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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

already have a copy of "The Private Press"
thanks for trying it is a good track though

Taggart Next time you're listening into "Radio Free Adolph" check out: Mashin' on the Motorway; 2:58; DJ Shadow; The Private Press

I'm not certain how to make a link into my iTunes radio station....

adolph: i get an error message when i try. quote, "error syncing to mpeg http://adolph@


If your firewall allows outbound port xxx connections it may or may not accept inbound....

Killy: Have you tried adolph@ ?

winamp gives me an error for adolph's ip and 'could not connect' for tag's ip.

The Only Problem I can forsee with you accessing me is that our wireless router here at the has a built in firewall.........so tell me if it works and what I can do.

I am enjoying some of iTunes new features like sharing music and adding the Album's cover art.

try accessing me at daap://

i don't think i would be able to access your steam from work would i? i mean, from a pc box without itunes? i've got winamp.

Taggart, Killy, I'm at, user is adolph, pass is music24

Try it out!

Okay, I took off the password, the URL is daap://adolph@ It is pretty wild to hear music from my machine over the telephone from Austin.

Killy, I think WinAmp uses regular streamcast protocol or whatever, see if it can connect to a stream, then plug in the adolph@ part of the URL.

I got it from MACMINUTE.
You should check out the Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Pt.1) [AOL Sessions].

thanks adolph. i managed.


You know, b/w is interesting because it decreased reality. You can kind of see what we'll look like in ten years.

Hopefully nobody will slap Todd on the back when he has that expression...

Taggart that is soo cool! Where'd you learn to link like that?

Which song?

just so everyone can see everyone:

Hey Adolph I stongly recommend you check out this other version of the flaming lips Yoshimi.

Behold, the Pebble of Power!

<speak voice="Diana">:

I would be a queeen and all would bow down and worship me....


one diana to rule us all? one diana to rule and in the darkness bind us?

That is so cool Todd. At first I thought it was an error, but then I realized it was an effect, kind of like "Ring of Power" mode...

more fun with iMovie.

this is the best program ever. although i did just get a copy of final cut express, and want to play with that. it sure looks just like FCP. gotta figure out how it works.

although i have recently seen the danger of including loved ones on this forum, i have decided to be brave and premiere my documentary film, in which diana brewer throws a rock.

yes, i know she throws like a girl.

Yeah, I was thinking about sharing out to myself, to the PC at work, but sharing out to you would be cooler. I was reading somewhere that someone leaves their computer at home and shares music to himself at work.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

HMMMMM the mac observer explains how to share your library over an ip instead of using just rendezvous. We should try this manana Adolph.

You guys are jerks and neither of those made any (*&()*&(* sense

Like this?

If you turn Liz 90 counterclockwise, it almost looks like she is flying. This pic is begging to be animated with flash. [Source]

you sure can taggart.

One of the REEAALLYY cool things about the blogger is that SUPER COOL WIFE posts to the blog, makes links, and keeps us all up to date on STAR WARS. Do I know how to pick them or what?

One of the really awful things about blogger is that after coding and html entiny like ampersand lt semi-colon, it puts it into the symbol the entity represents when you hit edit. for example, if i were to put in &lt; so that an < would appear, then wanted to edit the post, the &lt; would show up as an < in the editing window. This is super annoying.

Hi Liz, it's time for a little HTML refresher. Below is what you coded. There are a few things wrong with this. Within the entry screen of the blog, you should not enter an or tag. This is taken care of the blog's web page. Also, you should close the Hyperlink <a href="something"> tag with its closing tag </a>.

(I apologize if I wrote this seeing something with which you were experimenting.)


<a href="http://movies.yahoo.com/news/fc?d=tmpl&cf=fc&in=Entertainment&cat=star_wars">
check this out</p>
too bad Han Solo won't be be there too.


check this out

too bad Han Solo won't be be there too.

Tom Brokaw sez: "a powerful Ohio Republican who is not convinced tax cunts are the answer."

i just thought that this was a damn funny commercial. you gotta check it out. sorry to interrupt the itunes dribble.

One thing missing from the iTunes Music Store is some way for me to put a link that leads to the music on a web page or in an email. One of the really cool things about Amazon is that you can just about always link to a book (although certain authors remain obscure). I just d/led a really cool Bela Fleck classical cut, but I can't put a link in the blog to it.

Uncommon Ritual 6:04 Edgar Meyer - B�la Fleck - Mike Marshall
Uncommon Ritual Classical 1 4/29/03 9:31 AM

Taggart, I'm imagining that their help lines are as clogged as the money acceptance lines. I was on the verge of calling or emailing them because it kept telling me that there was something wrong with my home phone number. But there isn't a listing on the iTunes 4 buy-music form for phone number. The trick is to go into your Apple Store account and set up your billing info there and correct your phone numbers, etc. Then go back to iTunes and back up to the agreement. Re-accept the agreement and you should be home free, at least I was. I'm going to check in on Macintouch and see if anyone else encountered/fixed this.

For Some Reason it will not let me confirm my credit card info.
So I cant buy anything.........and I could have saved you about ten bucks as well adolph I already have that album. Is the quality lower. 128 bit rate of AAC it SHOULD be CD quality.
And you can burn that CD at least 10 times............................in theory that cd could be encoded back from audio to aac with just a fraction of loss and not much if you encode it at a higher bit rate RIGHT?

Monday, April 28, 2003


by Jared Diamond

I'm just finishing up Guns, Germs and Steel, so this is a nice find. You guys may also find it interesting.

Picked up the new Beck album with iTunes music service. In some ways honesty is going to be hard. It isn't that we can just share files amongst ourselves anymore with the AAC encoded bits bought from the Apple store. We can burn each other mix albums, which is honest, and stream the tunes, but it'll work a bit like mildly enforced honesty, there'll be ways around it but they'll be things you have to go out of your way for. If Taggart stores his songs on my HD as a back up it'll be just that. I can't access them without "authorizing" myself.

On the other hand, the music is much cheaper (although for lower quality) and tres handy. They don't have any Yo Lo Tengo or Kronos Quartet, but it is hard for me to put together the time and remembrance to go to the music store. I'm digging it.

