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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Wait just one second...

Now what doesn't make sense in this picture? Indiana's idea of being green isn't quite fully formed.

In case you can't make it out, each orange has a plastic sticker that goes all the way around it....the sticker says organic.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Knee Surgey

Man, knee surgery is a pain in the ass. Literally. But after a 4 days of just lying around on my butt things are starting to feel a lot better.

Today I went to my first PT appointment and was happy to learn that things are progressing well. Also, I was taught some exercises that should make the day-to-day more bearable, as the most difficult part of this ordeal has been the inactivity…

Thanks to all for your thoughts and well-wishes. Thanks especially to Todd who has come by daily, some times twice a day, to refill my ice machine, bring me food, make sure I have water, etc.

Also, for those of you that want a glimpse into the horrors of an ACL reconstruction and meniscectomy, here are some choice images from my surgery:


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Friday, February 22, 2008


Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > The Egalitarian Cruelty of the NHS
"'I'm a person who left school at 15 and I've worked all my life and I've paid into the system, and I'm not going to live long enough to get my old-age pension from this government,' she added."

That's England, but it seems to me the US' less comprehensive system is likewise dependent on overbooking, like what airlines do.

Going Under The Knife...

Or under the scope and drill, as it were. I am fixin to head up to the medical center on 38th Street to undergo a surgical operation to repair a torn ACL and torn Meniscus in my right knee.

The procedure will involve cutting a dangly bit of ligament out from below my knee-cap, and drilling into my knee bone, and ‘scoping’ out the busted meniscus, and replacing the busted ACL with the dangly bit.

Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yeah, I'm Buying a House This Month...

TMF: Grand conspiracy theory. / MBIA Incorporated (MBI)
The geniuses on Wall Street realized that by 'repackaging' risk (translation: hiding), they could take risky debt (telecom debt, home equity, credit card, and automobile receivables) and sell it to the unwitting public. The motive? Capture the risk premium and siphon it off, while transferring the risk somewhere else. Brilliant - utterly brilliant.

MDA is still in the quiet period so no comments about that, okay?

Monday, February 18, 2008


With Laura in school things are so busy that all the little domestic things I took for granted seem so special. A well cooked and considered meal. A calm place to settle.
I can see how when I am an old man I will really enjoy sitting on the park bench and watching the sun.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scottish war of Mexican Domination...Dance


I had never heard of that war before...so I did a little research and discovered that the war ended because two small girls from the Ruling families got together and danced the love gig in the middle of the battlefield.

Currently that very same dance is preformed every year by descendants of those two girls....Aren't they cute.

'Tis True

Wow, Colin, how did you find that!?!

That is my great uncle (on my mom's side) Seamus McHaggis! The really interesting thing about that handsome gent is that he had his picture taken during the little reported Scottish War of Mexican Domination. I posted an uncropped copy so you could see why the little fella is smiling.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Serpa family history

I was bored looking on the internet and found this pic that must be someone in Todd's family tree. The resemblance is uncanny.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Got an MRI today

The machine is on the 3rd floor of a medical office building. As I changed into my shorts I noticed a ladybug crawling on my leg. I took this to be a good omen. What do y’all think?

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Saturday, February 09, 2008


Here is the synopsis.....

Flew out into Newark and proceeded to pay $80 for a cab ride into the city. (mental note: do not fly into Newark when going to NYC)

Got there, checked into the Hotel and made my way to the MOMA. On the way there my ideas of how life proceeds are slowly...without my conscious consent....being replaced.
Take this for example

Since when does steam pour forth from the Earth in a Willy Wonka Smoke Stack? Smack dab in the middle of the street no less?

Of course, after four floors of mankinds most elegant accomplishments, my faith in our own history as an exemplary guidebook was fully restored.

Next assault on the senses was going to the financial district to see the tickertape parade for the newly crowned GIANTS. The first example of my lack of understanding for the population of NY....I thought I would just catch a cab down there, no problem right?

Sardines have more room to manuver.
We, my boss and I, made our way down about ten blocks to a street where there was more people then ever pack into it....so we dove in thinking the giants must be coming this way. Well every now and then a roar would go up from the crowd...we moved closer...pushing and sliding our way into the heart.....

It turns out that the cheers were to encourage the rape and plunder of the cars unfortunate enough to be parked on this particular block. As it turns out...the Giants weren't even scheduled to go down that street. Afterwards it looked like the aftermath of a monster truck rally.

OH, it was fun to see the sheer volume of shredded office documents that came raining down....like some Homeric catharsis for the thousands of nondescript office workers somewhere above.
I imagine the joy felt at doing that must fuel many-a-party.

On the way out...stopped at Battery Park....saw the liberty Statue.

The Church across the street from my hotel was a beauty. Around every corner in that city...in every doorway....the most amazing things are sitting there...onto themselves. It is as if contained in every crevace and rain filled crack are countless complete lives spent in pursuit of it. The beating heart of the city. If you stop and look the ghosts will tell you things in tounges that you can't comprehend...but feel them all the same.

I went to a Broadway show, August Osage County, I went to Times Square. I woke up the next day and went to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I woke up and went to Chelsea and poured through the galleries. Saw names as big as international commerce and names I have never heard and was just as impressed with that which was hung on the walls outside.

The definition of "what is art?" is alive and liable to bite. All of this littered with every young model hoping to be seen. The Physical beauty was uncomprehendible...mostly because you could see the hope and see the desire as it walked past housed, not in a magazine ad, but in a real alive individual.

Okay, so my boss is a 7th degree black belt in Bujinkan which, for all of you morons, is the art of doing some Ninja ass shit. Well every time he goes to another city he likes to hook up with a local group and train. No problem. So he invites me to come along, and you know I don't want to miss this. So we go to Central Park at 7:00pm, which in itself is pretty much a ninja move, because its dark and your going into central park. In my mind, Central park was the last refuge of the Wild West meets Vietnam all mugging and throat slashing. After triangulating on the cell phones for about 5 minutes a guy appears out of the trees and says to follow him......Now at this point I want to embelish this like hell.....but in reality they were normal people that liked to train out-of-doors. So as they flipped and threw each other into the damp earth and I drew some ninja ass drawings. I did use the night vision goggles to capture this image.
I'm telling you...Cental park at night with Ninjas....What else do I need to say.

After that I called Thomas lil'bro Russell. Went out till 5:30 in the AM and had a beautiful time with an amazing person.

Next Morning I got up and Russell met me at the Guggenheim......
In my life I have had my eyeballs peeled from my skull and my mind squashed into the pavement exactly three times.
First time was in Prague when Pablo and I stumbled into an exhibition of Louise Bourgeois. Second time I had gone to NY to visit that girl Natalie, we were having a bad time together so I split and got lost. Ended up in Soho...and walked into a retrospective exhibit on Robert Rauschenburg.

Well the Third time was this past Friday when Russell and I entered the Guggenheim.

His name is Cai Guo-Qiang. Here is the link to his site.
I think it's important work.

I love you all.
end of line.

Yeah Baby.....

Ya'll know how I roll when'n NYC.
Straight up dark blue stretch for da king.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Blanc et Noir / Highland parade, Shreveport 08

Blanc et Noir / Highland parade, Shreveport 08
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we did it again! and it was a wonderful time!
can't wait until next year