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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, July 31, 2003


Mark and I are quickly wrapping up various jobs. Working on an add for a spa we shot in Palm Springs, Fed/Ex-ing the MUY-MUY importante Tilman Fritita (CEO of Landry's) job, more spa shots of the Spaahht at the Hill Country Hyatt, and photoshopping a couple of shots for Hyatt Austin. Getting everything squared away before Liz and I head out to the Bahamas on Sunday.

what AM i up to?

i have various projects in various states of completion. there are others that threaten to materialize on the horizon that i occasionaly think about, and try to give price estimates for.

i am working on one half-assed eCommerce site, one 'bait' design for a more complex commerce site (to reel in investors), discussions with a dump truck company that needs rebranding (and a secretary), the neverending oil painter site, some display boards and a brochurey thing for some local (loco) interior designers, some kinko's style postcards...i think that's it.

as far as personal projects go, i just picked up a big ass php/mysql book and just started on chapter two.


Dave......what are you up too?

What we up to


Among other things, I am working on a presentation I'm making with the boss next week in Minneapolis about internet marketing for nonprofit fundraising events.

Also, taking pictures

What we up to

This is what I am working on:

This is what dave is working on:

what are you guys up to?

iConquer tonight?

anyone up for a game of iconquer tonight? we should give it a test run, huh? download it if you don't have it from the apple site.


A bbq down in H-town is a great idea! I will bring the pringles. Also, can pork-chops be cooked on the grill? Also, for breakfast I want to go that taco place by killy's mom's house.

re: iCal

hey Killy,
I have been using phpicalendar running off my ibook, and it works great! I like it because to take a quick peek at my busy calendar I do not need to open up iCal (which takes too long too load), I just switch to a bookmark and my calendar shows up in my browser (a lot faster).

iCal has a neat feature that lets you automagically publish your iCal using webDav. Setting this up to run on your local machine is no problem because you can easily enable webDav on your machine's webserver, etc. Getting it to work on a remote server (e.g chairjockey.com) would be dependant on whether that server allows webDav access. I do not think chairjockey, or wt.net does allow this access. So your only recourse for updating would be to ftp the iCal file up to the server. This would require probably too much effort if you update your iCal regularly. Of course, you could set up a cron job that would ftp your iCal up to the server...


hey, why don't we have a mini bbq at my mom's place on saturday? carol is going to have a big yard sale to sell off some of our junk. we can all hang out sit together, maybe even DO something other than play games (although, a little of that is definately in order). the baby is big enough to pick up and twirl around and get good laughs out of. he likes to laugh.

the best thing about it is: it's not north austin (although, it IS south houston)!

next time...

well, next time you guys get here, maybe we can all hang together. i still have yet to meet mark, and have been told that i NEED to meet him.


Lack of tripod. Absolutley limited my composure.
Mark liked the Tunnel and we spent maybe 15 min in there.
I took him to the Rothko chapel afterword and he liked that.
He was very interested in the Byzantine Chapel but it did not open till 11 a.m. and that was too late.
The Twombly didnt open till 11 either.
Next time we go down to Houston he is going to check it out.


anyone: how would i 'post' my ical to a place other than .mac?

maybe full center?

tag I was looking at the two photos you posted. Good thinking to put the cam on the ground for such a long exposure i would guess (which is prolly why mark's is so fuzzy), and i appreciate the off centered-ness; but i would have really loved to have seen a straight on shot with marks reflection framed by the fuzzy reflection of the blue lights. that would have been a shot you could take home to mama.

Turrell Tunnell

Hey Taggart,

Did Mark dig it?


That's amazing, adolph!


Dude skydives across the English channel. Imagine if G.I. Joe had that. They would have wiped Cobra out in no time at all!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Turrell Tunnell

Dragged Mark to the Turrell tunnel at the MFA on Friday morning.
Here are some images from that morning.
Mine is the Blue.
Mark Pink.......his is out of focus.

iConquer vs AOE


I think computer screens are terrible for portraying data normally represented on paper. I would much rather play the board game. The remote play capability is transformative, though.

My brother is coming to Austin!

He is the tour manager for album leaf, a really great band from San Diego.