Nada Chavez,,,,,, been a busy day at the blog. uuughhhhhhh.
That dude is scaring me.

i've been thinking a lot about chess lately. and because of that, i also started to think of that travelling chess set that i lost some time ago. i think the last place that i remember having it was after a day of work at adtech, in taggarts old prelude. has anyone come across this? anyone? remember it taggart? i always thought that i might find it once i moved out of that apt., but it turned out that i wasn't even thinking of it when i did, so i never even thought to look for it. did you happen to ever come across it?

iPod and iTunes Spokesmodel

This is from the video released today. I think this is his "come hither" look...

I'm a little bit not outta the woods yet. I can't even listen to Yoshimi on iTunes 4 without getting interrupted by phone calls....

Mark and I were discussing the various projects I'm working on for this week and in the future.

This Week:

  • E-Newsletter to Riders

  • Update BP MS 150 Home Page

  • Update MS Walk Splash Page

  • Update MS 150 Video Ad

  • Rider Survey

  • 2nd Fundraising Statement Data, Error Fundraising Statement

  • Add Fundraising Info to Team Tools

  • Get PPUAP Application ready for RRC by Thursday

  • RRC: Add turn off timer code

  • Make photo albums

  • Find missing rider numbers

Near Term:

  • RRC & B2B: Add Admin Tools access

  • Code Enewsletter builder application

  • RRC &B2B: Migrate E-Donate to common code

  • B2B: Improve communication of online tools

  • Migrate email notifications to whatcounts.com

  • Integrate PPUAP app with offline pledge entry system

  • Make new portfolios for projects

adolph: we should really make more time to go and hang out now that you're 'on vacation', so to speak. i mean, aside from that very short day we ended up at poppa burger, we hardly get out anymore. should we make some time to head out to rudyards for a beer after work? i'm on my bike, i can be there right before 5.

yeah, adolph. like constantly. i mean, why do you think they hang out at town centers? or why they fly in circles after getting spooked? it's because they deep throat each other

I wonder if pidgeons deep throat each other, eh?

Anyone notice that switch got replaced by Music?

oh the details are what make it so sweet...

hopefully, musicians will never get so into making 'visuals' for their music. nice to see that you're back into the swing of things adolph. i hate it when the ride comes around and you start 'working'. you just weren't meant for working; you're meant for 'discovering.'

if pigeons eat french fries, shouldn't you?

iTunes has those coolio "flattened glossy" buttons like Safari instead of the old jellybellies or the recessed jellybellies:

Also, notice the neat dot in the slider...

I wonder how long it will take musicians to come up with specific iTunes visuals to go with their music?

I'm taking the plunge: Quicktime 6.2 and iTunes. In case I have to restart, below is the current uptime stat:

[Adolph-Trudeaus-Computer:~] adolph% time
0.120u 0.090s 3:17:32.47 0.0% 0+0k 85+4io 0pf+0w
[Adolph-Trudeaus-Computer:~] adolph% uptime
2:58PM up 13 days, 5:34, 4 users, load averages: 1.28, 0.61, 0.36
[Adolph-Trudeaus-Computer:~] adolph% time
0.120u 0.100s 3:17:35.44 0.0% 0+0k 85+4io 0pf+0w
[Adolph-Trudeaus-Computer:~] adolph%

Hmm, looks good together...

I have to go into a meeting now, but here it is:

Mac Central Coverage:

The new iPods are lighter and thinner than two CDs, Jobs explained. Scroll wheels have been moved atop the scroll wheel and the FireWire plug is on the bottom. Apple is also shipping the iPods with a dock. The dock also has line out for hooking iPods up to stereo systems. USB 2.0 has also been added for Windows users.

He said that a problem with some music services are that "they're slow as molasses and craps out halfway through." You end up "working at under minimum wage" at this rate and you're stealing, Jobs said. But Apple knows how to overcome these problems.

wow adolph you are just like Mac Rumors!!!!!!!!

Ha!, Mac Rumors did the same thing I did a minute ago, post an image of the bars and tone of the stream...

Inserted picture as said. J/K!!!!
I love you and Baby Chavez and miss you both.

Think Secret is very slow to load...

Mac Rumors:12:16pm: We can expect iTunes 4 and Quicktime 6.2 (for AAC support) today.

i'm going to teach my child to stomp on your toes whenever he sees you

he woke up from a nightmare last night
i think he was dreaming of you

(insert picture of carol sticking her tongue out at taggart here)


Link to the Stream!

Mac Rumors:11:22am: More Confirmation of 10, 15 and 30GB iPod sizes.

there's a link from drudge to the FT that says apple is offering a music service that will allow downloadable songs for $.99 apiece.

It's already 8 in the morning but no word on what is boing released at the "Music to your Ears" announcement....

these are some little b&w brain hemorages s/P! that I had last night.
staring into this 40w light bulb as rendered me blind.

If you have quicktime at work you can listen to this streamed Wilco Show that was recorded in Sydney.
It sounds good and is hosted by the Official Wilco Website .

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Yes, I was rudley awakened by Killy this morning barging into my room then assaulting my person. Chavez kept trying to push me off my bed, I had to warn him at least three or four times that his behavior would lead to no good and the visual results of my exposure would scar him for life.


there's still a lot for me to work out with the lights. The picture below is tweeked. More than i like, but not so much that i'm ashamed of it. I need to work on my lighting technique a lot.

yes, a most desperately needed weekend off. so anyway, the weekend starts off pretty hectic with a bus ride home and a quick ironing job on a clean shirt. then, running off to missouri city for my sister's confirmation; a ceremony that lasted two hours! I wasn't expecting that. I think the starch came out of my shirt, i was sitting there so long.

After that (9 p.m.) we headed to the 'after ceremony' party at Corelli's, an italian restaurant in the burbs (although, i think there's one around here, i think.) Barbara, 15 yrs., had invited all her friends from school to her 'party' which ended up being about 12-15 high school freshmen. They sat at one big table laughing and having a good time for about two hours. They even got a free piece of cake by pretending it was Barbara's bday; i guess they don't check for id's (note to self: half-price cake night is now too expensive.)

