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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, May 31, 2003

this is pablo writing from munich. i have been here a week now and have fallen in love with this city�s parks and beergardens,

nice things about munich:

liter-sized mugs of beer
really big pretzels
city wide bike-path network
pickup soccer every day, in every park, at all hours
oompa music
tiny pigeon population

Friday, May 30, 2003

yay taggart!

i remember when i turned 27....wait a second, no i don't. have fun at threadgills, eat a whole mess o' livers.

can anyone else access the template for this site? i have tried in vain a few times and am not sure what has happened.

beginning the last phase of the move today, a fact made even more interesting when one considers that the room that i am moving into is still a functioning darkroom, sink and all.

happy birthday taggart!

so what are you plans today?

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Just giving a shout out...Tomorrow, 5/30, is Taggart's 27th birthday. His mom is coming into town to take us all out to Threadgill's to eat fried chicken livers. Yumm.
This one's for the ladies who want to post recipes here!
I made pan fried chicken for the first time this week. And mashed potatoes to go with it. Taggart put in a few cloves of garlic (not heads, Adolph) and made them pretty good. Did you know that if you have enough garlic in your system it works as mosquito repellant? Lile Bio-Diesel, but Bio-Off. Let Adolph put his "mosquito repelling" Thai salad on here. I'd love to have that again! So the boys scarffed it up and the whole house smelled like fried chicken. We even opened up the windows and turned off the AC for "atmosphere" of old south. I used the Betty Crocker recipe. "Pour in lots of grease and fry." More recipes later.

One of the difficulties of online content management tools is that their primary content input is the web form. Blogger has this problem too. The web form is the lowest common denominator of any text editor, notwithstanding the rise of Flash and Com object WYSIWYG in browser text editors and the inclusion of an in-form spell checker in Safari and other browsers. On the other hand, with a profusion of excellent tools and a wide-open file system for content management I wind up with a home directory of 30 gigs! This does contain my mp3 collection of some 10 gigs or so and I do a lot of work stuff on this computer, but is still pretty ridiculous.

Todd, I was reading Anil Dash's Daily Links and found an interesting designer for hire biz-model.

You know I don't know my own phone number; I'm waay to stupid to remember any numbers. However, I do keep a vCard on file at chairjockey. You can download it into your Mac OS X address book and have my full details at your disposal. It even works great in windows. And I've added it to the sidebar of the blog.

If you d/led it and it didn't have cell digits, then d/l it again, it does now.

Interesting looking web-CMS: Textpattern
Looks too overly web-oriented but has some interesting editing paradigms.

adolph, new cell digits?

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

That image is so classic: the bevel fade, the blue-tone, the awkward pose of the swordfish, it just makes me think of my great-grandfather (Adolph A Flores, although I knew his birth year as 1900) and the Grand Tarpon Rodeo. This year is the 82nd Grand Tarpon Rodeo, which means it started when my great-grandfather was about 21 or so.

deep sea fishing is on a saturday, june 21st. there's no need to take friday off, unless you need an extra day to have amber slather sunblock on your body. we should prolly get our money together to give to charlie. i'll call him this evening and find out all the gory details. there may even be another open spot...

Hey Killy, by my calendar, Deep Sea Fishing is three weeks out. Is this on? Do I need to ask off that Friday? It doesn't fall on my every-other-Friday-off schedule.

  • HP Meeting: 6/2

  • Soft Credit handling Meeting: 6/2

  • Second Awards Party Email: 6/4

  • Data Pow-Wow 5/28

  • Maps Review

  • Team13 Meeting Notes

  • Online Database Documentation

  • Email Issue: Rafte

  • Enewsletter Builder

  • WhatCounts Integration

  • Accounting & Information Systems Review

  • Synchronize DB Tables

  • Photo Albums

  • Common Code: RRC & B2B

  • Update Gift Certificate

  • Update Reg Form

the last thing i would want to see if oil pouring out of your pores, adolph. but i would like to see oil pouring out of my pores. where is this museum again? you told me a couple of nights ago, but i forgot. i was hoping to get in a game of chess this evening, but my mother has need for me in sugarland tonight. i'll be heading out that way after work. are you going to be around this weekend, by the way? is anyone going to be aroudn this weekend?

