who are attached to this blog and what i know about them:

Taggart: Living in South Houston as a photographer with his lovely wife, Liz and two girls Carmen and Ruby. He is not aging well.

Adolph: Lives two blocks away from Taggart with his lovely wife Amber and two children Fraser and Genevieve. JD Salinger was more social than he is.

Todd: Living in Austin. He texts me back every now and then, so i know he's alive.

Colin: He and his entire family (Laura, Chela and Hannah Pearl) were briefly lost in his beard. They have since been found. Laura continues to paint; Hannah is probably swimming in scholarship money and Chela is a mystery.

Ryan: He's buying a mutha fucking house, ya'll! Party time.

Shane: He lives in Germany with his wife and child and thinks deep Frankenstein thoughts. Looks exactly the same.

Carolina: Lives with her three children in Northwest Houston. Is awesome.

Pablo: lives somewhere on the East Coast and sits at a computer most of the time. Travels without telling anyone. Sees family on holidays. Posts comments to blogs and photos using only one word most of the time.

Claire: Mom to adopted baby girl and wife to beer brewmaster. Still obsessed with vacuuming. Waiting for a train photo for her living room.

John: living in Austin. As far as i know, never ever sees Todd, so he's just like everyone else in Austin in that way. Otherwise, FABULOUS. Recently appeared on tv on a show about haunted houses - specifically Jennifer(Kabay)'s home. Conclusion: looks good on camera.

Amber Freda: Lives on Long Island with illustrator Anthony Freda and their son, Antonio. Their home is BEAUTIFUL. My gosh.