Here are the dates:

Aug. 10th Emo's
Sunday 603 Red River Road Emo's

All Ages Austin, TX 78701 603 Red
River Road
Show Austin, TX 78701
EARLY SHOW (512)477-3667 ( 8 pm set time)

what a morning

While not much as pleasure craft go, the Grumman Challenger (circa 1985) is a serviceable photographic platform.

not really, but paul decided it was. so bright and early this morning we loaded up and shoved off in to bucolic lake austin right at the 360 bridge.

after some aimless cruising we ended up spotting our quarry. it's a lovely cape cod style home with nautical overtones, and lake access. it's currently being offered for more money than you can think of without getting a headache. perfect for a 'getaway' home.

mission accomplished, paul decided some fishing was in order. then some more aimless cruising, finally, back to shore and the office.

iConquer vs Risk

what is the advantage of iconquer over risk, though (besides playing it remotely)?

iConquer vs AOE


Yeah, just d/l the demo and we al play the demo to try it out.

iConquer vs AOE

adolph-sure. that sounds like fun! did you happen to buy it? or will we all have to play the demo?

paul-what happened to that declaration of war?

iConquer - Why aren't we playing this?

iConquer, it just looks sweet. Do you guys want to give it a spin this week?

You can do lots of stuff with MovableType

Hey Paul,

Yeah, MovableType is used by most "serious" bloggers. Aparently there are a lot of different ways to customize it and add plug-ins.

On the other hand, you could just throw Bloxsom on chairjockey and make a form that makes a bunch of text files...


I finally got MovableType up and running on my ibook! I want to try this blog server out because I am very interested in blogging and moblogging, and from what I have read MovableType is pretty comphrehensive as far as features. Also, it supports most of the Blogger XML-RPC API, and most of the metaWebLog XML-RPC API, which means it will be useful as test platform for my next project...

Warning! Post gets boring!

I had a tough time getting Movable Type working properly because I tried to configure it to use mysql support. It turned out that my perl install does not include the DBD::mysql module, and for unknown reasons CPAN was unable to install it. I suspect that the problem has something to do with the fact that my mysql install is located in /Library/Mysql instead of a more usual place like /usr/local, and so during the build process the Linker had hard time finding the proper header files and libraries.

I even tried to build the module manually, but every attempt to proplerly link the required object files failed, so i am now running this thing w/out db support....

And it works great! This thing offers so much more than the free version of blogger, which is to be suspected I guess. What I really like is that you can add comments to posts.

Anyhow, I am thinking that maybe we could get this thing up and running on chairjockey.com and eventually transition ourselves to a full-service blog...

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Challenge of the Day

One of my current projects is updating a simple web application that manages rider information and prize fulfillment. When entering the fulfillment of a prize, one of the challenges is to collect the necessary information about that fulfillment. For example, when we issue out a jersey, we need to keep track of who it went to, what size it was, the status that it is fulfilled and not back-ordered and potentially a comment field in case a friend picked it up. And so on:

  • Watch: Person, Men's or Women's Watch, Status, Comment
  • Polo Shirt: Person, M or W, Size, Status, Comment
  • Gift Certificate: Person, Amount, Serial Number, Status, Comment

To keep the programming simple, you just make a form that has slots for each of the above and display it to the user. They fill in the relevant parts and ignore the rest. However, the actual usage of the software is often in low-light situations with a volunteer who isn't familiar with the computer and certainly isn't rememberful of what prize requires what information.

The unhelpful programmer solution to user's miskeying information in such a situation is to make certain fields mandatory, like with a javascript that pops up an error message. The better way (I think) is to only present form options relevant to the choice at hand. How do I do this?

The problem is twofold. First, it is keeping track of each product's fields: what shouldn't be displayed; what is mandatory or optional; what is the default value (if any) and what are the choices; what kind of data should be accepted? Second, how does the application control the user's access to each field? Does it use DHTML to change the form when a user selects a specific product or is product fulfillment handled in two steps/screens (1.) select the product, (2.) input that products fields?

a-tony's pics

These are great drawrings: here's the pix for those like me who forgot to scroll down the article....

Airlines Suck!!!!

When I was a kid flying was fun. Today, it is penitence for Travel.

Keyspan USB to Cell Phone Charger

Keyspan : ZIP-LINQ USB Cell Phone Charger Cable - Ericsson
I ordered one of these late last week. It arrived today. It works pretty well. Basically, the zip thing is a regular USB cable. The kit comes with a USB to Ericsson phone power adapter. That way I don't have to bring along the cell charger when I'm on the road. In some ways, this is a pointless accessory because a phone charge lasts three to four days. Trips lasting longer than that typically require a hotel with powersource, etc. However, whenever I run Bluetooth on the phone, the battery lasts for a day or a day and a half. With this smaller than charger gizmo in my bag, I can keep the phone topped off and keep Bluetooth on all the time. For me, that's the cool part.