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

"They say the company could be even stronger than it is if it could carry out a clear, decisive information technology strategy. PepsiCo does not consistently share best practices, such as Frito-Lay's groundbreaking mobile computing ideas, among business units. The company struggles to integrate information systems across divisions, which largely operate as separate entities."
Sounds like anywhere, really. Sounds like the place I work for. In some ways Pepis may be playing it smart, even if in error, to "let a thousand flowers bloom," as long as they let bad ideas fail fast instead of subsidizing them.

Yesterday, I went with Amber and some of her friends to the Museum of Medical Science. Amber's friend Sarah's boyfriend Brian (in attendance) is a curator there, and his recent project has been putting in this exhibit about forensic science in solving crimes. I thought of this today because of one of the really neat things they have in the exhibit: a televisual microscope. You can put something under it and zoom waay in and focus. You can put all manner of objects in front of the lense, like you hand, where you can watch the oil slowly well from the pores of your fingers.

Brian also sez you can hook it up to a video recorder and make tapes of what you put under there. I think you could do really cool things with this.

"Over the weekend, Bailey and his staff reviewed the tapes and found that everything was in order except for a gap from 12:47 PM to 6 PM on May 12th."
Wow, just like Watergate. I wonder what Mark the Bruce thinks about this stuff?

Taggart, Todd, don't forget to not upgrade to iTunes 4.0.1 as it breaks sharing outside of your subnet (i.e. all the way to AusTex).

I was thinking this afternoon that I would kind of like a mashup between the Safari and iTunes, or at least an iTunes control on my Safari toolbar. maybe iTunes is already this magical product as it seems to have a web browser built in to surf the music store, and that browser engine is undoubtably Safari. I wonder how you could get iTunes to point to something outside of the iTunes Music Store....

I had a new thought yesterday or the day before, I think it was the day before yesterday. It has to do with the problem of users hitting submit more than once. Basically, your web browser is an application that is "stateless." It doesn't maintain some sort of connection between the browser and the server at all times (this statement is a simplification). So, if you click submit on a web page link or on a form and the web server at the other end doesn't respond, then you might click again. Since you just clicked "post & publish" on your blog twice before you got a return, you get two identical entries. The receiving server understood the two posts as two separate requests and responded appropriately.

In this context you might think this is a bug, however in reality it is a feature. If the web wasn't set up this way, you would have all sorts of problems establishing connections and so forth before you could read something as simple as this blog. Since the link of connections that brought this text from the Blogger servers to you is tenuous from the get go, you really don't want a statefull connection.

There are a number of techniques to maintain a pseudo-statefull link between the browser and server, such as cookies, sessions, javascript and the like. These are great, but they aren't very simple. You may have clicked submit a couple of times in Blogger and found out that even though Blogger remembers you when you return, it will still let you make a double entry. So in thinking of a simple solution for this problem I thought up this:

  • Form contains a hidden field with a random string based on time as the value.

  • On submit, the receiving web server looks for the random string (and some other piece of form information in the same record) in the database table(s) the data is going into.

  • If the string is not present, then the server inserts the record and returns the response.

  • If the string and other piece is present, the server just looks up the record and returns the response as if nothing happened. I don't know if this is a new thing, and I have been using a variation on it for ms150.org e-commerce, but it is a new thought for me.

Using this method, the user never knows if they hit submit once, twice, thrice (chicken soup with rice), and they don't need to know. They just need the return response to know their information was submitted.


Sure Adolph.....We believe You.

I'm doing it all differently this time. I'm not going to get hooked. Just a game now and then. Just going to play the demo. Not going to have visions of shrapnel and an aiming point in front of my eyes when I close them.

Gameplay on the PBG4 867 is very nice at 10 by 7, even if the screenshot looks crappy.

Hey Todd,

It was horrible to see you. If you come to this part of the counrty ever again.......don't call me. I'm not home.

Welcome Home if you need help with anything just call.

back home.

the burger family, hillsboro, Or.

dead bugs.

bigger, deader bugs.

sinclair not dead.

busy day at work, still going on.

pictures fo you.

the peaches pic //// well my hands were full of peaches so it was just a quick pic....
liz took the picture of the pie.

i think it's called: out of focus. not to say there's anything wrong with that. out of focus is out of this world!

baked a pie at camp? wow. are those peaches sitting in the bottom flap of someones t-shirt? i thought immediately of juan diego, who picked the roses as instructed by the virgin and when they tumbled from his sash, an image of the holy mother was left. maybe that's why the pie looks so fuzzy adolph; it's just an image left on liz/tag's t-shirt.