Carol, the baby and i sat with my mom and a couple of other parents who had shuttled the kids out there at a booth a suitable distance away. Funny, we had a pretty shitty dining experience ourselves. Here is a list:

1. The appetizer took way too long to get there.
2. Salad orders were all mixed up. ("I ordered a caeser, not a house salad...")
3. When my mother ordered a water, she got a sprite
4. The food, which is normally pretty timely, just took way too long.
5. They forgot to put the shrimp in my mom's fetuccini.(sp?)

Seems pretty odd to me that i would have a shitty dining experience on friday night? anyone else have problems?

Saturday morning carol and i had breakfast at empire. It was a beautiful saturday; hot. We walked by a couple of garage sales on the way home. Carol bought the baby a toy.

I got on the road about 2: 30. I killed the time by talking to colin. We must have talked for a little over an hour of my ride; from Brenham to right outside Austin. I got to holly's right at 5. We immediately went for food and a margarita. Not wanting to fight Eyeore's b-day or the City-wide Garage sale, we stayed north and ate at Curra's. The margarita's were good - i got a buzz - but that's all i can say.

Taggart showed up at holly's and took us to the ranch house where carl's party was. Unfortunately, it was winding down. It did, however, reconvene at carl's pad. We drank beer and wandered around his house, landing, eventually, in front of his 'digital imaging center'. Truly amazing what one can do with unlimited funds. Really. A whole slew of really kick ass toys.

Aside from that: boring. A beautiful house full of cool toys and 'fucked-up' (in that voice>) frat boys: all there for his viewing pleasure. We took Holly home and i slept on tag's green couch.

I'm sure taggart loved his 7:30 wake up call. I'll let him describe it. Two cups of coffee later and a visit from todd, i was back on the road to houston at about 9:15. I had forgone breakfast. I was anxious to get back home. As innocuous as the weekend sounds, it was good for me; i got in a lot of thinking time - good thinking.

and so i got home at 11:30 and made these.

Looks like we're taking the weekend off, eh? Hello out there?

Taggart, Liz and I got together for drinks at Ernie's Friday, margaritas and gin and tonic and Amber dropped in later fresh out of class and meetings and we soaked in the sun and shade on the second story deck of the place drinking and chatting. Moved on to a despirately terrible dinner at Reggae Cafe "We'd like to start with a couple orders of Coco Bread..." "Sorry, but we're all out of that." "Okay, then maybe a small, no, large order of fried plantains..." "We don't have those either, the plantains, their all too green; they're making patties though..." No jerk chicken either and after ordering the goat I am amazed by the smoky taste of the rice. "Man, it tastes like I just took a bong-hit, I say, and after a couple more bites Taggart says it tastes like cigarettes and then it all tastes like ashes to me and we dither about leaving and how we should not pay for this stuff which had rapidly turned inedible. This was after the thoughts of just leaving since they didn't seem to have any of the stuff for which you go to Reggae Cafe. Liz talks to the waitress and after some confusion we leave for the Angelika to see The Pianist, which was a wonderful film.

Friday, April 25, 2003

well, it seems that everyone has taken a well deserved friday off.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Jargon or just precision, looks like Liz is linking away now. We all started somewhere and I know I started by just diving in, accepting mysterious acronyms, and along the way I found useful sources and encouragement, like "HTML is easy as hell."

I think that sometimes people are overly willing to cultivate ignorance by politely avoiding topics or language that isn't understood by the other party, but if someone really wants to know about something and asks about it, then you can't talk down to someone.

SARS Fashion Sweeps Asia!

!!!!!!!KITTY FACE MASKS ONLY $19.95!!!!!!!!

Yes functional but no FUN.
P.S. Thank You and I knew you could do it.

Ha! I did it! All that faith from Adolph. So killy, us wives are functional without our husbands.

priceless art.

This text
is a link to a page on
this Web site.

This text
is a link to a page on
the World Wide Web.

OK, did I do it right?

Adolph, killy's right, thanks for giving me credit for understanding computer language, but I didn't undersand any of that. Is it really that complicated? I mean, if killy can do all that business from his work comp. can't I? So never mind for now, Taggart just steals the mouse and does it instead of teaching me anyways. Thanks again!....So barbecue on May 11? Anyone?

way to alienate the girls, adolph! no wonder amber won't read the blog...

liz, i think what adolph meant to say was, ask your husband.

Image posting requirements:

  • Image of appropriate size or image creation software

  • Internet connection

  • HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP) addressable server space

  • Software to move image to HTTP addressable server

  • Some knowledge of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) to write image link

Link creation requirements:

  • Knowledge of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of resource to be linked to

  • Knowledge of HTML to write a hyperlink, aka link, aka shortcut

ok, that's cool killy, how did you put that picture up there? And where did you go to get that live shot of MDA? How do you make links? had enough questions?

adolph: carol's mom is coming to the valley for the very specific purpose of being picked up and brought to houston. she is going to stay with maru for a week and then fly to chicago so she can visit the family over there. i don't know how long she will be staying. even ONE trip to the valley is a long time to spend in a car with three people and a baby. you're right. it's gonna suck.

liz: sorry for the 'not so appropriate for work' link. but be careful! this is a boy-blog full of 'boy-love' (amber's words). if you roll over a link without touching it, the address is displayed on the bottom of the ie window. that way you won't be surprised the next time you click on a mysterious link. with adolph talking about amber and 'boy-love' and his being able to 'talk' freely on the blog, i just had to do something.

i really hope adolph checked that out by the way. i know he is gonna love it. it's cloudy outside today.

Hey Hey!!! Girl here...actually, I think you guys are funny,( except when you go into all that computer stuff) and I read this occasionally. So I clicked on the "offend" link...AT WORK...and didn't give myself, or Baylor IT, the chance to be offended. You need to warn us! Well, my last day is next Friday anyway WOOHOO! No work for a month. Is anyone up for a barbecue in our new back yard on May 7 for Diana's going away party? Todd: is this a good weekend? I really want to do something, but I should really ask yu guys first. Speaking of getting Amber in on this, what about Diana? That way we could hear from her in Portland. Cool.
Everyone: how do you paste little pictures on the blog? And how do you create links?