Pentagon Prepares a Futures Market on Terror Attacks

HoustonChronicle.com - Continental to charge $50 for paper tickets

HoustonChronicle.com - Continental to charge $50 for paper tickets

My boss passed the dead tree version of this article to me and these are some of my thoughts:

Summary of Continental Article:

Continental increasing fee on traditional ticketing.

Increased fees reflect higher cost of traditional ticketing.

97% of passengers use electronic ticketing now over 82% last year.

Next year Contintental will discontinue traditional ticketing.

Electronic ticketing costs far less experts say.

Managing director for electronic marketing says 1/3 less.

Continental has cut distribution costs by 20%.

2003 website sales 70% higher than 2002, expected to pass $1 billion.

Continental incentivizes online ticket sales with more frequent flier miles and special one-day sales.

Internet sales, electronic ticketing and self-serve kiosks offer speed and efficiency benefits.

Move away from paper tickets will decrease labor, material and storage costs associated with printing.

My Narrative:

This article gives a broad overview of Continental's electronic ticketing and internet marketing strategy. It does not describe how electronic ticketing is significantly different from traditional ticketing. Internet promotions and electronic ticketing may seem in general to be related, but are in fact two highly different efforts.

Is the move toward electronic ticketing and the changes in customer service worth the investment in kiosks and infrastructure? The article doesn't say how quickly the costs are being recouped. Is the move toward direct marketing from the airline to the consumer via the Internet good business? The article doesn't say; it doesn't look at how much new business is being generated by the website over canibalization of traditional formats of sale.

The ticket concept was developed as a distributed knowledge system where the ticket, token or chit represented a reserved space on a particular flight. Back when airports were not linked to "enterprise databases" this was necessary, since the gate keepers couldn't just "look you up." The current paradigm is a networked knowledge system where your identiity has a (potentially) reserved space on a particular flight. Instead of producing a ticket, you verify your identity. Thus tickets have been going the way of the dodo for a while now.

The interesting part is that it has taken so long for the ticket to go away. The reason for this probably has more to do with human factors than technical factors. People are used to having some sort of ticket to board the airplane. An airline that doesn't fit within that norm is somehow "wierd," like Southwest.


Here's that link -- the original illustration shows the entire evolution from ape to cyborg, but they abbreviated the web version to just show the last 2 incarnations: Voice


I'm diggin' the beehive house ...

Just drove back from New Jersey ... traffic sucks. I had this idea in my head that when I moved to NYC all the radio stations would suddenly be so much better and more sophisticated or cutting edge or something but I've found it's all the same sh*t, really .. obnoxious deejays, car advertisements, morning programs about people who suspect other people of cheating on them, some 70s disco (yeah!) and just when you get into a groove then they switch to 50s surf music, but thank god, there's still NPR to listen to wherever you go.

What does this do?

Hi Killy,

Sendmail is a common computer program that sends and recieves email. Sendmail is not like the email program you use on your computer, though. Sendmail is designed to be the application your Internet Service Provider runs and your email program connects to Sendmail to pick up email and to send out email.

Re:What does this do? (in colin terms)

Does responding in 'colin terms' mean I have to say stuff like "hella?" e.g. sendmail is hella cool but hella difficult to configure piece of software used to send electronic mail.? With it you could send email directly from your machine instead of having to route it through your isp's mail server (which is prolly running sendmail too).

This is probably not too useful for users like you and me and the rest of us. But if you ever get nerdy and decide that you want to be able send email between your pink and blue imacs, and your powerbook without having to be connected to the internet, enabling sendmail on your machine would be the way to do it...


this is a great idea for a birthday present

hint hint killy

moving moving moving

we are still moving out of the apt
thanks to adolph, great headway was made this weekend
he came over to babysit
but baby wanted mama
so he ended up helping killy move all the heavy bulky stuff

so now that we are close to closing that chapter in our lives
i am eagerly looking forward to the next one
looking around at all the possibilities that exist
for future permanent residence
has brought me across some interesting articles

We once fantasized about building our home
This is one way to do it
it would certainly be an interesting place to house my friends

but we are only looking
and hoping to win the texas lotto
so that we can buy a house near the mfah

if not
we can always make a beehive house for a few thousand dollars....