Monday, May 26, 2003

One of the things I like about our blog is that it is rather introspective. There aren't too many links, there isn't too much pointing at websites, there aren't cross links to other blogs, its just a sampling of chatter, post-it boards of stuff between friends for all who care to see.

Taggart, what is it when an image looks like it is on TV? The peaches don't look like you took a picture of them, but rather took a picture of a video of them. There is something about the flatness or the slight-off registration or something. Did you scan in some 1970's film stock with Carl's big drum scanner?

Liz and I went to lake jackson on Sunday picked and picked vine ripe peaches, we returned to the camp in matagorda afterward and baked a pie. yummy!!!!!

Friday night Mark, Kena (Mark's wife), Liz and I went to Speakeasy and sat on their rooftop patio.

oh yeah Hillsborough is spelt like that here in Tejas.....and NPR called it a suburb so?

hay TOD culd yu plez teech mi to speel?

speaking of naturaller citizens,

todd: so i guess this means that you're going to posting a whole lot more these next two years, huh?

well, i'm glad that you guy's trip went off without any difficulty. i could only imagine what would befall me would i attempt such a trip. i hope all goes well with diana. also: don't forget to post diana's current mailing address and other pertinent contact information.

Sunday, May 25, 2003


always include a phone number with such invites!

you tease.

I have a car and am fairly savy at navigating the roadways here in town.

Call me.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

hey colin, is that bum the one who set up your site? he's pretty alright.

if you want a better url than whiz.whatever you can use chairjockey.com right now there is just the silly butterflash, and storage for blog graphics. when i get back, i can pretty up your code a bit, if you like...you know, center stuff, make pop-ups for the images so people can click through a few at a time, etc.

what are you doing tomorrow (sunday), anyway? we're just down the road and it would be a shame not to get some face time. diana is all settled in; we got her some daisies to pretty up the place, and ran various and sundry errands, and i think she is sick of me, so i am free to be 'off the leash' tomorrow.

hillsboro (correct spelling) is a bit removed from portland to really be called a suburb (also correct spelling), but it is connected by rail to rainytown. for the princely sum of $1.55 (and an hour or so of your day) you can be shuttled directly to the heart of pLand in relative comfort. unless you are sitting next to one of the pacific northwest's smellier...i mean 'naturaller' citizens. especially the portly ones.


Let me know, if and when, you get some books written, if you need some pictures drawn. I think there is a bum that frequents my neighborhood that can draw pretty well.

speaking of Hillsborough, Or. I was listening to Npr this morning about 8:20 am and they mentioned Hillsborough (a suberb of Portland) as one of the first schools letting out for the summer because of budget cuts in Oregon.


Friday, May 23, 2003

hey everybody.

well, we made it. damn we live in a big country.

we have travelled from Deepinthehearta, Tx to hillsborough, Or. passing through all manner of localities, inlcuding overnight stays in laramie wy, twin falls, id, and hood river or.

now we are in diana's cozy little pad, getting ready to go see the matrix recycled. rebooted, rebuffed, redoubled, remixed, rewired....

i'm back in tx on monday, all alone in my dianaless apartment. at least i can spend more time in just my underwear.

Since this is becoming
a t-shirt image blog and all, I figured we needed a logo t-shirt.

The seven day forcast for baltimore and the bay area is so bad that our shoot there has been postponed till next month.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Has anyone heard from Dave? Is he still alive? I was dreaming about moving to San Marcos soon and if he is dead I would like to move into the slacker incubator and focus on writing children's books full time.

I'm definitively getting out of the ophish on time today. We close at 4. Are you going to be out of stuff at 4:30? Do you think we can catch the Edwards showings at 5:00, 5:30 or 6:00?

You should make a t-shirt...

Tickets to chicago are $79 from houston. Thought you might be interested.

Homeland Color Coding a Joke

I've been kind of wondering about this, but after I read this timeline, I'm thinking that the color coding stuff is counter productive since it kind of announces when the Homeland Security guard is down. On the other hand, they could change the code to Green-Low and snare all the terrorists as they come running up with all their bombs, box-cutters, material witnesses, crop dusters, etc.

paul: i installed the driver for the epson 2200 printer. i've got one on my desk at work and carl deal has one at his house. i figured that if you (or i) needed have prints done, this would be the way to do it. i was considering installing a driver for the hp designjet 5500 ps, but i don't know if i have the disk for a mac install.