So Killy, I'm trying to comprehend this: Carol's mom may be coming to the valley for the weekend. If she does, you are going to drag her up to Houston? It's like 6 hours min each way right? Since you are driving down then driving back to pick her up and then again to bring her back, that would be like 24 hours of the weekend in the car, twelve of which would actually be spent with her (and Carol and the baby, all in the car)?

Wow, that's pretty ambitious.

Terminator Whichever is coming. I checked out the trailer today and thought, hmmm, that looks like an old .30 cal, a WWII weapon. How is it that he can fire this without using the trigger? (See the red circle below...)

it's always been 'i might'. my whole life is 'i might' now, taggart. actually, carol's mom may or may not be coming to the valley this weekend. if she is, then we have to go and pick her up and bring her to houston for a visit. she will be staying with maru (thankfully.) i don't think she's gonna show up (i'll find out today) but if she does, well, i can't go.

retirement party, eh? well, isn't my face red. that would have been terrible if i had shown up in a bday party hat!

adolph: your subtle hint at driving together to san marcos is so sweet! but i think i'll prolly drive up there alone. i want to stop in on holly and she what she's up to these days. supposedly, she'll be in town this weekend. if anything changes i'll let you know. i know how much you like taking long road trips with me.

Hey Killy when did "I'm Coming" become "I MIGHT"
oh and if you do come you can stay @ me casa and Adolph too.
and before you start wishing him a happy birthday......which was March 25th
this is sort of a retirement party.

I've been needing to make a San M drive.

done. i guess i should prolly update the page entirely shouldn't i? maybe later.

everyone: i might be coming into san marcos/austin this weekend to go to Carl Deal's birthday bash. is anyone else going? i know that taggart prolly is.

todd: what are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Hey Man dont you think it is time to update this.
Why dont you try "Lovely" wife and "New" baby.

rest assured, i will do all i can to keep from offending amber.

Amber sensed that there was a lot of "boy love" (her term) happening and didn't want to intrude. She promised me that she wouldn't read it so I would feel free to write whatever came to mind.

On the other hand, we just aren't being as raunchy as we used to be in email (this is not an admission of my own), so maybe we should invite her in.

you know, it's been awhile since the girls have sounded off on this blog. where is everyone? speaking of girls, should we invite amber in on this thing? i know she has read it a couple of times, but i don't think she's in on it.

Is everyone SURE Ryan sells cars????

shoes are anything but boring, mr serpa. they can actually be quite fun.

and that american idol, come on! don't they use the '24-esque split screen' during performances so you can see that english dolt, simon, cringe at the sound of someone's voice?

i did see the english site, but it was not nearly as amusing as the slightly muddled results produced by babelfish. besides, how can you avoid a site with such a clear allusion to douglas adams' masterful 'hitchhiker's guide..' series?
due to the strenuous objections to it, from this point on, i shall no longer be clever. prepare yourself for dullardry, idle chat about shoes, and the hot dirt behind american idol.

$#%$#%$ YOU TODD!!!!!
CLEVER RED-HEADED LITTLE #(*#&#*& !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

adolph is right. i think todd is just trying too hard to be clever.

You know, Todd, if you weren't trying to be so clever with Babelfish's Ingerish, then you might have seen the link to the English portion of the website. Thanks for the link! I can't wait for the rotating turret version to come out.

also: here is something really funny. mainly for todd.

the micro tanks guys have a video :: here ::

in case you don't read japanese you want to see the first movie. it demonstrates the new rotating turret soon to be available.

you can view the babelfish version :: here :: pretty funny.

todd: we're all adults here. except for that one guy that likes to play with little cars.


redhead, tight curls....

her name is kristy martin.

she gives great back rubs.

...i cant help it, i've got a thing for cafe' waitresses.



todd: no, it's been awhile since i've seen anything colin has done. nice movie too. double effects are nice: sepia and the 'old film'. really pretty. and diana as cinematographer - what a combo. also, how can we access the folders that you have (i think) set up for us at chairjockey? i never got any connect info for that.

everyone: i don't remember a redhead with tight curls.

Nice Todd,
Sorry I didnt call you back the other day.
And I freehanded it.
I just stack the layer and turn down thier opacity.

hey paul, when ya getting back?

we cannot offer you a proper job, but i SURE could use some help with a flash project.
it would pay (a little) and everything. not to mention the satisfaction of assisting your slow friends.

more fun with iMovie.

killy, congratulations. beautiful images. did you ever see the tricycle image colin made with his views on success? i wonder if he can find it....

tag, this is NOT an adult blog. if you can't keep it clean i'm gonna have to ask you to leave. read this in a serious, chastising voice, then hang your head and feeel bad.
now that that's out of the way, did you free hand it or use the stitch assist mode?

that's pretty cool adolph. about the redhead; was it the one with tight curly hair?


pablo is looking for a job; he would prefer to sit in a dimly lit room in front of a blurry monitor; but he will consider just about anything; please keep you eyes peeled for opportunities;


Monday, April 21, 2003

there's no dignity lost for showing your pussy, taggart. i applaud you.

seriously, though. i never seena cat look so f*&%$%-up. i just loved the way you stitch those photos together like that.

I have discovered a way to strip the last bit of dignity from my house pets.

apparently, there is a "The way things go"-type ad for honda on the web. check it out.

here ya go killy

ah, Harold St. what a terrible trip down memory lane. although quaint, the place was a hellhole. the pool of collected feces over a period of months was terrible in itself, but once the lesbians got there, it was like throwing salt on an already open wound. ugh.

playing guitar out front was nice though (especially with todd); i couldn't smell the festering pool of crap so much up front.

speaking of crap, sammy sosa got beaned -- real hard.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

lets here it for friends to photograph

Saturday, April 19, 2003

i spent the majority of my day at the studio today. i was anxious most of the morning cause i knew i was going. i didnt' know what i was going to do. the new lights were in. i had 'everything'. now i was supposed to be able to work magic, right? well, we'll see. here is the booty from today.

i've still got a lot to work out, and all of these were just punched out pretty quickly. i shot them all on the d1 from work. i want to put some stuff on true film. it is days like today that i wish i had more friends around. i didn't post the pictures i made of a ladder that i had in the studio (actually, it's adolph's old ladder) cause i thought that it was pretty pathetic that i didn't have anyone around to photograph.