What does this do? (in colin terms)

This was posted to slashdot and i wanted to know what it did.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Stephen who?

Hey Paul,

Was it little stephen, Who came to school a few years after us?


I couldn't remeber his last name at first, but yes, it is (not so little anymore) Stephen Donovan..."

uh, well, hmm.....

tag, not sure, but i got this one :: Sonnet Encore ST/G4.

i do not believe it is a zif, but not being sure what the hell that means makes me hesitant to say so absolutely.

i am quite certain, however, that it is much faster, especially with the added ram. best investment i have made in a while.

Mac Forums - G5 Demo Units - Next Week

But where are the refurbs? Mac Forums - G5 Demo Units - Next Week

Killy's Place of Blog

Very nice!Killy's Place of Blog


This is the poster i've been working on lately. There are still text edits to be made, though.

Been having some weird printing problems with pdfs exported with acrobat 5 compatability.

Really neat blogging tool...

Blog This!

BLOGGER: "To use BlogThis! drag the link above to your browser's links bar for quick and easy blogging. Check it out.

Where to stick it

Put it in your Scenarios folder in your AOE folder.


they upgrade you bought for your g4
is it a zif or a pci?

where do we put the map?
which file

ok, now it's fixed. for real this time.

Ok, here is the corrected map. No more monkey boys and no more killer boars. The game is on.

Template in DB?

Hey guys,

Has anybody put a php template file in database? As part of a current project I would like to put a mostly html template file in the db, and then call it and fill it with preset variables. This is pretty easy to do with include(). When I echo out the template from the db, it just echos it and doesn't parse for variables to fill, regardless if I do it the short way $stories or the long way .

Any thoughts?

Oh, and I am looking at Smarty, but didn't want to use it on this quick project.


hurt. crushed. slighted. dave was able to call at 2 am sunday to let me know that he and paul just got back from a show in SM, but could not call at a decent hour to let me know they had plans in austin that evening?

hurt. crushed.

Its 2:30 am monday morning...

...but why am I awake at 2:30 morning on a sunday/monday morning, posting this? Well, its cause Dave and I just got back from Kollective Fusion's first gallery show.

The show was held in the upstairs of a building down on 6th street...a nice space all lit up good...a DJ spinning, free drinks and people dancing.

It turns out that Kollective Fusion is made up of a couple of Austin designer's and artists, one of whom is Stephen ?, a fella that Colin and I played ball with back at SWT. His stuff was pretty tight- the stuff I like the most were promo posters he had done and framed, including one for a Jurassic 5 show last year.

Anyhow, I had brought my camera with the idea that I would take some fotos of stuff to blog about later...but Dave had other ideas...and soon I was taking pictures of him and various of the fine and beautifuls.

The gallery show ended at 10 and the after-party started up down the street at a place called 419 West (actually on 4th street). A jazz-a-billy band played some music and then a DJ started spinning and some folks even got up all freestyle which sounded pretty good...

I had a good time listening to the music and watching people be what I am not, and Dave had good time talking with the lovelies....

Sunday, July 27, 2003

MYSQL 4 is looking sweet

Supports transactions. See also official documentation.


Here is a link for what is by far the easiest install of mysql 4 for os x.

Saturday, July 26, 2003


Now available for the PB G4 17 at http://www.transintl.com. Pricey, but super-cool. I wonder when that one for the PB G4 12? I've heard that the PB G4 12 motherboard can't address a 1 GB chip, so we will see:


Well lets see, what order do I put things in?

Have been working pretty steady on freelance projects, got a possible job offer from Nike when I was in Texas. Got a call from the Head of Apparel graphics at Adidas yesterday and have a meeting with him on monday about a job possibility.

It would be great to have it work out at Adidas, for it is up in my part of town. The last time I went by there to do some self promotion, I rode my skateboard from the house.

It is all a bit unsetteling, having possibilities of a solid paycheck d-dangeled in front of you, so many times since I have been up here have people toyed with the offer - got me to salivate and do tricks - and then it all crumbles. I don't want to get my hopes up to high, but then again - fuck it - thats what the joy of hopes are.

listened to some recordings of Joseph Cambell talking of the power of myths as we drove to a satelite town where there is a farm that sells organic berries, Laura snd the girls are going to make and can jelly today.

end of line.