Hey man!

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

where the hell is everybody?

but taggart, i don't own a 'like a virgin tshirt'.

seriously, though. thanks for holding on to it. i hadn't missed it, but i would have eventually.

going through the laundry the other day I discovered you left your
"Like a Virgin" shirt here at the pad.
I did not know if this was left as urban camoflage since I now live in da barrio or was
an accident.??
either way it is here and safe.

well, i was about to rename the blog, "adolph&killytalktoeachotherinthemostinefficientway.blogspot.com". nice to see a post from paul.

paul: yeah, i got your mail. just this morning. i've had to block some people out of my email life cause they just don't understand that they don't have to forward everything they think is funny/interesting/thought provoking/inspirational to you. Hey! once the cops have determined that you are not a terrorist, ask if one of them can take your picture while the other has you cuffed on the ground! that would be a funny picture...make sure you have a beard.

i can't wait for colin to get here! i am so excited to see him, laura, and the kids. ha! the kids! so then, we'll bbq at the park? is sewall park for alumni too? wouldn't we be exiled to that 'other side' of sewall park where it's normally swollen with families? eewww...

COOLIO, just back from shooting a house out in cimmaron hills. Taking a day hiatus from finishing the shoot so marky mark can go see the dixie chicks tonight. We will go back thursday and wrap it up friday morning. saturday we are flying to Baltimore and spending the week in Chesepeak .......Killy do you think you could post the Gholson's digits. I am going to try to hook up wwith them I am there.

I think I got the email out to you; I was kind of having problems with my yahoo account recently because a relative of mine kept sending 2 megabyte attachments, which, of course, clobbered my inbox and paralyzed my mail service....

if you dont get any maily maily ask adolph for the passwordy stuff cause I am pretty sure i sent him the info...


I am in Strasbourg right now; as the name suggests this is a franco-german type of french city; it is totally different from Marseilles; not only in terms of how much beer you get for 2 euros, but also in the availability of brautwurst and brautwurst related products that are available;
the people here mostly speak german, which is kind of creepy for me because I have seen too many world 2 movies and stuff;

also , it is more fun to light brown here than in the south of France; I was only in town this morning for a half an hour before I was stopped by some french police officers asking for identification...

I have also been talking with the colin: We are hoping that we can get a bbq thing on in San Marcos while he is here....wouldnt it be great to hacky sack, drink beer, eat some kind of red meat and swim a little?

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

i AM funny aren't I?

so lets us know when you buy the cd so we can all rip it. so where are you going to watch the seaon finale of 24? i'm making hot sausage spaghetti tonight...wanna head to the studio after the show so we can pick up your card reader.

Ha, ha. Very funny Killy. Everybody knows there ain't no indie rock on iTunes Music Store.

wow. that sounds really nice adolph. can you buy it at the itunes store?

I heard this band Sunday evening on KTRU. The song was "internationals" and it was pretty yummy stuff. Has anyone else heard of them?
Hmmm, it looks like their tour consists entirely of Pacific Northwest venues.
Ever Onward IBM lyrics showed up as one of the search results for serene band internationals.

11:56 PM- evolution control commitee  /  no time for yes
was fun to listen to too.

oh yeah! another thing i forgot to mention was that todd and diana, as of yesterday, were in Laramie, Wyoming. They've made pretty good time after having to drive to Tulsa and Amarillo first to say goodbye to family. They've been staying at Holiday Inn's all along the way, are seem to be pretty pleased with them.

Todd has not, however, been pleased with the snow that is still on the ground in certain parts of Wyoming. Last night, he had to smoke his cigarette in the cold. He was not happy, but he called me anyway. What a friend. It was near thirty degrees that night, but like any good Texan, he wore his shorts anyway because, Damnit, it's supposed to be warm!

i wonder where Todd will be watching the season finale for 24 this evening?

um, yeah. i'll get your card reader to you this evening adolph. work is tumbling along today, and i with it. what were you doing at miller theater? and on the sides of it, no less? oh gosh...never mind...

1.5 million buckaroos? wow, adolph. you really DO work!

paul: i still haven't gotten a password from you.