Micro-Sizer Tanks!

That is absolutley beautiful Adolph. Thank You for posting that.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Across the parking lot in front of my apartment are these tremendous nitrogen tanks. The tanks are used to clear water vapor from telephone lines, which is why they have SWBT all over them. These have ice and blow big clouds of vapor. They are pretty loud too.

Saw James Derkits playing bluegrass at Kaveh Kane's downtown this evening. Also saw Laura Derkits, a red-haired girl who worked at Corte and met someone else from San M who I didn't know.

happy easter everybody; especially you phil;

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Happy Easter everybody,
Liz and I are Hanging out here in Austin for three days.
Friday Mark and I are shooting a restaurant here in Downtown Austin.
The Thistle Cafe.
Other than that we are sleeping eating and virtually doing nothing but spending time together.
Bye the way, Adolph if you are interested in listening to something whilst doing n�thing this weekend......I HIGHLY recommend that you LISTEN to Yo LA Tengo 's new album Summer Sun.

Hey Guys,

I plan to relax and recover over this weekend. It is a three day weekend for me and I plan to use up all of it with nothingness.

Killy, I'd like to pick up Paul's computer this afternoon. Give me a shout out when you get out of the office.

the lights are here! they showed up this morning; much faster than i had anticipated. now, i'm just waiting for the light meter and the grid set. i'll (hopefully) be able to spend a good amount of time at the studio playing around with this stuff on saturday.

i've got contact sheets to do tonight. then, she's shooting again on saturday. more film; who knows how many rolls: 20? 30? the more the better, as far as i'm concerned; although i may have to sacrafice a sunday to do it all.

speaking of the weekend, what's everyone up to this easter? i don't carol and i are going to the valley this weekend. carol's mom will be coming into town NEXT weekend. luckily, she'll be staying with maru rather than at our already crowded place. we've been invited to a relative's house down near pearland on easter sunday; i figure we may hang out there since most of my family will be there.

easter egg hunt anyone?

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I haven't seen the Safari tabs, but for my style of web browsing, tabs are just vertical interface clutter. I try and get rid of everything but the status bar at the bottom. Some of the time I browse with the address bar open. Tabs are for heavy mousers. It is kind of like packing every command possible into the contextual menu. With command tilde, who needs it?

Okay, a tabbed interface is handy if you have slow video and window changes cause lag.

On OsX hints they they that holding down the shift and command keys whilst using the left and right arrow keys will toggle between open tabs

Safari Notes:

One of the things that Safari is doing really well is making intellegent choices for autofilling the address bar. It used to be that when I typed in news. I would get news.bbc.co.uk and a few other things before I got to news.google.com, which is where I want to go. Now, Safari is moving the last visited to the top of the stack, so when I type in news, I get news.google.com for the autofilled result, instead of having to arrow down to the google. It is very subtle, but very very nice.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Wow.... how long has it been ?

Some say years other say it has felt like decades...... Well...whatever you think just know that Dan Bettinger is alive and well in Austin....but sometimes too busy to blog.....perhaps not as busy as adolph and the last push to get the ms 150 off without a hitch. I'd like to see those pix sometime.

Between the live concerts....girlfriends....art openings..... running 6 miles a day.....reading....and full contact origami I've managed to fit in a 5 year stint sucking the corporate cock at one dell.com where I'm currently a technical sales rep ....in short I consultant with companies about their server needs.

But enough about that....

if you ever get a chance check out to learn all about the scary shit that is going down.

I'm tired and delerious and look forward to communicating this way as well as heading out to houston to see y'all some time.


what was even better than watching the trailer from the dinky pute screen was watching that trailer before Anger Managment.

i just watched that trailer myself. oh my gosh! truly amazing. the movie is going to blow everyone away, i think. wow, is all i can say.

nice to have you back adolph.

Collaborative Content Websites:
I think that right now the most interesting thing is that RedHat has now bundled in the ArsTechnica content management system into what they call the RedHat CMS. I think this could be a good route to go. I d/led and deployed plone on my 'puter in a matter of minutes. It looked good and seemed to handle a large number of data formats. The formatting of content may be the largest challenge. If you want straight text or a little html, then a wiki will do it for you. However, if you want your folks to write in what they are confortable in, i.e. Microsoft Word, then you have a few more hoops to jump thru. I think that Windows 2000 and XP (along with Mac OS X) will work well with WebDAV. Bascially, WebDAV is ftp that'll mount to the file system nicely and prevent people from overwriting each other's stuff. You then throw a Google box on top of that as a content aggregator and you have a bitchin file-format agnostic content management system.

Short answer is that Plone sounds like what you may be looking for.

Just d/led the trailer for the first "made for video-game" movie:

(all 97 megs of it....) I think they cloned the set of this scene from the genes of Sanford and Son and Sesame Street. Hopefully the CGI effects won't look so obviously cartoon in the final release.

yay TODD

Bucolic-adj. Rustic; Pastoral

yay adolph

congratulations on what i assume is yet another bucolic tour through the texas countryside for healthy yuppies, the companies they work for, and the annoying suv driving people who love them.

what were the numbers? another record breaker? W's tax strategy hasn't caused a noticeable decline in charitable giving?

so, here's a question :: mark bruce's company (FP&L) belongs to a trade organization and that organization wants a website. that's not the question. most of the site will be static, although eventually they will want to be able to post press releases, news etc. that's not it either. the other thing they want the site to be is a secure collaborative platform for developing documents. basically, they want to be able to upload/download categorized documents other team members can 'check out', mark up and repost. where do you start on something like that?

i have seen some canned solution that may work, but wanted your opinion.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Back Home!
Hey Guys, I'm back and looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule. Hmmm, I guess it is five and I haven't left the office yet, so I've got to remember that I am back to working regular hours....

The final bit of craziness to the weekend was arriving at my house and the key doesn't work. Meagan had locked the deadbolt too and came to the door all sleepyheaded and glam-hair. It was good to catch up for a bit and the next morning we met Amber down at Kraftsmen bakery. Wished I didn't have to head into the office today as it was so nice; so nice it was criminal to return to my little computer cave. Amber said she gave Meagan a ride down to the Cullen sculpture garden after brunch (I had to race off to the office), so at least someone didn't waste the day indoors.