Friday, July 25, 2003

i fixed up adolph's map. you can pick up a copy of the map here. Remember to put it in your scenarios folder, so the next time we play we can all play on that map. There is room for five players.

I took out all the stuff i could find. I may or may not have gotten everything; it's a pretty complicated map. I replaced the monument in the center with the biggest pile of gold you've ever seen.


killy, kilito and i hung out with my niece last night
she is 16 and wonderful
(sorry no pics to share)
we had a late mellow dinner and conversation at Paddy Thai on westheimer
she's like her tia in that she loves to try new foods
isn't afraid of what she doesn't know

i was happy to learn that she likes museums contrary to what her other aunt thought
so maybe next time we can museum hop all over houston
she will be here only one more weekend
and then she's back home and back to school
she also likes photography and dreams of one day opening a night club
she has aspirations of being a dj
she certainly looks the part

Woo Hoo!!
Congratulations on inventing the WWW
i hope you get a good offer!

Killy and I are trying to win the lottery so we could buy a house on the hills overlooking the rumbling greenery of Texas

Wish us luck!!!

So nice to hear from the girls lately!!

So what good book are you reading

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Mysterious Non-Profit Part II

So I just had a second interview with the folks from the mysterious non-profit. This time, instead of taking place in a caf� in Hyde Park, the interview was the at the Austin Ventures offices on the 23rd floor of the some big-ass building downtown.

Also, instead of facing just the executive-director, I had to square off with one of the board-members (a venture capitalist and frequent yawner), and a really nice 'technical-advisor.'

Anyhow they pelted me with all sorts of questions like "So, it says here on your resum� that you invented the World Wide Web...How do you think this experience prepares you for the brutal, ego-ridden, money-driven world of Film?"

I answered all of their questions with the a labryinth of non-sequiturs that would have made the great Ari Fleischer proud....

So, now I fear that they will offer me the job and I will actually have to make a decision...

hey hoooahh...

Was beautiful beyond belief to see you all once again in such familiar and emotionaly evocative surroundings. Gives me so much to think on as to the shifts that life provides as we grow. Amazing to connect so directly to peoples cores without first having to brandish conversation with the skill of a surgeon to cut through layers of superficiality. We are back into the great northwest. Last night I awoke around 2 am to rummage through the closet and pull back out the feather blanket.

Amber(NY)- tell antony I am busy as a bucktooth beaver in a balsa forrest, and will call him when my time slows a bit, congrats again.

To all, If you find yourself somehow in possesion of a plane ticket and arrive in Portland, you are all welcome. me casa - you casa.

end of line

Good luck taggart

so, are you staying in town for another evening? i think we're having dinner tonight with carol's sister, but it hasn't been solidly put into the books.

From Adolph's Apartment

Spent the night in Adolph's apartemento. I actually miss Houston. I miss being around.
Going to Empire for breakfast...Italian Toast. Then heading over to Tilman Fri-Tata...Fri-tita.
Whatever.....Heading over to Mr. Landry's Mansion to finish up today's work.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Today i took an old video tape of Dr. K's of Laryngeal Cancer and transferred it to DV and then took it into Premiere. In between conferences tomorrow i've got to cut out all the superfluous title pages and slice the movie into six different movies to be placed into a power point talk he's giving.

it's crazy looking stuff. now i know what a normal larynx and a cancerous larynx look like. I'll update this post tomorrow when i get a still. (any votes for normal or cancerous? or should i put both?)

I also got yet another poster to construct. This time it's about JHACO, an organization that kinda watchdogs hospitals. The poster is supposed to reflect the processes were implementing to please organizations like them.

Today we also met with an Ilford rep who brought us a 30 ft roll of satin quick-dry paper for the plotter. It's nice stuff. i printed a poster on it for comparison. It's slightly heavier and has a subtle texture to the paper. I like it better than what we're currently using.

So i'm busy at work. Busy as a bee, and i still find time to chat with my good buddy paul.

Suburb living (update)

I'm spotting Elements at every corner it seems; in all different colors: burnt orange (i've seen several of those), blue (today's spotting). Carol doesn't like them; she thinks they're just ugly. I'm indifferent, but i am becoming more curious about their appeal to so many people (people here, at least.)