Hmmm, PS2's are going to get a price cut to under 200 bucks. Maybe this summer is a good time to start logging in some GTA time. Also, has anybody seen Dave? I ran into these two odd squares on either side of the Miller theater. They look like set pieces from that Kengo or whatever Japanese swordfighting game that is. As soon as I get my card reader back and can upload images from my camera I'll post pics. In the meantime imagine a square with a pebble-gravel ground, with light-skinned well-grown saplings planted in a grid; the saplings have large leaves like maple trees and lamps in the branches provide gentle leaf diffused light.

Taggart, you forgot to put in your timeline the BP MS 150 with 35,000 e-commerce transactions for $1.8 mill in revenue that Adolph was dealing with.


My Dad's Computer Disaster:

Yeah, you know, I still have my parent's Christmas check somewhere on my desk, and now I have another in reimbursement (I love Safari's in-browser spell check) for the drive and so forth. Since my little credit union makes putting a check into it such a hassle, I should probably just cut up the checks and mail him a new computer. Or no, that wouldn't make sense would it? I would have to put the checks into the bank to defray part of the cost of a new computer.

I don't want to put him into an eMac anyway. He has a pretty nice 17 in monitor I got for him a Christmas or so ago. I'd like to find him an older G4. Maybe a Sawtooth like Todd's or something. Since he will have an eMac from school over the summer, he'll be able to wait until the 970's
come out
and G4's get cheap.


this is pablo writing your from Marseille. After four months in the too prettily quiet town of Hyeres, it is great to be here, lost among the blur and noise of this huge citie's tight streets.

A few thoughts:

  • Checkout the beginning of colin's website The CONVERT link is the only one functional as of it. The images, as usual, are fucking awesome. It is also great to see that colin is getting internety. Will he be posting about RAM upgrades next?

  • Killy, Adolph: Thanks for getting my computer back in shape. Killy check email for the WORD

  • The Marseille fire department has the coolest helmets. They are shiny and silver like a cavaliers.

  • I am heading to Munich to visit a friend of mine from Poland. Anyone remember the noxyema girl? Anyhow, if anyone knows Munich or the environs and has some advice, etc, on what to see/do let me know!

Monday, May 19, 2003

paul: please post (or email to me) the password for your computer. it's fixed. it's got a new logic board and starts up just fine. i would like to use it this weekend for a shoot, but i need the password. thanks a lot.

you know, adolph, i'm all for using things till you absolutely can't use them anymore, but for the same amount you'll spend on gas, time, and possibly shipping, you could purchase your dad an emac and end these tech trips for at least a year.

sorry the disks didn't work out.

My Dad's Computer Disaster:

Well, it wasn't the disk. The disks I brought up didn't work at all. Fortunately, I had made a copy (probably with a PC at work) a while back that did work (mostly). My best guess at this point is that it is power supply. I brought the old G3 upgraded Powermac 8500 back to my labs in Houston for testing. He is currently set up with his old 6100. It is painfully slow (not too painfully tho), but he is able to get his grades off and read and write email with it. It also has a brand new 18 gig scsi drive that was supposed to go into the 8500. I may get my little sister's G3 upgrade card, VGA adapter and RAM from her 6100 and send that up to Shreveport. Unfortunately that won't solve the problem of no USB port, which means no digital pics and no USB printer for Dad. If anyone knows of an old-style serial to USB converter, I would appreciate a reference. Everything I see converts USB to serial for attaching old peripherals to new computers, not old computers to new peripherals.

so this morning i woke up with such a full head of mucus that i couldn't get out of the bed. it was incapacitating. so i called in and stayed home. i just got back from kroger where i bought a box of over-the-counter claritin. i guess if it works (i just took it with a glass of water) i have allergies that i never knew i had. bummer....

but on a lighter note...taggart was right! carol and i managed to squeeze in a second viewing of the matrix yesterday afternoon, and it was totally super cool. we made it to the 2:30 showing and got back home around 5. the theater was, expectedly, packed.

adolph: so, did that/those disk(s) work for you? were you able to work on your dad's box?

Killy, I wasn't blogging from the cell phone, my computer was using the cell phone as a modem to connect to the Internet. Then I used Safari to connect and write into the blog.

For Colin:

These are from a photo walk Killy and I took a while back. I refound them while showing pics to the Shreveport kinfolks.