I would appreciate MEJ's postal address so I could drop her a handwritten note soon.

Speaking of the cave, today was the first day that I'm not even bothering to open up the PB. I've just woken it up by plugging in the monitor and keyboard and mouse. Such a sweet computer (knock, knock on the wooden desk). I wonder if I got a high speed line at home if Apple Remote Desktop or something would allow me full enough use of the PB so I wouldn't even bring it to the office. VNC is definately too sluggish for any real use, even on full 100BaseT.

what a crazy weekend: meagan in town; todd and diana in town; mexican dinners on a long couch; big, morning breakfasts; baseball games; online ordering; and clothes shopping.

the baby's first baseball game was totally cool. we bought the most ultimately furthest seats away from everything. the only way we would have had gotten a ball is if sammy sosa was at bat, but we were watching st. louis kick the astros butt.

we bought a footlong and a large coke. the baby fell asleep. what an afternoon.

adolph should be hibernating today. carol and i are still waiting for our cell phones.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

i couldn't quite make myself buy a footlong hot dog
but i was happy to drink an entire miller lite by myself
first baseball game of the season for me
and all i thought about was my little baby boy
and how wonderful it will be the day i take him to his first game

and when he's older
will i let killy buy him all that crazy junk food
cotton candy, coke, pretzels, peanuts and chocolate?
maybe he will be able to eat a foot long all by himself

maybe his mommy will have to help him

we had front row seats
right at the cincinnati reds' dugout
we were also about 50 yards from president bush and the first lady
not dubya
the retired one

they left early
i think the foot longs got to him and the missus

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Hey Dolph and Killy I think you guys would appreciate this
Just click on the link for the Ted Leo video


rrriiiiiiight, like I'm gonna fall for the ol' "megan is coming into town and there is a ball game on sunday" gag!

can you say "wolf"?

Wooooooooolf! wolf, wolf, wolf, wolf....

seriously, i've got other social obligations this weekend. sorry guys.



I already sent an invitation to Dan to join the blog. Perhaps his work email filtered it out as spam or something, that's the only thing i can imagine. I'll try to send it to him again.

ART: pay-palling 15 bucks? are you sure that's how you want to spend your raise? shouldn't you be saving up for a new powerbook, one without 'beer' stains on it? besides, isn't it dangerous to leave an electronic trail of yourself picking up a 'bootlegged' copy of un-finished radiohead tunes?

everyone else: happy to hear that everyone is heading this way this weekend for the "meagan e. jones reunion bash"... even ryan is going to make his way into town for the baseball game on sunday afternoon. does anyone think that some gaming should happen at some point? meagan isn't coming into town till 7 pm on saturday evening. should we try and get a game or two in on friday evening? it just so happens that my sister has a PS2 that i'm sure she won't mind letting her brother borrow. dave can simply bring his games or we can rent a few. maybe dave can bring his controllers too so we can play a 'foursome'! are there any good shoot em up games that would allow us to play that many players?

dave? are you coming along with todd?

Guys this new Radiohead rocks. I'm considering pay-palling those guys 15 bucks cause it is addictive. Nice drum and bass, nice retrospective look at the ouerve...

Hey Man,

League City? Hmm, shoot me details if you would. I go do laundry once a week at my grandmother's house in Clear Lake, so buying bio-d in League city every other week would work. It would be great to spread the smell of freedom everywhere....pun intended.

Shoot killy an email for access tot he blogger.


On Tuesday, April 01, 2003, at 09:51AM, Dan Bettinger wrote:

>Adolph.... I do know that you can buy biodiesel at a gas
>station in League City.... it's the only place in texas you can
>find it which is rather odd because I think League City is
>where all the oil refineries are located.

>There is something to be said for a car powered by french
>fries....I just don't know what it is..

>How do I post to that blog ? I imagine I need to contact Killy.

>Have a great day.


>"We're not here for a long time, were here for a good time"

Tuesday, April 08, 2003


what? that graphic sucks a fat one. where are all the casualties? am i going to have to sketch them in myself? i don't see a single dead iraqi! in a city of 5 million people i expect to see some collateral damage!

what is good in life?

"to crush my enemy,
to see them driven before me,
to hear the lamentations of the women!"

~His Excellency, President George W. Bush~


speaking of war: i saw this cool graphic and just knew that dave, whatever he thinks of this war, would like it.

Sorry I've been away all
I find that all I want to do is be with my little son
although duties usually don't allow this to be

my baby and this war thing
if I had my way, the only thing that would be on my mind right now would be my baby
Unfortunately, this is not the case
so I find myself exploring sentiments inside of me
that I never knew were there
what is most pronounced in my heart about this war
is all the mothers over there with children
little baby's like mine
who are suffering even more than a mortal life should
ten times more if the child is hurt

i mean
i was horrified the day i fell
and my baby was safe on his cushy bottom
and that was hard for me
i who pride myself on my self control
lost all of it - plus some

i can't even imagine what i would do if i lived in iraq...

there was an article a few days ago
about a pregnant woman jumping out of her car screaming in horror
and then the car blew up
and she and her unborn child were killed

incidents like this is why i have decided to become a citizen of the united states of america
i will vote for someone who is not bush
i want my child to have some pride in who he is
and having been born an american
and a texan at that

i almost can't stomach listening to news about the war
it breaks my heart and i honestly feel that if it affects me this way
how is it affecting my son
through me

yes i know that this is not a perfect world
and people asked me
why do i want to bring a child into this ugly world

because there is always hope

and i want to maintain that possibility for my son
i'll take him to the butterfly museum
and to the children's museum
and to see his grammama
and i'll bring his friends to see him
and i'll sing to him and play with him and love him

and make this as beautiful a world as he deserves


the sun becomes black as sackcloth, and the moon becomes as blood. Then an angel pronounces a triple woe upon the inhabitants of the earth. The pit is opened and four angels who had been bound are loosed to slay the third part of men. The wicked are cast down and flee before the four riders of the apocalypse, War, Famine, Pestilence, and the Neoconservative.