I've discovered an advantage to living here: the checkout girls/guys at the grocery stores are super fast. For real.

Today, the baby and i walked and talked with each other. He would point his hands out to the trees and streetlamps, and say, "...ah..." kinda short and abrupt with a surprised tone in his voice. There are mini magnolia trees everywhere here. He likes to touch the leaves on those trees.

We also met aliya, the black retriever.

If i leave work after five fifteen, i might as well leave at six. I go home straight down main. It isn't so bad (once you leave the med center) till you get past Hiram Clarke and have to sit at the light at south post oak; then, chimney rock; then, hillcroft; then, fondren; then, independence; then, the two unnecessary lights in stafford; then, the turn at 'e' street; then, the light to get onto 1092; then, the light at lexington; and the neighborhood lights and stop signs; then, the light to cross highway 6; and finally to two remaining stop signs to go to my place.

Whats the mystery

Hey Paul,

Why the mystery? Where were you walking home from?

Hallmark Moment...

This is a foto of something really beautiful that I saw today while walking home from where I was.


great amber...but we need to find a way of identifying the ambers. I get a bit confused, and resort to context clues....(that rhymes).
my e-mail is ersorensen@austin.rr.com.
I can't wait to read your essay! I go to a little yoga studio here where they love to say things like, "it's an undoing, not a doing" or "a life not lived within, is without." very flaky, but I love it!


Hey everyone -- it never fails, whenever I tell people about an upcoming illustration they push it back another week -- it will be in next week's mag and I'll post a link when it goes up. It's an especially good one.

Ant's work is on The I-Spot too -- just go to the website and click on "portfolios" and then search under artist's name: Anthony Freda ... there are quite a few paintings of his on there.

Amber, hello! I'm so happy Adolph has found a nice girl named Amber who understands his wacky yet loveable ways!!

Liz, No, Brooke is really kind of normal -- I think she was around 5'6" and she looked sort of, well, ordinary, in a boat hat with jeans -- but, I was thrilled to be the next person to sit on the toilet after her! I'll never wash my ass cheeks again ...

Colin, Anthony keeps asking when are you gonna call him to talk shop (??)

Liz, what's your e-mail? I'll send the longer version of that essay ..

Central Market

Hey Liz,

Madeline still works at Central Market, or actually, she got another job there after not working there for a while.

Amber, is Brook Shields bigger in real life? I imagine her as this amazon woman.

long blogs make up for few blogs

It's so wierd to see Adolph office-izing...it really reminds me of my old office job, except Adolph's job is cooler, and he likes it! Adolph is such a stylin' office dresser I might add! Well, I REALLY can't wait to hear some Diana stories about PA school, but you'll just have to hear nursing school stories until then. Well, carolina, my pt. this week had mastitis....an infected breast....from breast feeding a 10lb baby! So that means baby planning for me has been postponed until next lifetime! I have tons more to tell, but I really don't think they're appropriate for the blog. I decided that just going to school and being a lazy student isn't enough for me, so I applied to a frivolous job at Banana Republic. 60% discount, that's better than health benefits! If that doesn't work out, I'm going for the Central Market gig, that would be so cool to work with Madeline-does she still work there?
Taggart and I are going to the Bahamas next week...I am pretty clueless about the whole trip because Taggart's mother gave it to us. I think of it as an adventure. Good luck with the job hunting Paul...I'd love it if you and Eleo lived in Austin. Please tell her I said hi.
Amber in NYC-loved your blog about wavelenths and frequencies and stuff...once you become aware of such patterns, it's overwhelming how they apply to everything everywhere, in every situation. The whole yin/yang...everything trying to come into balance. i love it. I'd love to read your paper when you complete it!

Code Mode

Hey Paul,
the mention of a new release of Hydra in Macintouch today made me think: man I wish I could have had your eyes looking at what I was doing last night. I was at Deitricks on Westheimer, so I was at a connection. I finally figured out my dumb error but it probably would have been quicker if someone outside of what I was doing could look at it.

I think I want something with the IDE-ness of Project Builder, the text-editing mojo of BBEdit, and the sharability of Hydra. Maybe one day Bare Bones will get smart and license the Rendezvous sharing code from Hydra and X-Code will allow other text editors to be built in.

Adolph, I think you have such a good eye for things. A Hydra-cized BBEdit would be sweet...