Another Enron indictment.

Do Spanish speakers not skate? I know this isn't true as León was chock full of skate kids; I noticed them on my way back from Guanajuato a few years ago.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

that's totally cool adolph, but i wonder: how long did it take you to actually 'post' that message? are you as good as the japanese are at text messaging?

i assumed that the matrix would be much better the second time. i caught myself looking too hard for cgi stuff and not enough time actually enjoying the flick. that isn't to say that i didn't enjoy it the first time. i was shaking in my seat, it was so cool. i totally loved it so much that i sucked down my icee too fast. i hardly even tasted it. carol had a mustard soaked hot dog right next to me that i didn't even want to turn my head from the screen to take a bite of (i know i shouldn't end my sentences with prepositions.)

carol and i ended up seeing the 11:30 show on friday night. we waited until the baby was fast asleep, and then snuck out of the house. rafa kept an ear out for the baby. carol bought the tickets and i parked the car. the theater was toally packed, but luckily everyone was almost reverently quiet. one person yelled out, "...yes!..." at the very beginning, but that was the only shout out during the whole movie. there was an audible gasp during the 'smiths' fight scene at certain parts, and a couple of chuckles when the annoying little kid in zion handed neo the 'spoon'.

it was pretty damn cool.

saturday had to be the laziest day ever. we didn't want to do anything. carol's allergies are just killing her and i woke up with a head full of mucus myself. i've never had allergies, but i'm beginning to wonder if:
A) i am developing allergies or
B) the air in houston is getting much worse.
i've had this itch in the back of my throat and a stuffed up head for over a week now. dunno why. carol mentioned something about giant fires in south america...

we ended up at my mom's in sugarland

and just lazed around the house. we put adolfo iv in a small plastic pool out in the front yard

then we just sat around and smiled a lot.

then we came home and watched lord of the rings on the tele. i went out for a frappucino, carol sat on the couch with a benadryl. eventually, she fell asleep.

and now it's sunday. i'm poised to wash the car, balance the checkbook, pay bills, get to the studio, pack up the defective stand, do laundry, and burn some cd's so i salvage some sorely needed hd space for movies. i would love to squeeze in a second matrix viewing, but i don't know if i'll have the time.

Hey, I'm in Shreveport, posting this from my cell phone! The computer is connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to the cell phone, the cell phone dials into my Dad's ISP, and voila!, a convenient (if 9600 slow) connection. Pretty cool, huh?

Wow looks like everyone took the whole weekend off from the blog.
Well just so you guys know that the matrix reloaded is better the second time.
and for those of you who actually bought the Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album.
Wilco released yankee in australia with a bonus disk of six songs.
For those of us who dont live down under they posted the new songs on a site @ wilcoworld
to get to the ftp site you have to insert your original disk click on the enhanced disk then click on the link to their webpage from there. it will tell you where to go from their and you will need the cd insert from the album.
umm I am now off to the lake.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

hey killy I dont know if you had heard or not but Dennis got fired from adtech. weird

Friday, May 16, 2003

Poor Guy.......

Todd, remember when I was going off on how www content managment tools could revolutionize the publishing process of a news organization, that the print version would act as a periodic snapshot of the completed stories within the content management system? This is a pretty interesting paper about content management. And another about Knowledge Management in CMS systems.

Very Funny

Cool Photoblog

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Adolph and Amber's vCards:

ahem. Adolph, i believe you meant the problem with placing SuperExtraWide images in www context is that it destroys your aggresivley controlled typography.

who the hell posts 735 pixel wide images anyway?

sent it to your email.
speaking of vcards I was seriously going to post asking for a vcard for amber right before I read your message.

Taggart, Do you have an updated vcard?

One of the problems with aggressive typographical controls within a WWW context is that the occasional wide image blows everything out of the water.

No swimming pun intended....