ryan, it is good to hear your voice;

for my part it has been an incredibly interesting and sickening experience being on the recieving end of the news media here in France; i see both the french news accounts (le monde, le figaro, tv) and i see their counterparts in the us (nytimes, fox-news, cnn, washington post); after months of this i feel like my head is being slowly crushed between two ice-bergs;

Monday, April 07, 2003

Please excuse my absence: just got done with a hunger strike against the Oprah Conglomerate. Didn't get any press. Don't really have any particular place to jump into the conversation, so I'll pontificate until my fingers get tired. Diana: thanks for the slice of relaxation at the car wash. If the city is your house, the car wash is the powder room: the place to go to get some privacy and wash up. Everything about this war feels wrong. When people say how much of a threat the Iraqi powers are, it reminds me of Kennedy trying to garner support for US action in Cuba from the Mexican ambassador. He replied that if he tried to tell the Mexican people that Cuba was a threat to America, 40 million Mexicans would die of laughter. Must admit, I've never seen the news services so dedicated to their national cause. There've been a few debates over the morality/necessity of US action, but by and large, the debates are bracketed by questions of when and how and avoid questions of if-at-all. One afternoon in 2001, I sat watching Foxnews when that guy, John (something) with blond, spikey hair, and horned-rimmed glasses had a call-in show. They were discussing US/Isreali policy. So I got through and asked if the problem couldn't be curtailed if we sold arms to the Palistinians as well, after all, if you want two angry kids to quit fighting, you don't give one a baseball bat and tie the other's hands. He said "Oh, a conspiracy theorist..." and went to the next caller. The presuppositions are already in place--the media conglomerates just have to make sure their moderators hold the party line.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

I finally picked up a mouse and a real keyboard for my powerbook. It does make a difference, my left palm isn't cooking on the HD, I'm not completely hunched over the PB. The mouse is the ultimate plain mouse. A Belkin optical unit that was 15 bucks cheap but amazinly well made. A lot of computer accesories today seem to miss the point. They try and add in a whole bunch of features but don't concentrate on doing what they are supposed to be doing. With it's plain-jane optical mouse, Belkin makes something smooth gliding, solid feeling and with right-sized buttons that work with a solid click and no plastic on plastic screeching sound. I found it in the PC isle at Fry's. Both buttons and the scrolly doo-dad work great with Mac OS X out of the box. I think OS X has improved it's scroll function, as it feels more natural and accelerated.

The keyboard is the MacAlly iceKey. It is a little bit higher concept than the Belkin mouse, but it is executed fairly well. I picked it out because it usess laptop keys. One of the reasons why I have long liked typing on my series of laptops is that the keys are short travel and light to touch. The iceKey basically does that and bundles it into a low profile keyboard. It isn't quiet as small as the good old Apple USB keyboard, but it is pretty minimal and has the same low profile.

I also picked up a set of DVD media and am burning my first DVD, Music: A thru Gustav Mahler. It has taken about an hour and ten minutes with a bit left to go on 4.5 gigs. I'm wondering if Toast is faster. Hmmm, Backup just threw an error during verification and said to insert a new disc. Like, hell, at $15 for 5 that's three bucks a coaster! Not to mention an hour of my computer burning it. Makes me think of the olden days with CD-R. Disc seems to mount and play songs fine....We'll see how the next burn goes.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

What is more frightening is that what you are describing has been going on for a lot longer than the current Presidential administration.

Friday, April 04, 2003


in my opinion, it seems that our nation has embraced the neoconservative policy of unilateralism.

if we look at what our administration has done since it took office i think a case can be made for this. we have backed out of several multilateral treaties. we have engaged in major unilateral military operations around the world.

we do not appear to have a serious commitment to internationalism. although, we do claim that our actions are in the best interest of the international community.

due to our military and economic might, we now seem willing to fight a global war on terror with or without the international community.

this is simply my limited view of the world that i see through the lens of the world media.


Where'd you get that idea, Dave?


it seems that the future of our world is based on the singular principle that might makes right.

diplomacy is no longer essential in a world of awesome military might. nations and alliances either join with the strong or become irrelevant.

international law, international justice, is no longer decided by an international community but rather by a single nation.

individual and national rights will become forfeit in a world at war with itself.

the fate of mankind, the fate of the world, will rests in the hands of a select few.


Thursday, April 03, 2003

Thanks for stealing that album Adolph...I like the wedding song alot...I can't wait to listen to it over and over and over! The only way radiohead should be listened to, right? Anyone up for a movie? This has been the longest week, what do you think Killy? By the way, my mom new the coddle thing, you can coddle an egg and use it to make real ceasar dressing too, (as well as on a crumpett). It's wierd, my brother's girlfriend knew the definition too. Sounds like you may have some Scrabble challengers!!! I have a friend who's maiden name is Cottle, do you know what THAT means?

Today is one of those "moment of truth days:"
This morning I just finished the final touches of redeploying the Packet Pick-Up web application on a RedHat Linux system. They just now started using it in Austin for Packet Pick-Up. I spent part of this morning devising a "back up plan." The back up plan would mean getting Kinko's to reproduce a bunch of 266 page (duplex!) rider rosters. I don't think it is very feasible. I think a more realistic back-up would be to just take people's word for it and get back with them if they aren't actually registered.

um, i'm no expert but one thing i noticed was that if you are NOT using the arrow tool, then it doesn't work. I tried to recreate your problem, but if i was on the arrow tool proportional scale with the arrow tool worked fine for me.actually, if you are using another tool, if you hold ctrl + shift, it will proportionately scale. that's what i found.

Attn: Illustrator Experts:
Sometimes when using the pointer tool and holding down the shift button, I can get an object to scale proportionately. However, sometimes this doesn't work. Is there some setting that I am inadvertantly changing that turns this on and off?

Radiohead Song Theft:
That is pretty funny.

Adolph! you thief!