Art d'Anthony

You know, I never did get around to finishing the epic email detailing my trip up north. It had a bunch about Amber and Anthony and visiting Anthony's gallery show. What is really amazing from the perspective of a computer-centric person is that Anthony's art isn't computer driven. When I looked at some of it, the detail, the [whatever that French word that means real-looking], made it look like it was scans and pastes and so forth. Not so. Everything was painstakingly hand made. Afterwards we went out to a restaurant where we discussed the intrinsic values in original art and Amber saw Brook Sheilds in the bathroom.

Kilito's B-Day

carol, et al:
When I made a remark to Kilito about his upcoming birthday I specifically remember him saying that one of the things he really, really wanted at his birthday was a large bucket of fried-chicken. He also said that he wanted plenty of buttery-biscuits. I also seem to recall that he said something about Root Beer Floats. I'm not sure about the Root Beer Floats, that could be me projecting my own wishes on my memory, but I am positiive about the fried chicken.

busy, busy, busy

heycarol i think that is an older illustration by anthony, like this one.

it seems the good folks at the Voice keep mr. Freda pretty busy. a quick search will bring up a whole bunch of his illustrations.

i think a safari party is a great idea. i'l just pick up an powerbook and airport card, and we can sit around and network without wires, browse the web...

mad art for adolph

Here is Ant-nee's art in the Village Voice.

nice to see you again Adolph - we need to get together to talk about your god-son's birthday party
we need to talk about some ideas

Amber M
We need to go shopping VERY SOON

I am thinking a picnic - I initially thought a camping trip with everyone would be nice - but Killy pointed out that it would be too hot and that the family would also want to a part of this
I am thinking a picninc would be nice

Adolph, let me know when we can get together to shoot some ideas at each other.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

What Has Adolph Been Doing Instead of Posting to the Blog?

Real cool video clip

posted by pablo:

...sorry adolph, the video is sweet but it crushes my connection when I am looking at the blog...so I have linked to it..

Ha! That's funny, Paul. I just now got home to check it out via a 56k modem. It was actually pretty slow with a T-1 at the office too.

Re: Mad Art

Hey Amber S. does your hubby have a web-site with some pics of his work? I would love to see his stuff!


Hey Amber,

Congratulations on getting married! Anthony is so cool; you guys are so cool.

I couldn't find the illustration in the Voice online. I saw one for a Michael Musto article back when the blog first started publishing and I linked to it. It is still there surprisingly enough. So give us linkages!


I'm not setting posting records or anything, but I think Liz posts less, and she gets to be the ad-word term?

this is pretty cool.

so, the power group mark bruce hooked me up with is interested in creating a 'collaborative environment for efficient commenting on the development process' accoridng to paul, the president. i figured a forum style thing would do the trick.

first i found this free php forum software. i looked at it, downloaded it, and promptly forgot about it.

well, when i was poking around the adi.com control panel (mostly to discover what our users are browsing with) i saw a bulletin board icon.

lo and behold, it was the same stuff, already installed, configured, the works. i just had to 'flip the switch' and it was running.

so, do me a favor :: go here and play around a bit.

Mad Art

Hey -- check out Anthony's cool "Evolution of Man" illustration in this week's Village Voice -- the cyborg has a cy-penis -- that Voice is soooo controversial! It comes out later this week. Also, if any of you has the newest CA (Comm. Arts Illustration Annual) -- check out the 5 illus. by Anthony Freda in 'thar ...

7 vs. 1

Seven photo questions (the same question for each photo) vs. one boobie question. I think that's a good balance, but here's another: were you standing in the water holding a reflector, or did you do it from far away?

i don't know WHERE adolph is. he came back from shreeveport on sunday, played a game of aoe, and then disappeared.

Monday, July 21, 2003

What's that smell?

Some houses feature different colored walls for each room. Some houses even have different themes for each room.

But here at the San Marcos Artist Incubator we have gone beyond color- we feature a different smell for each room..."

"Yes, Mr. Mercado you will be staying in the 'Dead-Rat-In-Wall' room, and you, Mr. Fernandez, will be staying in the 'It-Fell-Behind-The-Stove-Before-I-Cooked-It' room..."

Killy The Pig.

By the way killy I would expect more photo questions than Bobbie questions.

Has Anyone Seen Adolph?

I need a place to sleep Wed and Thursday night.....
I guess I should call because he didnt asnwer my blog.