Liz and I also enjoyed our day at barton springs

New version of the Three Stooges, or Adolph and Neo starring in Hitchhiker's Guide? You decide:

BTW, Killy, you look so sharp in that robe!

i wish i could put a picture of trinity flying through the air with my face on her and holding a set of keys

thanks adolph

You know, it is the year 2003, shouldn't we just have a little web upload script that accepts an image via http:post and returns with an URL where the image was stored? Extra credit would be for one that (A) puts the image into a respective user's folder via a login (B) makes a library page with all the images that have been uploaded.

todd: yes, i did notice it. very well done; but i also noticed that the angle that the shadow suggests the light is coming from, and the angle at which waldo (read: adolph) is standing would not throw a shadow from his arm. the result would be only a torso shadow.

wouldn't it?

boy, if i'm going to be so picky, i don't think i'm going to enjoy the matrix. ha!

yes, but it looks even better if you make the shadow using a gradient selection. You can also map the shadow to a greyscale image in which tonal value is 'translated' into height/depth.

for more info :: check this out.

I'm wondering how long these 1 gig memory chips are going to take to come down in price and come to the US.

Todd, I thought the Waldo was pretty sweet. How is he a new technique though? Couldn't you just make the image black, apply lots of gaussian blur, decrease the opacity and change the perspective?

Six tablespoons is a lot of peanut butter.
< Gratuitous_Reference type="Matrix" > Peanut Butter, lot's of Peanut Butter. < /Gratuitous_Reference type="Matrix" >

nope, you have me confused with another.

taggart went to see it last night and came home with a whole lot of nothing to say.

i may have to make a few of those sammiches for the trip. we'll make great time if i'm wired up with sugar and caffiene. i'll forward all speeding tickets to you.

and, i'm crushed that noone mentioned that badass mapped waldo shadow. sheeesh..guy learns a new techinique and no one notices....

Hey Todd!
I understand you went to the midnight showing of the Matrix Reloaded!
So maybe this recipe is coming to you a little too late, or maybe it will help you through the day today!
anyway, here it is
Matrix Reloaded Peanut butter and Honey sandwiches!!!

This is an ideal meal to get the adrenaline going for watching the movie or for afterwards.

2 slices 12 grain bread (it's got lots of nuts in it)
6 TBS Chunky peanut butter
1 TBS Natural Clover Honey (you could do 2 TBS if you want to be bold, but it's messy)
1 TBS Hershey's liquid chocolate
1 TBS Hershey's powdered chocolate
1 Coca Cola

Toast the bread, spread 3 TBS of peanut butter on one slice and the remaining peanut butter on the other slice. Drizzle the honey all over one slice and the liquid chocolate all over the other slice. Sprinkle the powedered chocolate over both slices evenly. Put the two slices together sandwiching all the mushy stuff in between. Eat it! As you will see, it might be quite difficult to chew at first, but with the tried and true corrosive qualities of our favorite soft drink, take a swig of coke and enjoy the fabulous rush of energy surge through your being. Now, enjoy visiting another reality with your mind in this perfect state of readiness.


A film that never truly takes flight and always seems to be pulling it?s punches. Is that because nobody ever seems to get bruised in this film? That swords seem to do the same amount of damage in this film as they do in the typical TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE cartoon?
Instead we just get another martial arts battle with weapons that only seem to really affect solid inert objects. Though they've opened the door to Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and what not? We're not getting them. We just get more kung fu. They fucking opened the door to things cooler than kung fu and all they give us are Wraiths for Trinity and Morpheus to deal with, meanwhile Mr. THE ONE is left to deal with a bunch of pansy ass Red Shirt Kung Fu fools that apparently might be Angels and Demons and things beyond imagining? Oh? but we?re not going there? God forbid one of them AKIRA?s out? or does anything beyond Wire Fu.

Also in the first film, . . . Much like the masterful way PREDATOR was structured, where there were many badasses, until there was only THE BADASS. Also . . . the fights had a variety of fighting styles. Neo or Morpheus would begin in one style, then, when noticing it wasn?t working, they?d improvise and shift to a different martial arts form, with a certain debonair flair. Here, there?s none of that.

that's a pretty shoddy review tag. can't you tell us anything?

I think you guys are going to have to decide for yourselves.
but remember stay till the credits have finished rolling for the third preview.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

just bought my tickets for reloaded at midnight........
will fill you guys in tomorrow.

Oh, and I'm back! IP is:

Microsoft's iLoo is a good example of the dumb thinking of which Microsoft is consistently guilty. Who needs a computer in the toilet when you have a wireless connection? I use my computer in the bathroom all the time.

wasnt this thing a hoax?

hey todd try this.

Where's Adolph?

i sure wish he would go back to the office and plug in so i could listen to some arab strap, or any of the other dope jams that are currently unavailable.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Here it is Adolph the Future is here!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see you and Laura and Hannah and Chella! WOO HOO!
It'll be great!