You know, I never really considered Mac OS X a big deal. I expected it to be better than Windows. It is just the way things are. This week I have had the frustration of working with a RedHat 8 operating system laptop. I've been trying to configure it for our packet pickup series. I appreciate that RedHat has a reasonable approximation of a graphical user interface and that it works with cheap cheesey PC hardware. However, I can't stand using it. It is the little things, like how the pointer is linear, it moves the same speed no matter how fast you are moving your mouse. This is unlike the simple "the-way-it-should-work" of Mac OS X, where a little mouse acceleration makes your fingers work less. Why support multiple buttons if you don't support mouse acceleration?

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

A shepherd-boy, who watched a flock of sheep near a village, brought out the villagers three or four times by crying out, "Wolf! Wolf!" and when his neighbors came to help him, laughed at them for their pains. The wolf, however, did truly come at last. The shepherd-boy, now really alarmed, shouted in an agony of terror: "Pray, do come and help me; the wolf is killing the sheep"; but no one paid any heed to his cries, nor rendered any assistance. The wolf, having no cause of fear, at his leisure lacerated or destroyed the whole flock.

New Radiohead get it while you can.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

lemonfreshrecon: paul's mother in law is locked up! how so not funny!
is that part of the spoof........
and why is it I feel I cant trust the answer.

this is prolly the funniest thing carol and i have done together in a long time. read it and laugh.

lemonfreshrecon: good moring carol
LaDivinaCarolina: good morning dave
LaDivinaCarolina: did killy tell you?]
lemonfreshrecon: tell me what?
lemonfreshrecon: killy usually tells me everything!
lemonfreshrecon: i'm surprised he would hold anything back
LaDivinaCarolina: about our nanny being picked up by the new
lemonfreshrecon: what could it be?
lemonfreshrecon: picked up by the new?
LaDivinaCarolina: border patrol thing
LaDivinaCarolina: what's it called
LaDivinaCarolina: again
lemonfreshrecon: la migra?
LaDivinaCarolina: no
LaDivinaCarolina: not la migra
lemonfreshrecon: INS?
LaDivinaCarolina: shoot i can't remember
LaDivinaCarolina: it has to do with protecting the us
lemonfreshrecon: department of home land security?
LaDivinaCarolina: ye yes yes
lemonfreshrecon: why?
LaDivinaCarolina: she was picked up by the dept of homeland
lemonfreshrecon: what did she do?
LaDivinaCarolina: because she tried to come across the border with
LaDivinaCarolina: stuff to make yogurt
lemonfreshrecon: ha
LaDivinaCarolina: and some herbal supplements
lemonfreshrecon: those fools
LaDivinaCarolina: and they had her suitcase for like three days
LaDivinaCarolina: and then they tracked her down
killythemac: OH YEAH!
LaDivinaCarolina: because i was calling to look for the bag
killythemac: i was going ot tell you...
LaDivinaCarolina: and they had our phone number
LaDivinaCarolina: and then the came to get her
LaDivinaCarolina: so now she's in customs
killythemac: or custody..
lemonfreshrecon: we are in big trouble if they have nothing better to do that haras cute girls like eleo!
killythemac: isn't that funky?
LaDivinaCarolina: having to submit a statement
killythemac: it's eleo's mom...you weirdo
lemonfreshrecon: oh!
LaDivinaCarolina: and i'm supposed to go see what's up this afternoon
lemonfreshrecon: her mom
LaDivinaCarolina: yes
LaDivinaCarolina: man oh man
killythemac: yeah, i don't want to have to tell eleo the news..
lemonfreshrecon: i bet she can kick all of their asses!
lemonfreshrecon: eleo doesn't know!
LaDivinaCarolina: and i was worried about
LaDivinaCarolina: telling eleo
LaDivinaCarolina: and everyone
lemonfreshrecon: oh my!
LaDivinaCarolina: that this is
killythemac: i mean, that would stink: "your mother is being held indefinately cause of some yogurt powder or something.."
LaDivinaCarolina: an
LaDivinaCarolina: how could i tell eleo
killythemac: i just don't know how..
lemonfreshrecon: paul's mother in law is locked up! how so not funny!
LaDivinaCarolina: that this is
killythemac: hey dave, isn't your dad a lawyer?
lemonfreshrecon: yep
killythemac: could he help us out..?
killythemac: i mean, could he help us out...
lemonfreshrecon: i'll ask
LaDivinaCarolina: yeah
lemonfreshrecon: i'll call him now
lemonfreshrecon: hold on a bit
killythemac: it would be great if he could figure out if this was april fools or not...
killythemac: that would really help...
LaDivinaCarolina: yes it would
killythemac: i mean, lawyers know when april fool's is right?
killythemac: they have big calenders on their desks?
LaDivinaCarolina: i mean any fool knows when april fools is
LaDivinaCarolina: right dave
killythemac: that tell them what day it is?
killythemac: that dope is on the phone with his dad!
killythemac: hahaha!
killythemac: hahaha!
LaDivinaCarolina: ha ha ha
killythemac: jeez, dave's own dad prolly put him on hold!
killythemac: double whammy!
killythemac: ha!
LaDivinaCarolina: man oh man
LaDivinaCarolina: or maybe he's wringing his hands and chuckling
LaDivinaCarolina: thinking of a way to get us back
lemonfreshrecon: what?
lemonfreshrecon: i just talked to my dad
lemonfreshrecon: he said he could help
LaDivinaCarolina: wudhesay
lemonfreshrecon: will be in huston tomorrow for a siminar. i gave him your number to the house.
lemonfreshrecon: can he stay with your guys?
LaDivinaCarolina: goof
LaDivinaCarolina: didn't you know it was an april fools
LaDivinaCarolina: he is welcome to stay
lemonfreshrecon: what?
lemonfreshrecon: you ass faces!
LaDivinaCarolina: if he doesn't mind the couch
LaDivinaCarolina: eleo's mom is staying in the guest room
lemonfreshrecon: i just called my dad and asked him for help!
lemonfreshrecon: i hate you guys
LaDivinaCarolina: we love you
lemonfreshrecon: oh, i can tell
lemonfreshrecon: now i have to call him and tell him you guys are punks
lemonfreshrecon: thats it
LaDivinaCarolina: you can tell him
LaDivinaCarolina: april fools dad!
lemonfreshrecon: i'm calling la migra on you guys