Tell Laura to get on the blog! The girls want to post recipes and all that good stuff! I have a recipe for Gluten!

Hello Diana! Hello Amber! Hello Liz!


I concur.........
Used a pc to copy jaguar ..........no probs.
have had no problems copying anything else in osX
as far as adolph's burner crapping out???no clue

begin random transmission

the issue of jaguar disc copying (i think) was related to copy protection on the disc. it copied just fine on a system that had never had 10 installed.

i don't know why it would have a problem w/os 8.

end random transmission

anyone know about disk copying in os X? my boss asked me to burn (copy) a couple of old disks for him (OS 8 disk & something else). for some reason, adolph's burner craps out on my every now and then. i don't know why. besides that though, aren't there some issues with copying a disk in os X? i seem to remember trying to copy a jaguar disk and it not working. is it because of the disk or burning it in os X?

Monday, May 12, 2003

..............Yes Todd that happens here too. Archive Come Archive GO.

no, sorry. the only think i notice coming and going at random intervals are posts from todd.

yeah, you're the second who's told me that "City of God" was absolutely necessary. I'll have to take that as a sign and go check it out; although, i can't see myself making it out there before thursday. my sister is already trying to secure tickets for the day, but i don't think i would want to see it on the first day. i was considering taking friday off and checking it out at noon on friday, but it's highly unlikely that i would be able to get out of work on that day.

had such a wonderful time at amber's party adolph! and what a surprise the brisket was! i was so hungry. it totally hit the spot. amber's mom was so nice and talkative. the moment she asked if i wanted a shiner, i knew i would like her. good rum cake too, but i think that was more her step-dad.

anyone else notice the archives coming and going at random intervals?

just checking.

Wow.....just got back from watching "City of God"
Killy if you make it out to see another movie before you see Matrix Reloaded check it out.
You too Adolph take Amber.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

Uh oh, the flyby did okay:


13.769532 / 49.669479 / 160.122269 fps -- Score = 49.146667 rand[1447920047]
But the botmatch was awful:


4.199479 / 12.094604 / 29.649513 fps -- Score = 12.098114 rand[1787132967]

I had Safari running with botmatch, so I'll try it again w/o Safari.

hopefully, colin, we can convince you and your lovely wife to stay here in texas again.

Glad to Hear You are moving back to Texas cant wait to have you livin in Austin.........................

Friday, May 09, 2003

Hello to all in attendance,

My family and I will be in the Lone Star State for the Dates of July 9 - 23. We will be staying at my parents house in San Antonio. I look forward to seeing you all and to actuall feeling the sun.

End of line.

i found a time machine!

Sure We can meet there if you want I just figured parking is usually unruly in the area.
but if you want to do it the hard way.

My computer doesnt go anywhere adolph and if you are always connected Software Update
checks for new stuff by itself.................it asks you if you want to and why not say YES.

i'm running 10. it's not that slow adolph.

thanks for shopping, but i was wondering if my slow ass video card is going to blunt the effects of upgrading my ram/processor. if so, figure another $200 or so for this one.

so, that's $300 for the processor, $80 to $160 for ram, and $200 for a video card. between $6-700. like i said. even if the video card doesn't make that much difference, we're talking $500 bucks.

other priorities.

Taggart, you already applied .6? Don't you have better things to do with your time than stay crazily updated?

Todd, I was just now looking at OWC's Specials Page and saw a G4 800 upgrade for $279. A Powerlogix one on the Accelerators page is even cheaper. OWC's memory page doesn't seem to have very remarkable memory prices. A 512 PC100 chip goes for 77 bucks plus shipping; I got a 512 PC2100 SO-DIMM installed in my PB from Apple for 150. The low on RamSeeker looks like $62.

Todd, are you running 9 or 10 on that 400mhz?

well (sheepishly) it's really a 400...

motherboard :: sawtooth.

ram is not exactly maxed out (see image.) i am going to pick up another 512, maybe two, one to replace a 128. i need to wait til i get back because i'm going to have one very small paycheck waiting for me.

as far as upgrades go, ram first, video card second, processor third. i figure that's gonna set me back about $7-800. to rich for my blood right now.

taggart, why don't we just meet at the restaurant? i'll bring your book.